WDM : Prologue

A girl’s heavy breathing echoed in a dark room.

A naked girl lay face up on the bed. Both of her hands were handcuffed, and her arms were raised high.

The handcuff’s chain was linked to the top of the bed, so the girl couldn’t lower her arms. Her legs were wide open, her knees bent, her thighs and ankles in a fixed position. Her thighs were also chained, making it impossible for her to close her legs. Her genital area was fully exposed.

There was no hair on her crotch, and its bare state made the big vibrator inserted into her pussy apparent.

There was another vibrator inserted into her ass. The buzzing sound of the vibrators mixed with the girl’s panting.

“Ah ah ah ugh… Hiiiiiiiii”

The girl was muttering unintelligible words and shaking her head from side to side violently, drool dripping down her chin. It looked as if she was saying no. Her eyes were not visible due to an eye mask, but her slack jaw showed that she was deep in the throes of pleasure.

“Aaaah… It’s no good… I’m coming, I’m coming again.”

She began to delicately swing her hip back and forth.

“Coming, I’m coming… Aaahhh!! My ass, my pussy, I’m coming!”

She reached a climax as she was shouting, her body twitching. A man was watching her, a smirk on his lips. He was also naked, his cock erect. Next to him was a camera mounted on a tripod, recording the girl’s naughtiness.

“OK, next will be the 6th time. Do your best to achieve 10 consecutive climaxes.”
He said to the girl, laughing.

Hearing his words, the girl once again shook her head as if saying no, panting heavily.

“I can’t anymore… Ahhh… Aaahh… I’ll go crazy… Please… Ahhh!”

He ignored her begging. The vibrators also ruthlessly continued their motions.

“Don’t be sloppy, Saori. Has your body become dull? There’s no other choice then, I’ll have to help you.”

The girl called Saori startled at the man’s “help”.

“It’s no good. If you do anything now… I’ll really go crazy.”

“Heh, arguing with me huh. Aren’t you just remarkable? This calls for some punishment.”

Hearing the word “punishment”, Saori broke into a happy smile. The man took out a Y-shaped chain with nipples and clitoris clamps attached. The pressure level of the clamps was adjustable.

He screwed the clamps tight.

“Hgh! Ah ah aaaa.”

Saori let out a strange cry as one of her nipples was clamped. Since she couldn’t see due to the blindfold, she seemed startled when her nipple was suddenly pinched. The man then clamped her other nipple and pulled the chain, drawing her nipples out with it.

“Ahhhh… Nghhhnn”

“Does it hurt? Or does it feel good? Now now, which one is it?”

He kept pulling the chain tight, stretching her nipples farther and farther.

“It feels good, and it hurts, but it feels good, aahhh, I’m coming coming coming!”

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Swinging her hips madly, Saori once again reached climax. She was spasming after she had come.
The man casually clamped her clitoris.

“Gyaaaa~ I’m coming again, coming!!”

Hips jerking, she screamed and reached climax one more time. Her hips were still shaking after, and she looked like she was about to come again. She moved her hips as if she was going mad.


Her screaming still continued on. Suddenly, all her strength was gone with one final jerk, her screaming faltered, and she passed out. The man stopped recording and pulled out the two vibrators inside Saori. He moved between her still bound legs and pushed his erect cock into her. He ravished her while she was still unconscious and couldn’t move. The bed’s creaking sounded inside the room.

“Ah! An, an, an.”

Saori woke up after about a minute. The man kissed her, his tongue entwined with hers and his saliva spilled into her mouth. She drank it happily and moved her hips in his rhythm while moaning.

“It’s been quite some time since you were violated like this. What do you feel waking up?”

“I feel happy. Angh! I really love this… Angh angh! Manager’s cock feels very good.”

Saori called the man “Manager.”

“I also haven’t had fun with your pussy for quite a while. It feels so good, I’m about to come.”

“Aaahhh… Inside, please. Please come inside me. Even now, Saori is still Manager’s cum bucket.”

Saori said, then clamped herself tightly around his cock.

“Uwooo… So tight… Coming… Uwooooo I’m coming!”

Moving his hips fervently, the man came inside Saori. His sperm shot gushingly into Saori, and he kissed her with his tongue. Bodies entwined, they kissed for a while. Then the man pulled his cock out of her, and Saori opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

The man’s cock was dripping with his own cum and Saori’s juice. He moved it to her mouth. When his cock touched the tip of her tongue, she moved her head and seized it in her mouth. She was still tied and couldn’t move her arms or legs, but moved her head skillfully and cleaned him with a blowjob. When it was done, he undid her restraints. Once the blindfold was taken off, Saori’s whole face became visible.

A beauty.

One could only describe her looks by that word.

With hair reaching just past her shoulders and fashionably dyed brown, she was the type of beauty that made people want to exclaim “Are you a model?”. She was slender, long-limbed, an E-cup, and had curves in all the right places. Her body was exactly what people thought of as “the ideal body of a girl.”

‘Cute, as always.’

The man stared at Saori’s face and thought. Saori put her hands around his neck and begged for a kiss. She was begging beneath him with upturned eyes, and it was so cute that the man’s heart jumped. He met her lips with his, pushed his tongue inside and kissed her viciously. They separated when the kiss ended, and Saori cupped her crotch with her own hands. Her crotch was dripping with the man’s come and her own juice. She inserted her fingers inside and twirled around.

“Ah… ngh.”

After some sloppy twisting inside, she pulled out her fingers and licked them clean, saying with a smile: “Haven’t had this taste for so long.” That face of hers was incredibly charming.

After that, the two went to the bathroom.

They soaked in the warm water of the bathtub together. They took a bath to wash away the sweat and cum. Saori was sitting with her legs stretching out of the bathtub, and the man was sitting at her back, embracing her from behind. While massaging her breast, he said.

