NIW Chapter 5: Developing Oichi’s Mouth

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In the Sengoku Era, there was nothing like a LED light, a fluorescent lamp or a light bulb. Therefore, in this era, at 8 o’clock in the evening darkness ruled the world.

However, due to innate human fear of the dark, the ancestors of the modern Japanese sought to have light, so an interior lantern was devised that made use of wild sesame. Soak a rope with the plant resin, light the tip, cover the fire around with paper and the light would spread bringing a dim illumination to the room for many hours. Most Daimyo clans, samurai and, possibly, merchant families in the Sengoku Era used this style of lantern.

In the dim light, I held Oichi down. This would be the second time I shared a bed together with my wife. Her clothes fell into total disorder, showing her pink flush shoulders and thighs from under the silks. My palms started to crawl over her captivating skin. Oichi’s weak points seemed to be her nape and the inside of her thighs, since every time I touched those her body would quiver.

Nagamasa-sama… Nagamasa-sama…”


While I was caressing her from head to toe, she feverishly repeated my name in delirium. Most likely, this was her way of trying to “plead” born from impatience, since the pleasure she was receiving from my hand was little more than tickles. I kept moving my hands over her breasts, yet never touched her nipples, I constantly touched her thighs while avoiding her clitoris. Ten minutes passed like that since I had pushed her down onto the futon. Truthfully, it wasn’t just Oichi, all of this period faced with their lust found it impossible to voice their desire of “I want you to touch me here.”


When I stopped caressing her, she sighed full of longing. Though her body was deprived of virginity only yesterday, it would probably gradually learn the way to earn Oichi pleasure soon.

After all, it was a salacious little thing that experienced pure pleasure during its first time. It should have an astoundingly high potential to enjoy sexual stimuli. But whether it would develop well… That depended entirely on the skills of the husband.

I rested my hands on either side of Oichi’s neck and looked down at her beautiful face. She narrowed her misty eyes and smiled. And then timidly raised her lovely hands to my cheeks stroking them slowly.

Nagamasa-sama… OichiOichi is a fortunate person…”

She smiled gracefully as she said this.

“Being touched by Nagamasa-sama just touched like this… Feeling my Lord’s warmth… With this alone, my heart is already bursting with happiness…”

“Is that so?…”

I felt somewhat embarrassed.

Can you imagine? To have a peerless beauty underneath you, smiling at you from the bottom of her heart. To hear her confess that “She’s happy because of you.” If that doesn’t make you embarrassed, you’re a strange man.

Brushing these feelings aside, I pressed down onto Oichi’s lovely lips. At first, she was surprised, but as soon as our tongues entangled and the saliva from my mouth poured into hers, her eyes gradually closed and with an intoxicated expression, she began to drink the liquid down. Unexpectedly, Oichi seemed to like kissing as well. I separated from her moments before my tongue became sore like a dead arm, then asked my wife, who lay on the futon with a completely blank expression.

Oichi, you like this, don’t you?”

“Hya~ … I love this… I love touching lips with Nagamasa-sama…”


I leaned down again to kiss her lips lightly, and I felt her whole body tremble. Apparently, it was the last push needed to make her climax. What a lewd body indeed. In delight at the results of her development, I playfully bit her ear and whispered.

“From now on, you will call this a ‘kiss.’ If I hear you saying ‘touching lips’ again, I will scold you for disobedience.”

“Fhua~ ……”

Oichi, what do you like doing with me…?”



Embracing her sensitive body, I brought Oichi’s lips to mine once again and entangled our tongues and saliva as I caressed her head slowly.

However, at this point, I suddenly remembered, that this was not what I intended to do tonight. I didn’t come here to play aimlessly; I wanted to scold my wife for succumbing to sleep before me during our first night together!

While I marveled at my memory lapse, I placed my hand on her chest and whispered with a smile.

“So good, in fact, that I almost completely forgot…”

“What about…?”

She asked with a bewitching voice that sent shivers down my spine. I answer her while massaging the underside of her breast still avoiding the nipples.

“You went to sleep before me last night…“


Oichi fell silent, and her blissful expression crumbled. She might be a bad wife, but her constantly changing face was predictably adorable.

“I don’t particularly blame you, Oichi.”


I said while caressing her head.

“Can you not forgive yourself? If that is so, then I have no choice but to scold you.”

And with that, let’s close this subject, alright? Oichi answered my question with a nod and got up from my arms. Then, with her clothes still in disorder, she lowered her head and back in a perfect mitsuyubi in front of my reclining form.

“Please… Discipline Oichi for being a bad wife… However, you wish… If my Lord doesn’t… Oichi won’t be able to forgive herself……”

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What a goddess. That was the first thought this sight brought to my mind. Women like this were extinct in the world I was from.

