HP9 Chapter 12: A Demonic Contract

“Anyway, that about sums it all up. Did you get all that?”

“Y-Yes. I suppose reality can be stranger than fiction…”

Well, at least it looks like Rina’s buying into what I told her. And here I’d thought that she wouldn’t believe a word out of my mouth.

“…You sure? So you don’t think that I’m just pretending to be human and tricking you with some made-up story?”

“Huh?! Is that what you were doing?!”

“Wh- No, no! I was just being hypothetical!”

Rina’s got to be one of those pure-hearted types.

“But… You get that I’m not trying to destroy humanity or turn you into some kind of test subject, right? I’m a former human; there’s no way I could do that to anyone.”

“O-Of course. I completely agree.”

“Well… Anri and the others are still really set on wiping humanity off the map. Kind of worries me, you know?”

A deep sigh gets mixed into my words.

“But I don’t quite follow… Why would you choose to share your life story with me?”


I give myself some time to mull over that. She has a point; there really isn’t much benefit to shedding some light on my personal history. Sure, it helped me earn her trust, but why’d I go out of my way to tell her all that?

“… Just felt like it.”

I guess I’d just been a little giddy. This does mark the first time ever since my reincarnation that I had an actual, decent conversation with an actual, decent human being. I must’ve been harboring some subconscious desire to have Rina get to know me as well as she could.

Sweet words and deep ruminations don’t really matter now, though. This doesn’t do anything to help me resolve the biggest issue at hand: what do we do now? Convincing Anri and her human-hating posse feels like a borderline impossible task.

“Oh, that reminds me.”

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That’s when I get an idea, and this one’s not half-bad. If I recall, the last time I browsed through the incantations I had in my arsenal a certain spell called Demon Contract had popped up. If I just use that to turn Rina into a demon, then there really isn’t much room for the others to complain. That is, of course, if Rina’s even willing to go through with the idea.

I undo my transformation and return to my High King form.

“Listen well, Rina. You must pay close attention to what I am about to say… hm?”

I can’t help but notice that, upon speaking, Rina had pressed her hand to her lips and broken out into tiny peals of laughter.

“What is it? Is there something you find amusing?”

“Oh, I-I’m sorry. It’s just that the way you express yourself seems to change when you do, so I just couldn’t help it… Fuhuh.”

“…Of course. I see.”

I hadn’t even picked up on that until now, so I can’t help but smile a little myself. Rina’s so much more adorable when she’ smiling. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“Now then, I must ask you to listen to what I have to say yet again. I would like you to form a contract with me. It will change you into a demon, and you would become one of my subordinates.”

“…! I’d turn into… a demon?!”

Rina’s expression becomes taut and stiff. I’d expected that she’d have that kind of reaction. After all, just how many humans would be ecstatic when they were told to become demons?

“But please, don’t fret. This happens to be a relatively simple contract. Should you desire to break the contract and be a human once again, you can do so anytime you deem fit. Of course, there will be absolutely nothing you’d have to offer as compensation.”


Rina casts her eyes to the floor at her feet, not uttering a single word.

“In any case, becoming a demon is hardly a decision one can make overnight. Nevertheless, I truly believe that this contract would be essential to keeping you in this castle.”

“D-Do you mind if I’m the one to make that choice?”

“Of course not.”

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A short spell of silence takes over. Finally, Rina raises her head. She seems determined.

“I understand. I’ll form a contract. I mean… please allow me to form one.”

“…You’re certain?”

“I am. If our conversation’s made one thing clear to me it’s this; you’re a very kind person, Master. If my Master truly believes this to be so important, then I will gladly obey without question.”

As she speaks, Rina’s eyes shine with hidden determination.

“I am a slave, not worthy of choice. If my Master’s sympathies allow me to make my own decisions, then I’m deeply thankful.”

“… Very well. Now, I would love to form this contract immediately. However…”

Privy to my apparent hesitation, Rina cocks her head to the side.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well… how to put this. Before this contract can begin… You must strip yourself. You have to be nude.”

“…! N-Nude…?!”

Rina’s face goes red. That’s, quite clearly, the face of a girl that’s become of marriageable age. I don’t think I have to make this clear, but being naked really is a requirement for making these contracts. I had most certainly not fed her lies just to see her naked.

“Of course, I understand that you may have some reservations about exposing yourself to a man. If you don’t feel up to it, then we can just leave the contract aside for now and –”

“N-No, I can handle it! I’ve made up my mind, this much I’m prepared for!”

“I see. Well then… Strip, if you would.”


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Albeit clumsily, Rina begins peeling her clothes off her body. I make sure to keep my gaze pinned to the floor and force myself to not look in her direction for a while.

This doesn’t bode well for me. The sound of her clothes rustling about doesn’t help to quell my fantasies, either. Just the thought of there being a girl close by… That’s stripping…!

“I… I’m done now.”

Silently, I raise my head. Right in front of me stands Rina, her left hand covering her chest while her right covered her other virtues.


For a single moment, I can almost feel my consciousness slipping away. But I endure. This is the first time I’d ever seen a fully naked young lady her age, at least in the flesh.

“This is the first time a man’s ever seen my naked body… It’s so embarrassing…”

Her face is red as an apple, and her words are just barely audible. Her embarrassment makes her even more out of this world. Alright, let’s get this contract over with. Before I lose the last modicum of my restraint.

“Let us begin the contract! First, you must close your eyes!”


Rina shuts her eyes tight, just as instructed. I thrust out my index finger and let it touch her forehead.

“Incantation: Demon Contract!”

Almost instantly, a hull of purple aura wraps around Rina’s body. After about a minute had gone by, the aura begins to gradually fade away until it’s finally gone.

“Well, that takes care of the contract. You’ve become a demon.”

“Huh… Is it already over?”

“It is indeed. See, wasn’t that simple? You may not look any different on the outside, but all your physical capabilities should have gone through a formidable power up. A-Also… You realize that you can put your clothes back on, don’t you?”

“…! O-Of course!”

Rina, though flustered, begins putting her clothes back on.

That was close. I’d come uncomfortably close to straining whatever reason I had to its limits. Being nothing more than a young man at heart, one going through puberty no less really seems to be more trouble than it’s worth.