“Hey, Saori? How’s your boyfriend lately? Is it going well?”

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“Ahn~ don’t… We broke up.”

“Huhn? You haven’t even dated for a month… Heh, so that’s why you came to my place. But why did you break up?”

Saori spun around and snuggled into his chest, her huge breasts compressed between their bodies.

“Saori is Manager’s sex slave and seems like I can’t graduate after all. Please take responsibility!”

Saori laughed mischievously and winked. With those few words, the reason for her break-up was apparent. The man called Manager had trained Saori for 3 years. From a virgin, she had been taught the pleasures of the flesh, of sexual abuse and absolute obedience, trained to be his sex slave, his cum bucket.

It had been an act of continuous, day-by-day transformation. Saori had become accustomed to such a lifestyle, and sex as simply an extension of a normal romance could no longer satisfy her.

“Responsibility huh… I had properly taken responsibility right up until the graduation trip, just as you wished… Well alright then, you can be my sex slave for a bit longer.”

“What cruel words! You’re obviously happy that I’ve returned, but… Maybe you’ve touched some other kids, huh?”

‘Uhhh… Very sharp.’

The man inadvertently turned his eyes away.

Properly speaking, such kind of talk was not allowed in a Master-Slave relationship. But Saori had already graduated from being his slave, and that had drawn a line. That kind of relationship between them had ended. After her slave graduation, from casual fuck buddies, they had become kinda-friends, kinda-lovers.

“Ah~! You turned your eyes away! Unbelievable! I graduated only three months ago and you’ve already found a new slave? Who is it? Is she someone I know??”

Saori looked at him with accusing eyes.

“N-No… You don’t know her. She’s just arrived this spring. And she’s not my slave yet, though she does have the makings.”

The man was on the losing side at first, but he answered with a grin after seeing Saori being jealous.

“Sounds cute… Will you make her life a mess as you did with mine?”

“Well, I haven’t touched her yet, and I’m still not sure if I will. She does have some interesting qualities.”

While saying so, he suddenly embraced Saori and kissed her.

“And Saori has returned, so maybe I won’t touch her after all.”

“That’s correct! Even if Saori has become a girlfriend, a fiancee, or even a wife, you still can’t touch other girls!”

“Yes yes, I mean Saori is both my fiancee and my wife, aren’t you.”

He spoke as if he was truly troubled on how to deal with the girl.

“Let’s step out then. If you are to become my slave again, you need to say your slave declaration, don’t you?”

Grinning, the man stepped out of the tub.

Saori was on the bed, back leaning on the wall, legs spread in an M pose. There was a camera in front of her. With her legs spreading wide and her hands pulling her own knees, Saori’s pussy was also opened in full view.

“I am Toudou Saori, 22 years old, a secretary at ○○ Corporation. I am a perverted girl, and I can’t stand vanilla sex. My mouth, my pussy, and my ass all enjoy men’s sperm very much. What I like most is to be violated by cocks in these three places at the same time. I am a hopeless slave who likes to be violated by other men in front of her Master. Please take care of me.”

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Saori shyly spoke her slave declaration with a bright-red face.

“Heh~ An orgy huh. I like that.”

Still grinning, he continued filming her. The words used in a slave declaration were picked by the girl herself. It was something Saori did to herself three months ago when they cleared up their relationship. She hadn’t known of another man’s body up until then.

They had gone to an onsen on a so-called graduation trip. There were 5 other men going with them, making a group of 7.

That was the first day Saori had ever been embraced by someone other than the Manager, though it was not simply embracing.

Each of her holes had been continuously violated throughout that night. They had come inside all of her holes, and she had felt satisfied being covered all over in cum. She still hadn’t forgotten the memory of that night.

To break apart from the Manager, she had looked for violation from other men, but… Seemed like it had awakened a new fetish of hers instead.

“Hmm? Wait… Orgy, meaning not my exclusive slave.”

“No, I mean, basically just treat me as your personal cum bucket… But, if possible…”

Saori shyly casted her eyes down.

“If Possible…?”

“From time to time, consider it a-as my reward.”

“Letting other men violate you as your reward?”


“If you like being violated by other men so much, go elsewhere, there is no point in staying with me.”

The man truly didn’t understand what she wanted. A woman with looks like Saori would have swarms of men flocking to her. For her to go out of her way to become his slave once again… It was so cryptic.

“That is… not possible…”

Saori pleaded at him with teary eyes. Her expression was earnest, but her crotch was still wide open. Such a contrast made the man laugh inadvertently.

“Well then, can you explain it to me?”

He stopped the camera and said to Saori.

Saori’s story was quite simple. She couldn’t forget about that orgy, but that alone wasn’t the reason. What had been on her mind was the strange excitement she had felt when being violated in front of the Manager. Her body used up by the Manager, then assaulted by other men… Such a masochistic thing had brought her unprecedented excitement, and that was what she remembered. So she wanted to become Manager’s property and be seen in that defiled condition. She wanted to be seen covered in men’s cum, hips swinging with her mouth saying no. And she wanted to be looked at as if dirt and called a dirty girl at the end.

‘I see… That explains it. She’s an M to this extent huh.’

“I understand. So, let you do it, or should it be ‘let it be done to you’? Either way, it’ll be my say.”

Saori looked relieved at his words.

“So… From time to time, I’ll gather more people like last time… And in return…”

The Manager said with a grin.

“You can’t complain if I take on new slaves. We’re equal in this, aren’t we?”

“Uhhh… That’s harsh. Just as expected, Manager is so cruel. A devil.”

“It’s alright, I’ll properly line you two up and make you serve me. I’m nice, so I’ll treat you equally.”

The Manager smiled happily while saying so.