IVB Chapter 1: Prologue

Why are the gardens of nobility always this large? Even though it can be called small for someone that’s at the rank of Duke. I became lost in this huge garden.

I wonder where I am.

I start looking around the area. I arrived here on a different route than the one I usually take, so I have no clue where I am. I usually go to the library after leaving my room, but I somehow ended up in the backyard.

I’m sweating all over, drenching my silk shirt in the process. My arms and feet feel heavy, and my entire body is starting to feel exhausted. I wished I could return to my room right now and the scene of Eldor, my attendant, from earlier comes to mind.

“Young master has magic studies and horsemanship today, oh and lessons in etiquette. Since you missed magic science yesterday, you can’t miss it today!”

Eldor announced the boring schedule of the day with a firm tone in his voice. Since I don’t feel like following this schedule, I purposely spoil some tea on my hand and gave a painful expression on my face causing Eldor to run out of the room to get a cold towel. It is quite easy to fool him.

You can’t really burn your hand with lukewarm tea though.

Looking at my hand that didn’t even turn a little red, I smiled bitterly. It is really too easy to escape if Eldor isn’t here. Although I am the son of a duke, I was only the third son, so I only have Eldor attending me.

Following in his grandfather’s, Sebastian, footsteps, Eldor works as an attendant for me, who is the grandchild of Duke Jackberry. He was chosen to be my attendant because my age is similar to his. However, unlike me, Eldor takes things a lot more serious.

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I pull up my nose and start kicking some pebbles that lie on the ground. The pebbles are kicked by my thick legs and fly up high through the air. I keep kicking pebbles one after the other. Every time I kick a pebble, I can hear my stomach acting up.

… I’m so tired and hungry!

I was completely out of breath and sat down on the spot. I don’t really care if I dirty my clothes. I actually like to get them dirty, since it troubles the employees.

I started laughing, imagining the employees washing my dirty clothes in the ice cold water. Spring is already around the corner, but the water has not warmed up yet.

Let’s lie down for now.

The ground which was still covered in some snow was wet, and my comfortable pants that I’m wearing are starting to feel damp. The white shirt that I’m wearing also has some brown stains here and there; those will be impossible to clean by hand. It might be possible with a magical washing machine though.

When I finally start to catch my breath, I hear a voice.

“… concentrate … in the depths of your heart …”

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Where is it coming from? There are two voices, one low voice that can’t be easily distinguished and another one that warms your heart when hearing it.

It’s Fortuna’s voice. I stand up and head towards the voice coming from my lovely sister. As I head closer and closer to the voice, the forest starts breaking up. I try to get a peek of the situation while standing in the shadows behind a tree.

Fortuna and the magic teacher Credill come into view, they seem to be eagerly working on spells. Fortuna keeps chanting the spells following Mr. Credill who is casting spells as well.

Brilliant black hair shining in the sunlight and white skin like snow. Her eyes reflect an indifferent feeling, but there’s still some playfulness hidden inside them. Everyone compliments Fortuna of her beauty. She is like a fallen angel that is loved by the goddess of beauty.

“Compared to her, I am…”

An unpleasant name crossed my thoughts; I shake my head in panic. Giggles and obnoxious laughter come to mind. The servants were talking about me behind my back. Even though I didn’t complain about it, it didn’t mean that they didn’t hurt me with their remarks and actions.

Cutting off my chain of thoughts about the past, I return my vision towards the two people in front of me. Fortuna is manipulating magic power with a serious look on her face. Her eyes were slowly losing their gleam, and her voice starts to become fainter the longer the chant continues. Mr. Credill however, didn’t notice anything strange and let her continue chanting the spell.

Her body starts to sway, and a dark shadow starts to show up around Fortuna. Slowly, the dark shadow wrapping around her body started to try and penetrate her skin.

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I cried out in panic. However, the scary situation didn’t seem to have been noticed by her at all.


The gleam in her eyes and the pitch of her voice return to normal as she turns her sight towards me. Right after that, the black shadow that was wrapping around her started disappearing into nothingness. Almost as if it wasn’t there in the first place.

“Be careful!”

I jump out of the shadows and hug Fortuna. I surprised myself with how quick and swiftly I was able to get to her. Where did I suddenly get the strength from with this fat body? I just wanted to protect her with all I have. My little sister that is small, lovable and friendly to everyone.

Suddenly out of nowhere a black shadow that looked like a snake pierces my body! I’m enveloped by a fierce pain all over my body, making me put more strength in my arms that are holding Fortuna.


Fortuna’s voice rang out like a scream.

‘Oh, you. Please don’t cry.’

I wanted to say that, but my voice isn’t coming out. My body doesn’t want to respond because of the intense pain it is enduring. Fortuna’s face slowly started to fade as the shadow kept wriggling through my body.

I pass out.