IVB Chapter 9: Golden Wall Inn

“E, El… hhhmmggg.”

When I was about to call out Eldor’s name, Riley shut me down with his hand.

Why? Why is Eldor here? He sent us off back at the Jackberry house, didn’t he?!

Taking a look at Riley, I could see he was also quite flustered.

“You took quite a while to get here, so I was getting worried something happened along the way.”

Eldor walked towards us with a smile on his face. His eyes weren’t smiling at all though. I mean where did the usual expressionless Eldor go to?!

“Hey, we’re supposed to be in disguise, so keep it down.”

Making a fuss, Riley whispered into my ear. That’s right. We changed our appearance with some kind of transformation magic.

“I can hear you, you know? Riley-sama is perfectly disguised as always, but there’s hardly any change to Langelease-sama’s appearance. Furthermore, Trian hasn’t been disguised at all, has he?”

Me and Riley both look at Trian at the same time. He’s right. We were both disguised, but Trian looked the same way he always does!! Trian, now being watched by all three of us responded in a hardened voice.

“Why wasn’t I disguised as well?!”

“Nononono, don’t speak nonsense. There is no problem with having Trian looking like his usual self.”

Trian who was about the same height as Riley had a pretty normal young man’s appearance. He has well maintained frizzy hair with a hazel colored tone, but it wasn’t beautiful enough to draw anyone’s attention. He also has a good looking face, but at the same time, it looked a little docile. In other words, he didn’t have any particular features. That’s why Riley and I didn’t put much thought into disguising Trian.

“Well then. If you keep standing in front of the entrance like that you’ll bother the other customers. Let’s move to the room on the second floor.”

He kept the small smile on his face as he invited us to the second floor. The other customers keep shooting curious gazes towards us.

Ah, so weird. I can’t stop this unpleasant sweat. No, it’s summer so it should be pretty normal to sweat a little. If I believe it to be normal, it should be, right? Since I’m fat after all!

Me, Riley and Trian follow Eldor as told and headed towards the guest room on the second floor.

“Wasn’t the room this way?”

“I had the room that Riley-sama arranged canceled. It was a bit too small for the four of us.”

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“Ah, I see…”

How did you even know Riley had arranged a room Eldor!? Even I only found out a while ago. Eldor is scary. Way too scary!

“Come now, this way. Please come in.”


The door should have opened without a sound, but I feel we just heard a very dangerous sound. It sounded like something from ‘the furnace of hell.’ I have never heard anything like it before. Ah, I don’t want to go in. I really don’t want to go in!

But I felt a terrible pressure from the forceful Eldor and so since I had no way to run anymore I entered the dreadful room. As soon as he confirmed that all three of us entered the room, Eldor closed the door quickly.

“Well then. Let’s hear what you have to say for yourself.”

A small grin. Eldor stood in front of the door while smiling coldly.

How strange. Even though it’s summer, it feels cold. Isn’t his cooling effect way too big?!

“What do you mean by letting you hear what we have to say? We, we don’t have anything, in particular, we want to talk about.”

The first one to recover from Eldor’s freezing aura was Riley, who made a firm declaration. He had to bite his tongue to do it though.


Eldor lifted one of his eyebrows with a twitch. Scary!

“If memory serves me right, just a while ago, you were heading towards Weimar’s house.”

“Ye, yeah. That’s right.”

“This is not Weimar’s house, but the town of Maaken, you know?”

“So what if we did? We just decided to take a little detour heading home. Is there a problem with that?”

“Weimar’s house is to the south of Jackberry’s dukedom. This city is in the north. That’s quite the detour.”

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After leaving Riley unable to rebuke, he diverted his firm gaze towards me. Ugh…



“Why did you come here?”

“Be, because…”

“I understand. It’s for Ariane’s sake, right? In order to repair her necklace, you need a specific magic ore. That being said, it’s too dangerous. You shouldn’t even be walking around without the Aristocrat’s Guard following you everywhere.”

“Wa, wait up a bit. It’s not like we haven’t thought this through carefully. See, we are disguised and all, right?! The carriages have guards too.”


“Eh, is that so Riley-sama? Even though your disguise was so easily seen through.”


“Do you know why I’m here? Right after you two left, Andy-sama((Andy is Riley’s brother for those that forgot.)) came to visit the Jackberry family.”


Riley and Trian both looked at each other and then faced the ceiling. In short, the Weimar house knows that we are traveling incognito.

“That’s why after understanding the situation from Andy-sama, I immediately took a high-speed magic carriage and rushed towards this city. The inns that Riley-sama would arrange were just three in total. After coming to this Gold Wall Inn first, I found Riley-sama’s name and as soon as I saw that, I waited for you here like this.”

Did Riley use his real name fort he reservation? Well, it seems pretty obvious at this point. If you are going to reserve an Inn of this level, using an alias would do you no good.


Suddenly out of nowhere, Eldor’s eyes that were looking at me began distorting a bit.

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“How worried do you think I was?!”

Swiftly. Eldor grasped my shoulder and while doing that embraced me. His shoulders were trembling a bit.

“Are you crying…?”

“…! I’m not!”

As to not let me see his face he kept embracing me tightly without letting go. Both Riley and Trian looked at me with a troubled face.

And so I embraced him back.

“I’m really sorry Eldor. I didn’t mean to make you worry like this. Once we obtained the magic ore, we planned to return to Riley’s house immediately.”

We were supposed to head over to Riley’s house but having heard from Andy that we would be staying over at Jackberry’s house must have been unbearable for him. We are talking about Eldor that even worries about spilling tea, so not knowing our situation must have been a terrible feeling for him.

“I’m really sorry…”

I patted the crying Eldor’s back. If I knew it would leave such an impact on him, I would have persuaded him more.

“If you understand, then that’s enough. Well then, let’s go…”

Eldor went back to his usual expressionless self, taking some distance from me. Although his eyes looked a little red. After Eldor opened and held the door, Riley and Trian followed him carrying their luggage.

“Why are you carrying that?”

“Hmm? Well, we’re going back, right? We can’t leave our luggage behind.”

“No, we will be staying here for today. I already arranged for the four of us to stay.”

“Eldor weren’t you going to take us back?”

“In order for you to collect the magic ore, we would have to return here in the future… If that’s the case, we might as well get some while we’re here.”

“I, is it really okay?”

“Just this once, got it?”

Suddenly Eldor’s eyes seem to loosen up. I nodded strongly to him.