HP9 Chapter 16: Turning to a Quest

Leaving the human lands aside for now, do the demon lands even have quests? It’s a little difficult to imagine any sort of demon rising to the challenge and accepting quests…

“Anri. Tell me, do ‘quests’ exist in the demonic territories?”

For now, I’ll settle with asking Anri, who just so happens to be kneeling in front of me.

“Quests, Sire? Yes, of course they do.”

Well then, it appears that they actually exist. Now that that’s certain, I should make haste and –

“Our quests entail such things as ‘Butcher so-and-so humans,’ ‘Gather so-and-so human hearts.’  As they imply, most of them involve human participants.”

“…I see.”

That’s a no-show. There’s no way I can take on that kind of quest. And besides, my ultimate goals is to up my image. If I just go around doing quests exclusive to the demon lands, then there really won’t be much of a point. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’d have the opposite effect. Which means that I really should just be doing quests in the human lands.

“But just why do you ask, Lord?”

“…If I’m to be honest, I was entertaining the idea of accepting a few quests.”

“Y-You would personally take on quests, Yuuto-sama?!”

“Indeed I would.”

Well, at least in the human realms. It’s fairly obvious that Anri thinks I’m talking about demon land quests.

“If you wish to fulfill a quest of some sort, then I do believe that ordering your troops to do it would suffice. You wouldn’t have to move of your own accord, Yuuto-sama…”

Well, I excepted she’d say as much. Now I have to think up some sort of excuse…

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“Hmph, my outing the day before did not provide me with nearly enough screaming human scum. I was thinking of taking on a quest to satisfy myself.”

“…I see, then. In that case, I can do little but offer my approval.”

Huh. And here I’d thought that Anri would definitely say something like, ‘But a mere quest is not worthy of you, Yuuto-sama,’ or maybe ‘Then allow me to send an escort of a hundred demons!’. I’m sure she’s just reflecting on what happened yesterday, on how overprotective she had been of me. Even I have to be a little thankful for that.

But since I’d only recently been reincarnated into this world, I have absolutely no clue how or even where I can take on a quest. That means it’s probably better if I ask someone else to do it. Since I want to accept quests in human territory, she, being a former human, should definitely be the best choice for the job.

That’s right; I’m talking about my (temporary) little sister, Rina. I’ll just ask her to go into the human lands and to pick out a quest or two for me.

“Anri. I apologize, but do me a favor and call my sister to me.”

“You mean Rina-sama?”

“That’s right. There’s something I wish to ask of her, you see.”

“T-Then why don’t I just take her place? I simply couldn’t bear to see your honored sister take on such a burden…”

“No. I appreciate your take on the matter, but this is something I can only ask of her.”

There’s no way I can guarantee that Anri won’t just be all, ‘By the way, I killed like a hundred humans on my way back.’ Also, I have no idea what I should tell her if she were to ask me just why I want to take quests from the human lands, of all places.

“…Of course, right away.”

Anri leaves the great hall, her spirits a bit low. A few minutes later, she comes back with Rina in tow.

“Yuuto-sama. I’ve brought Rina-sama to you.”

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“Well done. Also, Anri… I do apologize, but I must ask you to excuse yourself for a bit.”

I mean, having Anri listen in on what I have to say to Rina would be more than a little problematic.

“Eh? M-Me, Sire?”

“Do you see anyone else here apart from you? Please, let the two of us have a private conversation among siblings. You may rest in your room if you wish.”


Anri trudges out of the great hall, her spirits even lower than before. Being treated like the odd man out must have been a bit of a shock for her. I really have to pick up the scraps later. In any case, now Rina and I have the hall to ourselves.

“Rina. I must apologize for doing this even though you’ve only arrived yesterday, but I have a favor to ask of you.”

“O-Of course! If you believe me to be worthy, just command me to do whatever!”

Come on now; we already said that that sort of language could be misinterpreted… oh, whatever.

“I’ve been considering applying for a few quests in the human lands. I’d like you to venture there and to take care of whatever formalities they demand.”

“… A… A quest?”

Rina tilts her head in confusion.

“You are the only one I’ll be telling this. I plan to change the way humanity views me, the High King, for the better. In other words, I’m aiming to up my image. Accepting quests is a piece of the puzzle.”

“Up your image…! I think that’s just a wonderful idea! After all, you’re such a great person, Onii-sama. I’d love to make that clear to as many people as possible!”

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Rina’s eyes are gleaming, sparkling. I do wonder how she’d react if she ever finds out that I eradicated fifty thousand men in an instant…

“Anyhow, the human territories are quite far from here. That’s why I’ll be granting you my Teleportation spell. You may use it to travel there. But I must admit, letting go my Teleportation spell does not sit well with me. Once you return, I’ll be taking it back.”

Just as I’d done with my Destruction Cannon the day before, I used my Grant Ability spell to impart my Teleportation to Rina.

“If possible, accept a quest that anyone would stay clear of. To spread word of my being, it is best to complete quests of the highest difficulty. You may choose one, or perhaps even two.”

“I understand!”

“Also, I must ask you to keep this a secret. If everyone were to find out that I was up and accepting human quests, things would take a turn for the worse. You are the only one I can ask to do this. You are the only one who knows my secret.”

“… May I think of this as you depending on me?”

“Of course.”

Rina’s features shine like the sun.

“I’ll do my best! I’ll find an amazing quest!”

“Good. I have high expectations of you.”

Meanwhile, in Anri’s room…

“Uuuugh… To think that Yuuto-sama would rather rely on Rina-sama than on me…! I realize that this is inevitable; she is his honored sister after all, but still…! Oh, I’m just so jealous of her… I want to be Yuuto-sama’s little sister…!”

With the life-sized doll of Yuuto that he had created not too long ago clutched in her tight embrace, Anri rolled to and fro on top of the bed

“Hah! But a little sister wouldn’t be able to marry him – oh, whatever am I thinking?! To think that someone as lowly as I would even venture to think of marrying Yuuto-sama, such impudence! B-But if Yuuto-sama were to allow it, then I…! Kyaaaah, Yuuto-samaaaa!”

A most bizarre voice leaked out of the confines of Anri’s room, and the shoulders of whatever startled demons happened to be patrolling nearby started violently.