Feelings of affection towards Oichi overwhelmed me, but still, in an intentionally cold voice, I ordered to raise her head. As she raised her face, I noticed an uneasy expression with a hint of panic.

That puzzled me.

“Please… Nagamasa-sama. Please… Don’t come to hate Oichi…!”

That strained voice finally helped me to understand. My kindness ‘shocked’ her. Oichi, a wife that was not performing her duties as was expected during this period, must have interpreted it as me thinking “She’s seriously a damned useless woman.” while saying “I understand, I’ll tolerate it.” as a courtesy for the allied Oda Clan.

Apparently, falling asleep before your husband was a much more serious sin than I expected. Well… I guess the reputation of Oda Clan in the eyes of Azai depended entirely on her as my wife. I somewhat understood her desperation.


I pretended to consider this while looking around the room that was bestowed to Oichi. When I spotted a folding stool in one of the corners, I abruptly got up from the bed and began to walk in that direction but…

“Na-Nagamasa-sama… !”

Surprisingly, Oichi clung to my leg trying to stop me. She might have thought that I tried to leave the bedroom in anger. Incidentally, according to historical evidence, the men of this era were volatile and easy to offend compared to modern ones. To modern sensibilities, this would be like saying “whatever” and leaving in a huff at every occasion.

Two examples from the period would be Katsuyori Takeda, the last head of the Takeda Clan, and Masamune Date, a famous soldier of fortune. Both of them were said to be prone to returning to their rooms whenever they got frustrated with concubines during sex. And then there was Uesugi Kenshin, a person so moody that when he once lost his temper in the middle of a castle corridor, he fiercely stabbed his katana into a pillar.

It made you wonder what kind of antics would Oichi be up to as a daughter of the period.

Nagamasa-sama! Please forgive me…! Oichi…! Oichi can mend her ways!”

This pulled on my heartstrings, and I fell in love with the lovely Oichi all over again. And then I thought—Actually, wouldn’t this be a chance to change Oichi to become more to my sexual tastes?

I intentionally shook Oichi off. She uttered a sad cry and fell face down on the futon; tears started streaming down her cheeks. I felt sorry for her, but I could not stop, all this was for my Oichi Development Project.

I took the folding stool and intentionally slammed it down near the crying Oichi. That startled her making her shoulders tremble; she looked at me timidly through falling tears. I sat down with impetus and looked straight at her crying face. It was still predictably cute and extremely tempting. Which was a good thing, too.



Despite still sobbing and being full of tears, Oichi tried to earnestly look at me without avoiding eye contact. I decided to treat her just like I had approached my vassals, with full on, unhurried machismo.

“You said you shall serve me sincerely, correct?”

“Ye- … Yes! Oichi is Nagamasa-sama wife…! Oichi will do anything for the sake of Nagamasa-sama――”

“Anything…? Fine.”

I pushed my raging son in front of Oichi’s face. She turned bright red, trembling slightly.

Oichi, what is this?”


While Oichi was dyed in shyness, she glanced at my son and me.

“I asked you a question, Oichi.”



“It’s a… phallus… “

Although it was not very audible, she did say it.

So in this age, they called it a phallus, not a penis. But then, this society was heavily influenced by Buddhism; the terminology was only natural.

“Good. But from now on, when in the bedchamber with me, you will call this ‘Dick.’”

“I… I understand…”

She was visibly embarrassed, but then so was I. Imagine yourself teaching a woman to call it a “Dick.”

…Awkward, right? But for the sake of making Oichi say it, I had to put my discomfort aside.

“How do you like it?”

“Th- … That… “

Oichi, extremely embarrassed by now, started fidgeting.

“Ahh… Nagamasa-sama dick…! So rugged… And bent and also… Mhm… Splendid…! Maybe even a shaku-long… Such a splendid thing was inside Oichi… “

By the way, one shaku is about 30cm. My ‘Big Son’ was a world-class one. Even when trying to bury it inside Oichi’s vagina it wouldn’t fit in completely, that’s how massive it was. My beloved wife’s distressed appearance made me quite excited, so I moved closer to her beautiful face.

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Oichi, your punishment starts now…! From this day onwards, you will be my woman and mine alone… !”

“Na- … Nagamasa-sama…!”

Oichi seemed to accept my declaration with relief, the tears glistening on her face until now nowhere to be seen.

…Well, I would also be happy if the girl I loved said: “I’ll make you my man!”. Still, I somehow got the feeling that Oichi’s case was different from mine. Her reaction to the words “my woman” gave off a vibe that she was of the sort that wanted to be tied up. Perhaps she might be close to an M. Incidentally, if somewhat beside the point, my mental image of Nobunaga’s wife, , made her be a total S.

