HP9 Chapter 1: Reincarnated as a High King

This separate world seems to be called ‘Laruatos.’ Not three days ago, my life came to an end before I found myself ruling over the demons of this world, taking the title of their High King.

I was sixteen years old on the day I died. Azora Yuuto, that’s my name. Although my memories of the incident are hazy at best, I’m willing to wager that my death was the result of a traffic accident or something of that sort.

And now here I am, sitting on an incredibly ruler-esque throne, garbed in incredibly ruler-esque clothes in the middle of a ruler-esque hall smack dab in the middle of an incredibly ruler-esque castle.

Seriously though, why a High King?

Ever since I was a child, I was completely enamored by the idea of becoming some ally of justice; some Hero tasked with saving the world. Naturally, the minute I’d been reincarnated into this world I was out of my mind with joy.

But seriously, a supreme ruler? That’s the kind of guy who’d destroy this world, isn’t it?!

Frankly speaking, all of the powers I have seem to revolve around world destruction. I haven’t had the opportunity to test them out just yet, but I know that much. The basis for this assurance, you ask?

Why don’t you just take a look at the status screen scrolled out on my right?

High King – Lv 999

HP – 9,999,999,999/9,999,999,999

MP – 9,999,999,999/9,999,999,999

ATK – 99,999

DEF – 99,999

AGI – 99,999

HIT – 99,999

Known Incantations – ※※※※※

What the heck’s up with those stats? If the final boss of some game appeared with these specs, the game would crash and burn on the market. Hard.

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On that note, HP stands for physical resilience, MP stands for magic power, ATK stands for physical attack power, DEF stands for defense, AGI for speed, and HIT for accuracy. On top of that, it looks like the list of Known Incantations is so long that the display keeps bugging out.

From what I’ve heard, the humans of this world have an average HP of 500. That makes the gap between us all the clearer.

Well, if I were to put my mind to world destruction, I doubt it’d last more than a day. Good thing I don’t have those kinds of extreme ambitions, then. Hell, I was more into the idea of protecting the world, so how did I even end up like this…?

The thought just makes me feel depressed as I let out a long sigh.

“Supreme Lord, is something the matter?”

In response, a nearby demon of the fairer sex raises a worried question from where she kneels.

Her name is Anri. She’s a member of the Four Demons of Ruin, a group of demons that serve me. Demon or not, her appearance really is much closer to a human’s; she even has pretty, long black hair and a rather sizeable chest. She’s quite the looker if I’m being honest.

While there should be four Demons of Ruin in total, it looks as if the other three had some errands to run that forced them to leave my castle. Anri’s the only one here at the moment. I haven’t even met the other three face-to-face.

I also feel as if I should make the social rankings a little clearer here. It goes something like this: The High King (i.e., me) >>>>>> The Four Demons of Ruin >>> any other demons around.

“Pay it no mind, Anri. More importantly, I have told you time and time again to call me ‘Yuuto.’”

I speak with a voice and tone worthy of a supreme ruler. Let me tell you; playing the part’s a workload on its own. Still, being called something like ‘Supreme Ruler’ really doesn’t sit well with me, so I’ve been going around telling the demons here to call me Yuuto. That used to be my name in my old world, after all.

Anri trembles and shudders, lowering her head to the floor.

“I-I-I beg your pardon, Yuuto-sama! I shall take my own life to atone for this indiscretion!”

You don’t have to, for crying out loud! I really want to respond to her just like that, but I keep my own role in mind and just suppress the urge.

“There is no need. No one is exempt from making mistakes.”

“T-Thank you dearly! I have every intention of offering this life you’ve saved to you, for as long as it remains!”

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Hmm… Just how many times have I heard that line by now? Still trying to recall, I raise myself from my throne.

“Yuuto-sama, what seems to be the matter?”

“Hm? I’m merely thirsty. I was just about to go and get myself something to drink.”

“T-There’s hardly any need for that! That’s hardly a matter that should force a supreme ruler to leave his throne! I shall bring you something to drink!”

“… Right. Some orange juice would be nice, if you would.”

“Your word is my command!”

Anri leaves the hall in high spirits. Still, I should at least be able to get drinks on my own. Come to think of it; orange juice isn’t a very ‘supreme ruler’ kind of drink… but oh well. I died as a minor, so I really can’t bring myself to drink something like wine.

I do recall being served some kind of violet oozing liquid I had no name for, shortly after my reincarnation. It made me pretty nauseous, too. It seems to be some kind of high-quality drink for demons, but since I’m still a human being on the inside, I experienced some kind of adverse reaction to the stuff.

“I apologize for the wait, Yuuto-sama.”

“Good. You’ve done well.”

I graciously accept the orange juice from Anri and use it to quench my thirst. Once I’m done, I rise from my throne again.

“Yuuto-sama, what seems to be the matter?”

“Hm? I was just about to take a walk outside the castle.”

“T-There’s hardly any need for that! That’s hardly a matter that should force a supreme ruler to leave his throne! I shall take a walk in your stead!”

What does that even mean?!

Really, Anri’s been taking care of everything to spare me the trouble, and it’s come to the point that I’ve barely even been outside this hall. I’ve just started my reincarnated life, and I’m already living like some shut-in.

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Speaking of Anri, the poor girl never stops kneeling when she’s in front of me. For the past three days, she’s been doing so all day long. Whenever I attempt to do something, she volunteers to do it in my place. I can’t say I’m ungrateful, but I doubt it can be much fun for her to spend each and every day like this.

“Anri, hear me well. You realize there is no need to stay at my side for all hours of the day, yes?”

I only mean to be considerate with these words. But that doesn’t stop Anri’s face from going paler by the second.

“Have I done something to offend you, Yuuto-sama…?!”


“I offer my sincerest apologies for not living up to your expectations! I shall take my life at once!”

Whoa there, aren’t you taking this misunderstanding too far?! It’s like saying that to her is the same as telling her that she’s unneeded and that she should off herself…

“You misunderstand. You have done truly well thus far, and I could not be more thankful.”

“S-Such words are wasted on one such as I! I shall take my own life for being so overjoyed!”

Just how much does this girl want to take her own life?

“I merely worry that staying as you do all day is cause for boredom.”

“I’ve yet to come close to feeling such a thing. I can think of nothing that would please me more than being allowed to stay and serve by your side, Yuuto-sama!”

Is she for real?

“And I have heard that many verm– many humans plan to overthrow you, Yuuto-sama. I apologize if I might impose, but I cannot stand to leave you on your own!”

Did she just try to call humans ‘vermin’?

“But please, rest assured. We have spread out countless demons wary of every little twitch outside this castle. We, the High King’s Troops, will guarantee your safety.”

“…Right. You have done well.”

Well, I guess it’s not out of the question for people to want to kill some demonic supreme ruler if he exists.

But even if a rag-tag group aiming for my head were to appear in front of me, I’d be more curious how they’d plan to defeat me with my 9,999,999,99 HP. There’s really no reason for them to be on high alert like that; I’m pretty sure I can protect myself if I have to.

Now here’s a thought. Shouldn’t the first thing I have to do as a demon-ruling High King be to relieve all of them of these shackles? There’s no way anyone can enjoy a life where they’re tasked with doing nothing but protecting me. If I were in their place, I don’t think I’d have the willpower to stand that notion.

That’s it. I’ve made my decision.