NIW Chapter 7: Ear cleaning and luxurious horse Part 1

Naotsune and Kazumasa started crying again after receiving the western sweets that I made from Oichi’s hands, then Sukechika came to my room to discuss the lineup for tomorrow’s interviews. There were no other people for today.

It was to be expected.

The vassals couldn’t just casually visit the head of the Azai Clan, Nagamasa unless invited and emergency visits aren’t frequent in times of peace.

Nonetheless, I should be having an interview right now.

However, because the unexpected situation happened where Naotsune and Kazumasa came at the same time, there is now free space in the premade schedule, so I find myself resting my head in Oichi’s lap.

I don’t quite understand how it turned out this way.

When I saw her seiza((Japanese term for one of the traditional formal ways of sitting in Japan.)) figure, I was sucked into that soft gap before I knew it.

Oichi was initially surprised, but she soon started to pat my head as if her maternal instincts had been evoked. Haa… I’m becoming spoiled…

“At any rate, Nagamasa-sama… Nagamasa-sama, you sure know a lot about the Oda Clan matters, don’t you…?”

Says Oichi with a bitter smile on her face. I’m sure that she means what I said earlier to Naotsune about Nobunaga “He is going to begin the assault to the north of Ise at the end of February.”

“I’m a person from the future, so I know everything that could possibly happen,” even though that’s not completely true, I can’t tell her something like that.

I turned over on Oichi’s lap and looked up at her face. She has lovely facial features, and I can’t get enough of these big breasts entering my field of vision. She is truly beautiful.

“How do you think I knew all that?”


Oichi gazes at me as she was pondering about it a little while caressing my face.

“Maybe my older brother told you about it before our marriage…”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Oh, then perhaps…”

“Maybe you hid a spy near my older brother?”

Oichi asks me with a sidelong glance. I feel an indescribable pleasant feeling to my wife’s look. She can also make a face like that huh… Well, being a young lady in the Sengoku Era and being raised with Nobunaga looking over her, there was no way she was unfamiliar with the manners of the Sengoku Era. I take a lock of that beautiful and black hair that hangs on Oichi’s chest and enjoy the feeling with my fingertips.

Nobunaga-dono… No, if it is my brother-in-law he surely would have quickly found and gotten rid of a spy if one was blended among his followers, right?”

“… That’s right.”

Oichi said to me with a calm face while caressing my chest with her index finger.

“Then how did you…”

“You told me, Oichi.”

I make full use of my historical knowledge and giver her an answer in a very natural way so that she won’t suspect anything.

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“My brother-in-law is the general of the controlling instrument of this country. The reason for that general to give me his younger sister in the middle of the Mino attack was that there were resources connected to the fall of Mino, right? There is no doubt that my brother-in-law is proceeding to the capital. And for that reason he wished to make an alliance with us, the Azai in order to open the path to Omi.”

I continued talking.

“Still, only the safety of the path in the north can be secured this way. Ise and Iga are in the south. Both of the powerful families of Ise are subordinates of the Rokkaku Clan, Iga is the only force that is not attached to the Rokkaku or the Miyoshi Clan. To secure the safety of the path heading to the capital, the most natural action is that my brother-in-law strikes Ise, which is the closest one geographically, isn’t it? This should occur around the time when the resources can be secured with the capture of Mino.”

The army can’t be moved that easily. It is impossible to gather soldiers, money, and provisions without careful preparation. That is why the most reasonable time to begin the military movements is one month after the alliance with the Azai has been established. Oichi went back to her usual gentle appearance as she was completely convinced.

Yep, at any rate, my tongue was moving quite fast. Perhaps I am suitable to be a politician. No wait, a Daimyo is already a politician in the first place though.

It was silent for a while after that. There is plenty of nature on the Odani mountain where the castle is, even though it is cold outside, I could hear the singing voices of the birds. I wonder how strong the vitality is of animals in the wild. While enjoying the refreshing sounds of the tree’s leaves moving and the chirping of the birds, I deeply realized how good it was spending time not only having sex but instead being together as a married couple like this.

“Anyway, it was a pleasure, right?”

“What was…?”

“I am talking about Naotsune Endo-dono and Kazumasa Isono-dono.”

Says Oichi while caressing my face with eyes of affection.