“Touch it, Oichi.”

I took her soft white hand and made her grasp it.

“How does it feel?”

“Ah… it’s… hot…”

She sounded excited as if the heat of my son in her hand shaped her mood.

“It’s hot… Throbbing… Aah…! So very hard… But, flexible…! The big blood vessels… Aah… So manly…”

That’s too much detail, thank you very much. I retorted in my head. However, her eyes were glued to my son and her breathing shallow and quick. Such a naughty child. Maybe, she has had an interest in that all along?

“Start moving your hand up and down.”


Oichi began to stroke my son.

At first, her attempts were, quite obviously, clumsy. But she was learning fast, as expected of Nobunaga Oda’s, the great general of the battlefield’s, little sister. Soon, she had my pole in an exquisite grip, rubbing it neither too strong nor too fast with her slender and supple fingers. Moreover, while outwardly trying to look worried about her performance as she looked at me with upturned eyes, she couldn’t hide her wicked excitement.

Ah, it was unbearable.

Her lovable appearance deeply moved my ‘Big Son,’ and the glans began to shed tears as a result. Pre-cum coiled around Oichi lovely fingers causing her hand to make obscene, slimy sounds.

Oichi… That will do.”

“Haa… Haa… “



She was so absorbed in the handjob that she didn’t notice my words until I shouted. Truly a lewd child. For the time being, I praised her “skills” and gently stroked her head as a reward. She looked genuinely delighted by this.

“Remember to serve me like this when I desire it. Understood?”

“Yes my lord.”

Oichi bowed in a mitsuyubi again. My pre-cum coiled around her fingertips and forming arches between her supple fingers. Noticing that I looked at her hands pointedly giving an implied order to lick them clean. Bright red she declines with a shake of her head.

“Don’t forget, Oichi. This, too, is training.”

A hint of threat in my voice forces her to timidly put her wet fingers in her mouth. In her mind, she was probably not seeing this as just sucking her fingertips. Moreover, the presence of a man’s fluids she would have to put into her mouth made it seem even more obscene. However, this was my, her husband’s, order, she could not disobey. Or just maybe, given her original interest in the subject, she was simply rationalizing her desires as following my orders now that her reason was crushed.


When Oichi licked her fingertips, her whole body shook.

“How does it taste?”

I asked her both intimately and as indecently as possible. That, yet again, made her embarrassed.

“It tastes like… Na- … Nagamasa-sama…”

So she said. She lost me at first, but with some careful deliberation I figured out this answer was very… Oichi-like. I was her only man, and she didn’t experience any other fluids save for mine. That was probably why she said it tastes like me. That way of thinking made her even more lovely; my affection meter went off the scale.



Her fingers had been completely licked clean of precum, but she still kept on sucking her fingers as if unsatisfied with just that. Only when hearing my voice, did she finally calm down. Oichi was probably someone who lost track of reality when immersed in something.

It was an open question whether she valued licking the precum or handjob to that extent. Nevertheless, I was still happy. Without a word, I extended the fingers of my left hand in her direction. That attracted her attention, and she tentatively licked my fingertips.

“Nn… “

I felt her warm breath on the back of my hand. Her bewitching lips pouted seductively. My fingers felt soothing heat and tickle. Just looking at the sight of her beautiful face moving back and forth, from my fingertips all the way to my knuckles, stirred a terrifying shiver of lust running down my spine. And when her lustrous black hair flowed down her head exposing the nape of her neck, my self-restraint reached its limits.

Oichi, suck them.”

“… Yes.”

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Oichi put my fingers deep into her mouth and started to lick them softly. At the same time, I grabbed her kimono in my right hand and, nearly ripping it off her, exposing her beautiful perky mounds that seemed to defy gravity. Both of them received a nice, tight squeeze.


Oichi, looking engrossed with my fingers in her mouth, let out a sensuous moan. I kept thoroughly enjoying the softness of her chest while occasionally teasing her pale, pink nipple. Each time that happened she would raise a sweet muffled whimper and put, even more, effort into licking and sucking on my fingers. Soon my beloved wife’s soft nipples stiffened under repeated caressing and became hard like gummies.

Sensing Oichi’s excitement from her reactions I ordered her to “comfort herself through her nipples and clitoris.” Her mind by this point was probably completely clouded by desire. Without a shred of hesitation, her delicate fingers roamed to her crotch and the breast I was not groping. I started to squeeze and rub her nipple while massaging her breast to the best of my ability. Her tongue became even more frantic. But then, my left hand suddenly left her mouth as she collapsed onto her shapely ass.

“What is this? Were you allowed to stop?”

