ZM Chapter 4: Gathering information

The cut that I made earlier really left no mark behind. I’m still shaken by this fact.

‘Maybe the cut wasn’t that deep in the first place and perhaps being bitten in my shoulder was a delusion and the blood on my t-shirt was stained with the blood that was on Yumi’s body.’

All kind of thoughts start floating around in my head. However, if I want to confirm any of this, I will have to cut myself for a second time. And this time I will have to make it count. Just in case, I have prepared a first aid kid, gauze, disinfectant, ointments, band aids, etc. I have to be careful about how I cut myself, in the future I might decide to move to a shelter. I’m not sure if there is a shelter or not, but I do know that I might head towards one under certain circumstances. And it’s likely they will do a physical examination upon entering one to see if you were scratched or bitten, therefore it’s necessary to make sure I won’t make any cuts that could be suspected as wounds made by a zombie.

After thinking it through, I decide on using a kitchen knife on the fingertip of my left index finger. I would prefer cutting a place other than my fingers, such as the back of my hand or the side, but if I cut my fingertip with a knife, I could always make an excuse that I cut myself while cooking.

I cut my finger with the knife.


The knife cuts deeper than what I intended and blood rapidly starts flowing out.

“Well, it’s definitely bleeding from my fingertip this time.”

After confirming the cut, I quickly hold the wound under the faucet to rinse it. The sharp pain from the cut quickly turns dull after the water hits my finger. When I see all the water dyed in red flushing away, I’m starting to regret my decision. It looks like I did something really stupid.

However, after rinsing the wound for about a minute, I already noticed that the water was no longer being dyed in red. Just to be sure, I pressed some gauze on the wound after pulling it away from the water.

After turning the knob on the faucet to stop the water from flowing, I check my wound. The wound has almost completely vanished, even though there should be a huge gash in my finger. All that remained was a thin line. Almost as if all the blood earlier was an illusion.

“This is… Hmm…”

There is now no longer any doubt that my body became abnormal.

I check the mirror again to make sure my eyes are still black and not shining red. After checking my eyes, I place two fingers on my neck. I let out a relieved sigh when I still feel my pulse.

‘My heart is beating and I’m still breathing. Besides I’m still conscious and I don’t feel like biting another person.’

I’m convinced that I’m not turning into a zombie like Yumi.

But my anxiety is not lifting. Even if I don’t show the standard symptoms yet and I’m still conscious, this might change at any moment. Besides, Yumi did follow my orders before, maybe because she recognizes me as one of them?

‘Damn, I gotta stop thinking about this. I will not find an answer like this anyway.’

I forcibly drown my anxiety and start thinking what my next step will be.

I turn on the television to see if there’s any news on there. But as expected, nearly all the channels show static. NHK and two commercial stations, however, are broadcasting special emergency programs. The announcers on all three channel have a serious expression and report about an unknown infectious disease that has spread all over the world.

‘Infectious disease… Really…?’

Well, I agree that broadcasting the word ‘zombie’ will do more bad than good.

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The NHK spokesperson is repeatedly giving out information about the current situation and that you should not go out at night. Also, he is advising to not approach people with weird behavior and head towards the closest shelter near you.

‘I wonder if they headed to a shelter? Are they okay…?’

I’m suddenly reminded of my parents and two sisters. They live just outside of the city, I’m the only one that lives here. I tried calling them earlier, but it looks like all the phone lines are occupied. Which is not that weird, considering the situation.

Since public transportation is no longer an option, it would mean I have to walk for hours on end to reach my old home. Which is suicidal right now. If my family is okay, they probably headed towards one of the emergency shelters.

While worrying about my family, I kept watching television. After switching between the available channels, I was surprised that all of them were saying the exact same thing. Even during earthquakes this wasn’t the case and every channel had their own opinion and attitude, but this time it seems like they’re reading off a script.

“Looks like I can’t rely on the information being spread on the television…”

I’m relieved after confirming that the net is still up and running. And when I browsed to a famous anonymous bulletin board, you could instantly tell it was being bombarded with threads containing the word ‘zombie’. This is to be expected though, considering what’s going on. After browsing some more, I also found multiple overseas video websites that were swamped with video’s containing zombies.

Since I don’t know when the net will be cut off, I gotta focus on gathering as much information as I can.

Looking at the video posting website’s, I could instantly confirm that what they were saying on the television is true. This disaster is occurring all over the world. But getting information from these video’s would take ages, so I will concentrate on that anonymous bulletin board for now.

Among all the threads was one titled “Let’s summarize what we know about the zombies after the first day”, it seems to contain some information that I wish to know, though it’s mostly scattered across a bucket load of posts.