“Let alone Naotsune-dono, Kazumasa-dono is the one that holds an important position of the Azai Clan that is located in the south of Omi, the Sawayama Castle. I think that the fact that Kazumasa-dono understands Nagamasa-sama’s point of view will become very important later on.”

“I suppose it is…”

I raised my shoulders and unconsciously smiled while playing with Oichi’s bangs with my fingertips.


“Is something wrong?”

Oichi gave me a gorgeous smile. I am sure that it was the most beautiful, cute and lovely smile I’ve ever seen. I don’t think that I could ever forget that face in my life.

Nagamasa-sama… let out a peaceful and natural smile in front of me…!”

“Is that so…?”

If she says it like that, it might be so. I suddenly took a journey to the Sengoku Era, was pulled into a council and married Oichi. In the past few days, I have had a huge amount of experiences in a short time, that I never had in my previous life. That’s why my feelings have been tense since I came here. Emitting a certain atmosphere when I smiled. When Oichi pointed that out just now, I finally realized. Although…

“I don’t think that I smiled that way when I was together with you in the bedroom though…”

“Na, Nagamasa-sama!”

My lovely wife protests by striking my stomach while her face becomes flushed.

“That’s, that’s not it! I didn’t say it with that meaning! Nagamasa-sama finally showed his natural smile in front of me, and I just thought of how delightful that was! In the first place, Nagamasa-sama flirts too much with me in the bedroom! Do, doing such indecent things to me…”

Yes yes, cute, so cute. While feeling my warming gradually, I turned my face towards Oichi’s stomach.

To the man saying “I’ll be happy with just flirting without having sex” or something like that, I would seriously reply “What the heck is this guy saying” or so I thought, but… this is unexpected. No, I rather became happy for real.

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By gazing at her belly for a long time, I somehow started smelling a nice scent as I kept burying my face inside the thick kimono. I lost my parents at an early age and was raised in a welfare institution, so it seemed that I was unconsciously starving for motherhood. I pushed my face even closer as the scent that smelled a little like sweet milk that came from Oichi’s smooth abdomen filled me with warmth.

Then Oichi stopped striking my stomach and started to slowly caress my face and shoulders. I don’t know if she might have sensed it, but that sure was a face full of affection with a facial expression like that of the Holy Mother. Perhaps the reason I was strongly attracted to Oichi in the first places was that I felt a strong motherhood emitting from her since the beginning.

But, if you would peel away at her bundle of motherhood, she overflows with a lewd sexual nature. I really can’t get enough. I think that she is the ideal woman.

“Well then… Nagamasa-sama, please stay like that a little while.”

Then Oichi leans her upper-half forward and pushes her breasts against my face. I can feel her breath right next to my ear. What is with this supreme body sandwich? Below me are her thighs, in front of me is her belly and above me are her breasts. It feels soft all around me.

Nagamasa-sama, please wait for a little while… Kaede! Are you there?”

I understood that the maid came closer judging by the atmosphere. Wait, eh? Really? It is like the dignity of the head of the Azai Clan is non-existent. Being seen with my head buried and being body sandwiched by my cute wife… the Daimyo’s that are buried beneath the ground must be appalled, very much so.

“Please bring me the spoon.”


And then I was earnestly spoiled by Oichi for a while. Although that ended the moment the maid returned.


She called out my name, so I looked up. Ah… the happiness of not quite being able to see the face because of the boobs.

“I am going to clean Nagamasa-sama’s ears right now. I’m sorry, but they appear to be quite dirty…”

“Oh, oh!”

I unconsciously got excited making my body tremble. It has been a long time since I had my ears cleaned by someone else. I used to push the cotton swab into my ears by myself, so Oichi’s proposal filled me with expectations and made me very excited.

“Well then Nagamasa-sama, turn away please.”

After she told me so, I turned over and faced my left ear upward. Then Oichi’s soft fingertips grabbed my earlobe and those huge, soft and beautiful breasts pressed against the back of my head through the kimono. The hard rod like spoon… the ear pick stick touches the cartilage of my ear. I can’t get enough of this ‘I will begin’ feeling.

“Well then… I will begin now.”

Oichi’s breath is blown into my ear. Yes, I’m done. That’s all from me. It’s useless; it’s almost like my body is losing all its strength.

Nagamasa-sama… please don’t move…”

I feel the ear rake (mimi kaki) being moved around by Oichi’s supple fingertips going into my external ear canal. My body only trembles at times like these. Perhaps anyone would tremble in such a situation though.

