Regarding lack of chapters and apologies!

Hello peeps! Crim here, editor of Nobunaga’s Imouto.

Whew! A quarter of the year has gone by already! Doesn’t feel like it. We haven’t published much, and we really need to change that. Aside from that, here are a few quick announcements:

First and foremost, I would like to apologize about the recent lack of chapters of Nobunaga. This is because we are currently going through the already published chapters, trying to straighten out the kinks and other things before we move on to the next chapters. Rest assured though, the next chapter is currently being edited and will be published within the next few days or so. Stay tuned for that!


Also, we would like to formally announce that we are dropping Master’s Smile and Zombie Master. This is more a token gesture than anything, looking at the dates since the last updates.  Zombie Master has one chapter that is in the works, but that will be the last chapter from us. As for Master’s Smile, the “Real Life Syndrome” seems to have caught our translator for the series, so we are going to have to drop that too.


Finally, we would like to announce that the site will be receiving a minor facelift. It will be implemented soon, so do also stay tuned for that!


As always, we are looking for translators to join our small site! We are a close knit group, so as long as you know the language, we can work with you! If you have any questions or queries, please send us a message through the discord server which can be found here!

Thank you very much, and we will see you again in a quarter years’ time! o7