No chapter updates right now?

Hey guys, just a quick update why there haven’t been any releases in a while. It seems that a lot of you are wondering why a lot of my series currently aren’t getting any updates. The reason is quite simple, I’m currently working on a completely new website, that should make it harder for Aggregators (pesky thieves stealing the novels and publishing it on their own platforms) to steal my content and to just make reading a more enjoyable experience.

In case you want to read the latest Master’s Smile or Transported Into a World of Minefields and support me, you can visit my Patreon, where you can read ahead a few chapters now.

So to be clear, Master’s Smile and Transported Into a World of Minefields are still being actively translated. HP9999999999, however, has been dropped a while ago, the series wasn’t doing so well in both reader count and in reviews, so I had to let it go.