“First… I’ll start with the superficial spots, alright?”

The ear rake touches the side of my external ear canal and keeps scratching upwards. A dry sound resonated in my eardrum followed by an uncomfortable feeling and liberating feeling when she finished scooping it out…

I unconsciously let out a moan. It feels good; it feels so good it can’t be helped.

Nagamasa-sama, you don’t seem to clean your ears that often…”

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The stimulus to my external ear canal continues with the spoon section of the ear rake as the earwax keeps being scraped out. The sound of something crumbling in my ear can be heard as it is being scraped out while the pressing against my external ear canal continues. Then she snuggled at the same place that was just stimulated with the spoon and gave me a massage.

There is no doubt that this is paradise! I feel it while writhing in this supreme pleasure and at the same time, I unconsciously hold my breath. The ear rake dances in circles with Oichi’s fingertips as she removes my earwax.

Nagamasa-sama, I will now do the deeper spots… please tell me if it hurts, okay?”

After blowing her breath in my left ear, Oichi slowly lowers the ear pick stick along the external ear canal. There was a muffled jarring sound. It appears that there was a lot piled up. Not only was there a light, crunchy sound but there was also a stiff feeling transmitted to the eardrums every now and then.


Oichi lets out a little lewd sounding sigh while she keeps scooping at the deepest spot with the spoon. For a while, I only heard jarring and scratching sounds.

“Ah… I took it out…!”

Oichi raised a voice of delight. It appears she succeeded in the capture of the earwax that was stuck in my ear.

“Ahh… It’s so big…”

Oichi’s remark didn’t escape my ears as she murmured in wonder. If she says something like that, I can’t help but to wonder what the particles that were taken out look like but that curiosity was completely blown away by the feeling of having to leave this resting place that is Oichi’s lap.

The basic problem is that there is no way I can escape from this Eden that are the plump thighs of a beautiful girl from this era. That degree of difficulty is the same as the success of escape from Sue Harukata who was lured by the Miyao castle shaking off the pursuit of the Toshimizu and Murakami armies.((Couldn’t find any source on this.)) I thought I didn’t want to lose to anyone, but I couldn’t win against Oichi’s thighs.

“I removed a piece of the earwax. Now I have to break through and keep capturing it…”

Oichi’s ear rake dances in circles in my external ear canal, the spoon tears off the sides of the wall without leaving any traces of earwax as she continues scooping it out. As Oichi skillfully scrapes out the earwax, my shoulders keep trembling by this exhilarating feeling.

“Well then, for the finishing touch I will use a Bonten((Japanese ear cleaning tool.))…”

The white Bonten is inserted in my ear, and the leftovers are entangled by the hairs and removed in the end.

*Softly, smoothly, softly, smoothly* ((Sound effects. Probably will switch these back to the Japanese sound effects.))

When the fluffy bonten is pulled out of my ear, Oichi slowly brings her lips together to my sensitive ears…


She lets out a gentle sigh towards my external ear canal. Ah, will it end with this… I was holding a sense of loneliness as Oichi played with my ears with her fingertips going in circles.

“Well then, Nagamasa-sama… please turn to the other side.”

Suddenly my consciousness is filled with joy. Right, even if the left side is finished, there’s still the right side left. I turn my head like Oichi said and buried my head in her thighs, belly, and breasts.

Ah, this is the best. I found paradise. To think that Heaven existed in such a casual and familiar place.

“Well then, now I’m going to clean this side too… Nagamasa-sama.”

While being controlled by a sweet man-killer voice… I started to feel drowsy in spite of it being mid morning.

Fine then, I accept my defeat… However, I was determined while being spoiled by Oichi. Right now… I’ll recognize your victory this morning. But I definitely won’t lose tonight.

Nagamasa-sama…? Ahm, please don’t move okay? I’m just about to take out a big one; it will end up falling so… please?”


Later on, she told me that she learned the ear cleaning technique from her mother, before marriage, she cleaned the ears of her younger sisters and Oinu, so she improved her abilities. The so-called Oda’s family secret ear cleaning technique.

I wasn’t used to having my ears cleaned by someone else, so I didn’t have anyone to compare it with from the beginning. I was completely down for the count now though. I ended up being defeated in the ear pleasure war set by Oichi; I was left to spend the rest of the time with some difficulties.