ZM Chapter 2: Red

Takumi slowly opened his eyes.

It feels as if I have a hangover. For a second there he didn’t recall where he was now and what he was doing here, but shortly after I remember what happened before I passed out. I open my eyes wide.

‘… …!’

He recalls getting bitten by Yumi. The overwhelming pain in my shoulder that was brought forth by her bite and me passing out after. He remembers it all.

‘My body… feels numb… I can’t move…’

He tries to get up, but his whole body feels heavy. It feels like a building collapsed on him.

‘I’m Hiro Takumi… no doubt about that.’

He’s relieved that his memories and consciousness are intact.

The whole situation feels like a cheap zombie flick. A mutilated police officer that should have died from his injuries straight away and a man that was run over by a car were both walking around. Of course, they could have actually been alive. However, when seeing those injured people attacking other people, it was a scene straight out of zombie movie or game. Takumi is convinced that this is an unprecedented event in the history of mankind.

‘Whether they’re zombies or if it’s an unknown illness, the thing that scares me is getting attacked and turning into one myself. But it looks like I’m still… me.’

I sigh in relief that I didn’t turn into a mindless zombie.

‘Wait, I’m being stupid. There’s no way that zombies can be real, right? I must be sick or something, or maybe I have overworked myself.’

This whole thing might not be some paranormal thing, but just his mind playing tricks on him.

When his thoughts floated in this direction, he felt ashamed and extremely childish that he’s imagining himself to be in some kind of movie or game.

‘How long have I been out…?’

He still can’t check his watch, because he can’t move his body.

However, seeing the brightness of the sun, it’s still probably noon. ‘I’ve probably only been out for a few minutes.’ His assumptions were correct, the time that he’s been out was short.

‘Yumi… Looks like she’s not here.’

He feels relieved that Yumi who has bitten him isn’t nearby. She obviously didn’t look normal, so it’s not unreasonable that he didn’t want to see her.

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“Even so… Damn… I have no power left in my body…”

Takumi can only hear his own breath for a while in the silent corridor. Takumi was getting a little impatient while feeling fatigued and not being able to move. ‘I might have a broken spine or neck due to the fall I made. Or it might be that strange disease that’s causing my inability to move.’ His anxiety level was rising rapidly when all these bad scenarios were swirling in his head.

“Damn… Is there no one that can help me…?”

Takumi thought about asking for help.

But he quickly reconsiders. What was he going to do earlier? Was he not trying to buy as much food and water as he could possibly find for himself? He doesn’t feel that the act itself was wrong or that he should feel embarrassed about it, but it’s kind of shameful to ask for help when you’re not willing to offer help yourself. Or at least Takumi thought so.

His consciousness has only just recovered. Takumi felt that if he keeps lying down a little longer, he’ll regain control of his body. But just as he was thinking about this…

*Pip pip pip*

A damp sound resounded on the linoleum coated corridor. It wasn’t the sound of a rubber sole, but that of bare feet walking. ‘Bare feet…’

When he turns his line of sight to the direction of the sound, Yumi was standing there, naked, looking down at Takumi. The water droplets that covered her before have dried and the blood that stains her body is also drying, leaving dry blood stains covering her whole body. Her usual beautiful appearance is now emitting a dreadful sight.

Takumi sees a glimmer of hope. Perhaps Yumi was only in a state of confusion earlier when she bit him and is now worried about me. Even though she should probably worry about herself more in the current situation and be a little more suspicious of me lying down on the floor of the corridor.

However, when Takumi sees Yumi’s eyes, he’s filled with despair.

Yumi’s red eyes were shining. Those weren’t the eyes of a human. He was also unable to feel any emotion or consciousness from those eyes. ‘Ah…’

Takumi closed his eyes and swallows the scream that he almost leaked out. He tries not to stand out and prays that Yumi isn’t interested in him.

But his prayers were not answered. Yumi approached Takumi and lifted his body slowly in a so-called ‘princess carry’. Takumi was so frightened that he couldn’t even let out a squeak.

‘Ah… I’m done for. This must be the end of the world, those eyes… Are they seriously zombies or something? If so, I’m going to get eaten…’

Takumi felt he was placed on something soft.

‘I hope that she kills me before eating me. I don’t want to be alive when she starts eating me.’


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The sound of something clicking open can be heard from below. Before he realized that it was his belt that made the sound, his pants and trousers were already lowered in one fell swoop and Takumi’s member was exposed.


Takumi that had his eyes closed the entire time waiting for his end to come, opened his eyes because of the unexpected action.

Looks like Takumi is lying down in Yumi’s room. It seems that Yumi ‘princess carried’ him here and laid him down on the bed. Although Takumi that was extremely preoccupied with the fear of death did not notice that.


