IVB Chapter 11: Magic ore mine

After stepping out of the magic ore store Eruzumagie, we dashed towards the magic ore mines. The mines were located to the north of the city. Even from inside the city we were able to see the smoke.

The closer we came to the mine, the thicker the smoke became. The people running away in our direction also increased.

Eldor approached a miner who he thought was trying to escape.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. Bed rock suddenly came falling down. A strange smell is also coming from below. You better run away as quick as you can as well!”

We could hear an audible gulp from the shopkeeper that followed us. Were her son and grandson alright?

“El, don’t stop us.”

“I understand. Let’s hurry.”

Going against the flow of the people we headed north. The closer we got to the mine a smell we didn’t notice before became a lot stronger.

He was right. There’s a strange smell coming from below…

“Reinherz, Luft…” ((Roughly translated this means ‘Cleansed heart, aerial.’))

Trian recited a spell with a low voice. A yellow-green wind began slowly flowing around us.

“I don’t think the smell is dangerous, but just in case.”

Wind magic should certainly be able to purify it. The smell that surrounded us earlier faded away.

After a while, we could finally see the entrance to the magic ore mines. There was a wide open tunnel surrounded by gray stones that seemed to be the entrance. It was surrounded by a crowd of people, some of which were injured. At the entrance itself stood a couple of robust looking knights that were carrying the injured outside and inside the mine, we could see a couple of wind magicians.


Pushing us aside a crying boy rushed towards one of the injured people. He didn’t seem to notice the wind magicians. I could tell he was bleeding a lot from his arm.

… Why isn’t the bleeding stopping? He is wrapped in bandages, but it still isn’t stopping. Then how about using some healing magic?

“Turn the tanker around! Our healing magician is down, call a priest from the church!”

Shouted one of the robust looking men.

I see so he is the healing magician. If he is unconscious, then no one can be healed. I rushed over to the healing magician that laid on the floor and checked his wound.

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“What’s with you kid, you are being a nuisance!”

“Shut up.”


Eldor forced himself between the knight and me.

“Healing God Longbehan! Lend me a piece of your power… Recreation!”

A pale blue light surrounded the healing magician’s arm.

‘Damn… His wound is huge.’

I put more magic power in the blue light coming from my hands. The color became thicker, and I could tell the blood coming from inside the bandages was stopping.

“You are amazing kid! You can use healing magic?”

The robust looking man was gazing down at me with a dumbfounded face. That’s right. Well, I am wearing some simple looking robes right now, so I can understand. You wouldn’t think I’m someone that could use healing magic. Even though it’s not like commoners can’t use it.

“Dad, are you okay?”

“… Rachael…”

The healing magician that regained consciousness gently brushed the kid’s head. Yeah, it looks like it worked out somehow. I’m really glad I studied magic.

That being said, if this kid’s name is Rachael, then she’s a girl? At first glimpse, you could swear she looks like a boy. Brown hair covered by a helmet, patched pants, a healthy tanned skin and cheeks and big round eyes. She somehow reminds me of Ariane. Although I feel like Ariane’s eyes, have a stronger amber color. A ‘ballot chrysoberyl’ like color.

“Thanks a lot. Father, this boy here help you, you know?”

Rachael who was smiling happily now even though she was crying just now, pointed at me. The healing magician that was trying to get up put his arm on the place where his wound was.

“I only healed the wound with my magic. The blood you lost won’t come back. So please sit and rest.”

Eldor quickly kneeled beside him and supported his back. With a sorcerer’s level of healing magic, it would have been possible to return his strength in one go, but the one I can use is comparable to that of an average magic user. Anything more than what I just did is impossible for me.

“Let me see the other’s wounds as well. Those with heavy wounds make a line please.”

“Those that only have scratches and bruises, please line up over there. We will disinfect the wounds and put bandages on you. After that use large quantities of water and ice!”

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Riley started producing ice with magic and Trian began applying first aid treatment. We are standing out quite a lot, but there’s no helping it right now. We can’t just leave the injured like that.