When Oichi heard this, she covered her face with both hands and started shaking her head. A bit calmer now, she grew ashamed of her foolishness.

But, this timing…?

I wondered for an instant before noticing a pool of fresh liquid on the futon under her waist. Rising from the stool, I moved my face to her ear and asked in a whisper.

“… Did you nearly climax just now?”

Bikun~, Oichi’s body jolted. Apparently, I was right. As she was licking my finger while having her nipples and clitoris teased by both mine and her own hands, she almost came. But now that she returned to her senses and her chaste self, these acts, masturbation and assertively offering her own body, were extremely shameful. Which meant, my chance presented itself just now.

“Ah… Please, forgive me… So much shame… Oichi’s head…”

“Open it, your mouth.”

“Uu… Nagamasa-sama…”

“Anything for my sake, wasn’t it? Open your mouth.”

I repeated my command rejecting my beloved wife’s plea. Her body still excited, Oichi opened her mouth. The sight was extremely tempting.

“Now take it into your mouth.”

“Aha… Such a thing…”

Having my big son in front of her face, even Oichi would hesitate. Quite natural, even a man needs to find the courage to lick a woman’s genitals. It’s not odd for a woman to be the same. Moreover, my son was world-class and as such a pretty formidable prospect even for women more experienced than her. However, development requires one to overcome obstacles; you cannot grow if you don’t push forward.


“Na-Nagamasa-sama, if it is for you…!”

Although I only placed my big son before her face, Oichi seemed to find her resolve on her own. Opening her mouth wide, she covered my glans with her lips. I started to caress her head gently, soon her face moved closer to my stomach, and she swallowed my son completely.

“Now comfort me as you did a while ago.”


With my big son fully inside Oichi beautiful mouth, I didn’t dare to move at all. Still, her attempts at servicing me were pretty good for an amateur.

I could not afford to be rough here and make her feel sick, or she might grow to abhor fellatios. In a way, I was about to take the virginity of her mouth. Only a fool would grind his hips hard against a virgin from the start and the same principle applied here.

So I kept my hips still, and I kept caressing the head of my courageous beloved wife. Soon I felt her tongue begin to crawl over my son and I involuntarily moaned. Oichi’s hands wandered to her breasts and crotch again as the lust started building up once more inside her body. At the same time, she started to work her tongue harder. I kept stroking her head gently with one hand while the other began to trace the contours of her ear making her more excited. And even more diligent at fellatio.

“Yes, just like that…!”

After a while I felt Oichi’s movement ease, she was nearing her climax. I lowered my both hands to her chest, brushed off her still hand and firmly pinched her stiff nipples.

“Nu… Nnnnn!!”

Oichi’s hips shook and then kept spasming.

At the same time, her tongue stiffened and contracted strongly stimulating my penis enveloped by her mouth. The feeling of her tongue just now, the memory of how she sucked my fingers, the sight of her foolish arousal, all this pushed me beyond my limits.

“ … Kuh, It’s coming!”

I held Oichi’s head still while ejaculating large amounts of hot semen into her mouth. The heat, the acidic taste in her mouth and the fishy smell in her nose pushed her orgasm to reach new heights. She came harder than ever before, unwittingly spitting out my son and spasming from her hips outwards.

“Make a bowl out of your palms and spill it there.”

I ordered, trembling from the climax and shaken by the amazing sensation, as I watched my beloved wife’s haggard face. She did as I wanted, large amounts of baby juice dripping from her mouth into her cupped hand.

Nagamasa-sama… Nagamasa-sama…”

Oichi stared at me questioningly with vacant eyes, face completely bewitched and palms filled with semen. I looked at her sternly and, with my back muscles still feeling strained from the aftereffects of her loving attention, I gave her the last command of the night.

“Now spread it all over your chest.”

“Aah… Aaah…”

Sengoku Era’s most beautiful girl was spreading my semen all over her symbol of motherhood, while her waist was quavering timidly and a large amount of love juice dripped down from her crotch. Soon, a huge amount of creamy semen was covering her pure white breasts, my white, vicious body fluids nearly completely obscuring her pale, pink nipples. This sight enthralled me, made me feel as if I just conquered her body.

Oichi… You smell lovely…”

“Aah… So mean… Nagamasa-sama is mean…”

Her eyes still distant, she doesn’t stop spreading my semen over her breasts, my initial rebuke still likely on her mind.

Allowing me to point out that my beloved wife’s fundamental wish was realized――

“My smell and no scents other than mine… Mine only. Now, Oichi, now you, and only you belong to me wholly.”

At a loss for words, Oichi beamed a most joyful, sincere smile at me—happy from the bottom of her heart both as a woman and as my wife.