HP9 Chapter 25: Death Sentence

“A final question. Why did you come for my head? Was it to uphold your dignity as an angel? Or were you asked to do this? Were you strung along by promises of wealth? Well, if that greedy touch to your features has anything to say, it’s surely the latter.”

“Hold your tongue… You inferior little…!”

Despite his body being covered in wounds, Uriel manages to find the strength to muster a glare in my direction.

“Goodness. You’ve been going on and on about my so-called inferiority for some time now… But I’m sure you’ll have more than enough time to mull over just which one of us is truly inferior where you’re going.”

I hold my right hand out towards him. This is going to be the final spell I use.

Incantation: Death Sentence!

For a split second, everything in my field of vision goes pitch black.


Uriel’s face warps with fear. Something dark had manifested beneath him, slowly gnawing its way up his body.

“What is this?! Just what is this thing?!”

“That would be Death Sentence. If the name didn’t give it away, it dooms its target to an inevitable death. You have sixty seconds left to live.” ((Um… OP much?))


Uriel gapes, jaw hanging low. It doesn’t take long for his body to begin quivering.

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“You lie… This must be a lie! There is no conceivable way such a spell could ever exist! Why, it would be nothing short of foul play!”

“I agree, it’s definitely foul play. And that’s exactly why casting it brings your MP down by 100,000. That said, my MP pool makes it a trivial issue.”

Even as we speak, the dark substance continues crawling up Uriel’s body.

“You… You bluff! If you truly have such a spell in your arsenal, you would have cast it ages ago!”

“I just told you, didn’t I? I told you that I was bringing our little game to a close. A simple death would have made for poor entertainment, don’t you think? I’ll admit this much; you were almost as entertaining as a game of Jenga.”

“I… I refuse to entertain your delusions! As if the single spell of a mere lowlife would ever slay me…!”

“You’re free to believe whatever you want. If you wish for a proper answer, all you need to do is wait another thirty seconds. I trust that you’ll enjoy what’s to come.”

The darkness had crept up all the way to Uriel’s neck.

“I… I refuse… I refuse to die in a place like this!”

“Then I’m sorry to disappoint, but you will. If you hadn’t laid your hands on my underlings, I would be all too willing to spare your life.”


Uriel suffers more and more, writhing about in a despaired fit. Sadly for him, there’s nothing that can counter the Death Sentence once it’s been activated.

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“You should know that the Death Sentence usually engulfs its victims in a mere span of ten seconds. I thought you might appreciate some more time, an extension of sorts to allow yourself to come up with some final words. You have my ever-so-deep benevolence to thank for that.”


“You have ten more seconds before you perish. If you want to say something like, ‘I was but the weakest of my brethren!’, then I suggest you hurry. Do not let my compassion go to waste.”

Uriel’s movements come to an abrupt halt. He spreads his arms wide.

“I am… one of the great, proud… Angels… OF THE SEVEN STAAARS!”

Uriel’s screams are loud enough to carry through the entirety of the castle grounds.

It’s been a full sixty seconds since I used my spell. My vision goes dark again. Any semblance of movement Uriel might have been capable of ceased completely, and he collapses like a robot that just had its batteries removed. He hits the ground, never to rise again.

“So those were your last words? How uninspired. I will, however, honor the fact that you maintained your will to battle until your final moments.”

I make a light survey of my surroundings as I mutter. Only then do I notice the way the demons, who had been playing the silent observers up until this point, simply gawk at me in silent awe.

Wait, did I scare them? Did I go too far? I mean, the man did kill off more than a handful of demons. Keeping that in mind, I’d been sure that whatever I could do to him wasn’t even half as bad.

“A… A member of the Seven Angels of the Stars was obliterated… with the ease of twisting the arm of a newborn…”

“I always thought that if there were anyone around who could take Yuuto-sama on, it would be the Seven Angels… But that one didn’t even stand a chance…”

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“Those angels no longer pose a threat! With Yuuto-sama on our side, we can destroy more than the humans! We can destroy the angels themselves! It’s not out of the question anymore!”

“We’ll march forth and eradicate them! We’ll give it all we’ve got!”


The demons all cheer wildly. No, wait. Hold it. When did we go down the ‘destroy all angels’ route? I’ve never even had half a mind to do that, you know?! Also, while we’re on the subject, the same goes for humanity!


Anri rushes towards me, howling through a stream of tears.

“I’ve never been so moved! The majesty you showed, even when facing an Angel of the Stars… Oh, it was simply masterful! I swear fealty to you for the rest of my life – no, even throughout my next, you shall have it!”

“G… Good to hear…”

If I’m lucky enough to have a shot at a second next life, then I’d want nothing more than to be reborn as a human.


I turn my attention back to Uriel’s corpse. I watch on as it slowly turns to dust, then finally scatters into the wind and leaves nothing behind.

So the corpses of these angels basically self-destruct, do they? Well, at least that saves us the trouble of cleaning them up. That’s really the only thing that pops into my head before I turn around.

“Well then, Anri… Why don’t we go back to the Hall and continue our game of Jenga? You may have won before… But I’ll win our next bout.”

“O-Of course! Right away!”

I’ll admit, I’ve always been a bit of a sore loser. Especially when games come into the picture.