“Bran-sama, I don’t see my son or grandson around. Where are they…?”

The voice of the shopkeeper who was looking around came out echoing resembling close to a scream. Aren’t they here?

“The old lady from Eruzumagie…”

“Both of them… are still inside…”

The robust man, Bran, turned his eyes downward while the healing magician turned his gaze towards the magic mine.

“Bedrock, all of a sudden, fell down in the magic mine. A sorcerer would normally stop it, but we let our guard down. At that time Fagus-sama inured himself, and since the ground beneath our feet started shaking we hurried to the exit and were able to come out, but…”

“Clott’s feet slipped, and he fell through one of the holes in the collapsed ground. It was quite a big hole, so Neld stayed at its entrance.”

“And my grandson… is Clott alright?!”

“Yeah his foot appeared to be injured, but it didn’t seem life threatening. However…”

“While heading towards the exit, the ground collapsed once again. It was caused by bedrock behind us. It was a huge impact, and pretty much everyone there got heavily injured. In the end, a wall of bed rock ended up dividing us. Leaving some of us behind. If we don’t remove that wall made of bedrock we won’t be able to go back to Neld’s location.”

“How can that be…”

The shopkeeper lost strength in her body and sank to the floor.

“Hey hey wait a second. You said bedrock collapsed but there should be a mine magician, right? If that’s true, then he should be able to remove it, right?”

“Normally that would be the case, but he ran away.”


“I wonder if he got scared when he failed to prevent the first collapse. He ran away before us.”

“What a disgusting fellow.”

I agree that’s truly a disgusting person. How grave was the grandson’s injury? But how much time will it take to remove that wall made of bedrock? The people who were separated and left behind also worry me. If the people on this side are this hurt, I can assume that the ones left behind are injured as well. Since they no longer have a mine magician, did they call one from another city? We could remove it by hand, but that would take some time.

“Wouldn’t it be enough to blow it away with my magic?”

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“I understand that you can use magic kid but can you use magic strong enough to blow it up?”

“We won’t know if I don’t try.”

Letting a *bling* like sound echo through the cave. Riley produced a lump of ice and shot it towards the cave.

“No, it’s impossible… Even if you manage to blow it up, there’s no telling when another tremor might occur… And if there are people on the other side of the wall… You might injure them further.”

“Father, I know of a different entrance!”


“For us, the magic ore mines are our playground after all.”

“Even though… I tell you so many times not to enter the mines…”

“I’m sorry father. It’s so pretty in the magic ore mines after all. So I’ve been using an out of service tunnel. Its entrance is pretty small, but a child is able to fit in.”

“Even for a body like mine?”

“Let’s see. In your case, it may not be wide enough, but regarding height, you should be able to pass through it, so I think it could work.”

If only a small child can pass through them, we’ll have no other option than to blow up the wall. However, if I can get inside, there’s a chance that I can treat their wounds.

“El, prepare a high-speed magic carriage and get a mine magician here.”

“You’re not planning on…”

“Yeah, I’m going in there.”

“You can’t… Or that’s what I would like to say, but I can’t win against three, can I?”

Taking a look at Riley and Trian, it was obvious that they wanted to go in as well. Well, it’s pretty obvious. Under these circumstances, there is no choice other than to shut up and see how things go after all.

“However I will go with you as well. As for the request of a high-speed magic carriage, I’ll leave it to you Bran-sama. Take this letter and pass it to the master of the Gold Wall Inn, please.

Eldor quickly took out a pen and rapidly wrote a memo on the paper forcing it in Bran’s hand right after.

“You guys, are customers of the Gold Wall Inn?”

Bran made a dumbfounded face while comparing the letter and us. It’s an Inn only nobles and millionaires are able to stay in after all, so I understand his reaction. Well, our incognito just went down the drain.

“Are you ready? I’ll guide you there.”

At Rachael’s invitation, all four of us nodded vigorously.