Yumi placed Takumi’s member in her mouth and you could hear some indecent sounds. He’s enveloped by a cold sensation that wraps his male instrument, even though it’s cold, his member started towering upwards.

*Mmm… Slurp… Chu… Lap…*

Wet sounds were resounding in the bright room. In the background, you could hear that the shower was still running, but he couldn’t be bothered with that right now.

‘What the… What the hell is going…?!’

This isn’t his first sexual rodeo, he went to a brothel before. But Yumi giving him a blowjob in this weird situation blew his mind. Her eyes are still glowing bright red. Looking at those glowing eyes made him a little excited, but at the same time, her cold mouth and hands frightened him.

‘Her hands and mouth are cold… What’s up with that…?’

He was a little fearful that she might suddenly bite his member off, but the pleasure slowly drowned that fear. Even though her movements were a little monotonous and clumsy indicating that she probably didn’t have that much experience. He started to feel aroused by her actions even though the situation was less than desirable.

‘It feels so good… Even if this is a dream, I better not wake up.’

*Rero… Chu… Nnn… Smack…*

Yumi kept expressionlessly sucking the penis of Takumi to the back of her throat and repeatedly pulled it out until only her lips wrapped the glans. She pistoned her mouth so hard that his glans had hit the back of her throat multiple times. Takumi couldn’t help but leak out a voice of pleasure. Yumi kept going indifferently.

When his member was completely covered in saliva and his member was ready to burst, she released him from her mouth and climbed on top of him. She slowly lowered herself on top of his member and it entered her. *Shlick*

Yumi’s private parts were already overflowing in love juice. And surprisingly even her lower mouth felt colder than it’s supposed to be, it wasn’t cold perse, but more like lukewarm. Her insides feel extremely tight and if Takumi wasn’t completely enveloped by pleasure right now, he would notice a trickle of blood flowing out of Yumi’s crotch.

‘Uhn… It’s so tight that it’s pushing back.’

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Yumi ignored all that and just kept forcefully lowering her hips eventually completely enveloping Takumi’s member. Her private part that accepted a man for the first time, her lukewarm love juices and the tightness felt extremely good to Takumi.

This being the first time that he did it with a virgin, he was surprised at how tight Yumi was, but what surprised him, even more, was the cold sensation he got from her bottom and thighs. However, her temperature didn’t bother him in the slightest, instead, it actually feels nice being entangled like this with her.

Even though he was scared of being infected by having sex with a zombie, he survived being bitten once already. So he drowned the thought for now and decides to just enjoy the moment.

*Splish… Splash… Shlick…*

Yumi shaking her body on top of Takumi made wet sounds every time their hips touched each other and her biggest feature, her bell-shaped breasts, jiggled up and down in rhythm with her movements. Those amazing breasts had small peach colored nipples on them, with slightly darker large areolae surrounding them.

Takumi still couldn’t move his body, which made the situation almost look like Yumi was masturbating in a trance using his member as her masturbation tool.

Her movements were quite monotonous, but when she loosened up a little after a while and my member was able to penetrate further to the back her body trembled and she let out a sound.


It sounded like she let out a pant.

Her overall expression didn’t change and she didn’t change her movements either. However every time his glans scraped against her g-spot, she let out an indifferent and expressionless moan. “Haa… Nnn…”

Takumi was reaching the end of the road and when Yumi swallowed his member deeper than it had been before he felt an extreme pleasure. He ejaculated in her deepest part straight into her womb. When she felt this she trembled a little and tightened even more around his member as if it was trying to squeeze him dry.


Yumi stood up as if nothing happened and pulled out his member with a popping sound. After that, she just stood there. Takumi wanted to do something about his member being covered in both their lewd juices.

“If you went this far, you might as well finish it by cleaning my dick…”

It was a trivial thing. He didn’t know what would happen from here on out, but he hated the feeling of just leaving his member with semen and love juices on it.

However, that casual remark brought surprising results.

Yumi lifted his member again with both hands and placed her tongue on it. With a licking motion, she started to clean up all the left over semen gently. *Chu… Slurp… Slurp… Gulp…*

Takumi observed Yumi and felt her skin was extremely white. It was not an exaggeration to call it a little sickly looking. But in contrast, she had pink lips and her tongue was still bright red.

“Now put my pants and trousers back on…”

After saying this Takumi was met with a sudden drowsiness.

His eyelids felt heavy and he slowly started blacking out, but before blacking out I murmured trivial things I was concerned with.

“You should wash your body and put on some clothes… We should probably stay inside…”

He was kind of out of it and wasn’t completely clear in what he was saying. Before he knew it, he passed out again.