20. Anonymous
What will happen if you are bitten by a zombie?
1. You quickly turn into a zombie
2. You turn into a zombie later (uncertain)
3. You die (uncertain)

22. Anonymous
It’s like a zombie movie out there
I saw an old man being attacked and in like no time the old man started attacking other people
It scared the shit out of me

31. Anonymous
Does it mean that you will only turn into a zombie if you were bitten by one?

33. Anonymous
>> 31: Makes sense. Spreading through biting is a zombie thing after all.

37. Anonymous
>> 33: If this was a novel, only the hero would have immunity to the zombie virus

38. Anonymous
>> 37: You can’t really become a hero if everyone else is dead though

40. Anonymous
I saw a corpse today, looks like he died before he became a zombie?

41. Anonymous
>> 40: But if you die, you turn into a zombie, don’t you?

43. Anonymous
First of all, how did you confirm that he died?

49. Anonymous
I remember from a movie, that not everyone that is bitten turns into a zombie

55. Anonymous
It’s really concerning that some people might turn into a zombie later

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59. Anonymous
>> 55: Can you imagine it? Someone being bitten is sure to turn into a zombie, but if that person then enters a shelter.. it would turn into a nightmare.

65. Anonymous
Did anyone confirm that these people turn into zombies later?

67. Anonymous
Well, it’s a rumor right now. The story goes that a guy was bitten by a friend and then brought to a hospital. Only after arriving at the hospital did he turn into a zombie.

69. Anonymous
Is there any source on that?

71. Anonymous
>> 69: They are talking about it on twitter.

74. Anonymous
>> 71: Twitter lolololol

75. Anonymous
>> 71: That can’t really be called a source…

79. Anonymous
However, it’s already clear that there is some time lag between getting bitten and turning into a zombie.

81. Anonymous
>> 79: I understand. But we shouldn’t start basing facts on rumors

‘So what is happening to me? If I have to believe this thread, I will probably turn into a zombie later on, but is this recovery rate normal for people like this?’

However, no matter how much I browsed through the threads, I was not able to find someone with similar symptoms as mine. But I did stumble upon some other interesting information.

560. Anonymous
There are two types of zombies. You have the normal ones and you have those with different types of increased physiques.

562. Anonymous
Those running zombies are serious business. You can’t outrun one if it came after you.
Take a look at this video

565. Anonymous
>> 562: Offcourse it had to be a female that is being attacked…

568. Anonymous
I’m pretty sure I could handle a zombie if it’s one of the slower types

570. Anonymous
Is crushing their heads the only way to kill them after all?

572. Anonymous
On websites overseas, they’re saying that shooting the head works

574. Anonymous
They don’t even hesitate about shooting people? Friggin gun societies…

577. Anonymous
I don’t want to think about killing zombies for now for now. Besides, we still don’t know for sure if they die, right?

580. Anonymous
>> 577: Actually there are several videos showing it. I don’t know if it’s true or false, but I know that I would no longer be able to move if I was hit in the head with a bat multiple times.

582. Anonymous
So the head is the way to go?

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584. Anonymous
But even if you hit it, can you actually crush it that easily?

585. Anonymous
It’s not a fruit, you have to hit it quite hard

586. Anonymous
>> 585: It’s not really a question if you could do it, more like a question if you would do it. They are still shaped as human beings after all…

588. Anonymous
>> 586: I don’t know about you, but if my life is on the line, I’m capable of doing a lot

589. Anonymous
>> 586: I wonder if I could do it…

591. Anonymous
I think there is no choice but to fight back when you’re attacked, but what if you get their blood or skin on you? Won’t this infect you?

593. Anonymous
>> 591: It probably will…

595. Anonymous
So the safest thing to do is to run away.

‘Speaking of which, the police officer zombie that I saw at the beginning was able to run towards the screen, Yumi, however, is pretty slow on her feet. I guess the police officer was one of those enhanced zombies.’

It looks like most people on the net have chosen to stay at home and lock their doors. Even though there are shelters nearby, no one is confident in reaching one safely.

However, most people only have a couple of days worth of food and no one knows how much longer the electricity and water will keep running. So the time will come when people have no choice other than to move, but many believe they won’t survive out there. The only hope they have is that the JSDF((Japanese Self-Defense Force)) would succeed in destroying the zombies, but everyone knew this wasn’t very likely.

Most of the bulletin has a grim atmosphere, with many people writing down their last will. However, another string of posts drew my attention.

231. Anonymous
Anyway, we will all die. If this is the case, I want to do whatever I want before I die

235. Anonymous
Perhaps you could do some stuff with a slow zombie
There is an elementary school near my house…

236. Anonymous
>> 235: Reported

237. Anonymous
>> 235: Reported

238. Anonymous
Are you not afraid of getting infected by having sex with a zombie?

240. Anonymous
I should be alright if I use a condom

242. Anonymous
Do you guys know how to put on a condom?

243. Anonymous
>> 242: Stahp…

‘Elementary school… It’s usually a crime, but who will persecute you right now?’

A wicked idea comes to mind, but I shove it to the side for the time being. There are more important things to do right now. ((Someone call the FBI please.))

Normally you’d have to be afraid to be attacked by zombies. However, I can order Yumi around. If this ability also works on other zombies, the possibilities would be endless. In addition to obviating the need to be afraid of zombies, zombies might actually be beneficial to me.

‘I will have to confirm that I can also order other zombies around.’

With my next step decided, I have a malicious grin on my face.

I was suddenly no longer worried about what happened to my body.