HP9 Chapter 5: Determined for an Outing

“Uooooh?! H-Hold on, all of you!”

The demon maids were wasting no time at all, ready to disrobe on the spot. Falling into a panic, I do my best to stop them.

“Tell me… Just how old are you?”

“Sixteen, Sire.”


“Fifteen, Sire.”

Why are they all underage?!

It’s probably worth mentioning that demons, while they had garnered a general image of living for centuries, matured at a rate almost equal to humanity and lived about as long. In this world, at least. But that’s not the issue right now…

“You may return to your rooms today, all of you.”

I had spoken purely out of concern on their behalf. Forcing any girl to do something like this against her will is inexcusable, even more so when the girls in question are underage.

The maids respond by letting large tears dribble from their eyes.

“So is it true…? Are we after all not qualified to be your partners for the night?”

“That’s not– That is not so. As I have said, every single one of you is to my liking. I merely believe that you may be somewhat hesitant to go through with this.”

“That’s hardly true, Sire! For us demon maids, there can be no greater joy than to satisfy your needs, Yuuto-sama!”

The demon maids’ eyes are moist as they look my way. Not good, these girls are for real… What can I do now…?

That’s when a great idea pops into my head. Well, I probably shouldn’t be saying that it’s ‘great’ by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s an idea nonetheless.

“… I wish to ask something of you. What circumstances called for you to come to my room?”

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“Anri-sama simply told us that ‘Yuuto-sama needs a partner for the night.’ We happily accepted the offer and came here.”

I should’ve known. Anri can be a real handful sometimes…

“It would seem that you all misunderstood my intentions. I did indeed imply that I needed partners to Anri.”

I didn’t though. I really didn’t.

“But my intentions are far from what you seem to expect.”


“Incantation: Creation!”

I activate one of the spells in my possession and will something to take form. I created… a deck of playing cards.

“I had intended for some company to “play” with, you understand.”

My sleeping chambers go dead silent. Yep. Anri should’ve only said something close to the way I worded it, so I can’t slip up now, right?! It still feels incredibly awkward, though…

“I-Is that what you meant, Sire?! We sincerely apologize for jumping to the wrong conclusion!”

The demon maids bow as deeply as they can. Thank goodness, I somehow got them to fall for it…

“I suggest you do not fret over it. None of this would have happened if I had been clearer with Anri. The fault lies with me as well.”

“I-I-I can hardly agree!”

“In any case, there is no need for you to offer your bodies to me. Am I clear?”

“… We understand. But Yuuto-sama, should you ever desire us for our bodies, then all you need to do is say so. All of us greatly anticipate the moment you do.”

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“I-I see…”

The demon maids look a little downtrodden now.

“By the way, Yuuto-sama… Just what is that bundle of papers in your hand?”

Huh? Don’t they know what playing cards are? Then again, this is a different world, so I guess that knowing about them would be a bit odd…

“These are playing cards, an invention of mine. I will teach you how to play, so why don’t we get started immediately? I’m sure we can all have fun.”

“Yes, Sire!”

After playing cards with the three maids for a good two hours, I had each of them return to their own bedchambers.

I had managed to protect their virtue, and it didn’t seem as if they’d left unsatisfied either. For now, at least, this matter’s been settled. On the other hand, there’s only one person who has any regrets, and that’s the young boy somewhere in my soul that’s still going through puberty.

This is the fifth day since my reincarnation as the High King. Today, just as I always do, I lower myself onto the throne in the great hall as magnificently as I can.

MP: 9,999,999,999 / 9,999,999,999

Taking another look at my stat screen, I notice that my MP count’s gone back to its full value. I’ve already come to notice through the past two days that sleep automatically rejuvenates my MP. It’s plausible to assume that the recovery rate is proportional to the time I spend asleep. I haven’t been in a situation were my HP can go down just yet, so I have an idea how that gets recovered.

I’d also heard that this kind of status screen is something that everyone in this world has, but it also looks like everyone can only see their own. It’s still possible to show your own screen to others if you were to feel like doing so. It’s easy enough to do; you only have to think the words, ‘disclose status.’ But I really don’t see the need to flaunt my own stat screen, so that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

Still, I haven’t seen anyone else’s status screen In this world, not even once since my reincarnation. I can’t help but be a little interested in seeing someone else’s.

“Anri. I do not mean to be abrupt, but I would like to see your status screen.”

I requested this from Anri while she was – as always – kneeling in front of me. She replied by blushing and silently bending down even further.

“What is it, Anri? Do you feel unwell?”

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“Oh, no. That’s not it; it’s just… embarrassing…”

Huh? Embarrassing?

“I apologize for my lack of composure. But… if you wish to see it, Yuuto-sama, then I’ll…”

“Never mind, it’s fine. Forget I said anything.”

Her being embarrassed is a little unexpected. For the women of this world, there’s a good chance that status screens are something private they’d rather not make public, like their three sizes. In games, seeing a status screen takes little more than the click of a button, so I hadn’t given it much thought.


Haaah… It’s still really boring around here, though. Doing nothing but sitting on this throne is boring enough, but doing the same thing for five days straight might just be enough to make me suffer a nervous breakdown. I should really go outside sometime.

“Anri. I believe I will go out of the castle and take a look around.”

“Be at ease, Yuuto-sama. Our demons guard the outside without flaw and will inform you of approaching forces immediately. You need not bother yourself with movement.”

That’s really not the problem, though. I just really need a change of scenery… Is there anything I can use as an excuse…?

“As a supreme ruler that governs demon-kind, I would like to see the state of my territories with my own eyes.”

“I see… Understood. Allow me to call for a hundred demons to act as your personal guard, Yuuto-sama.”

What is this, a parade for some Daimyo?!

“No, there will be no need for that. I alone shall be enough.”

“B-But…! If you were to go out on your own, Yuuto-sama, my own worry would make my heart stop beating before I can even take my own life!”


Anyways, this is how things go when I want to go outside. I try to leave, but Anri, always the worry-wart, won’t let me. I’d love to play the straight man in a comedy skit here, just to shout, “What are you, a helicopter mom?!”

But today’s the day I finally go outside! Use your brain, me. There has to be some way to get out of this castle without Anri noticing…