IVB Chapter 2: Waking up

“Onii-sama… please don’t die!”

On the edge of a luxurious bed stood a girl with pink eyes, Fortuna Jackberry was squeezing my hand. How long has it been since I blacked out?

My body feels like it’s burning up. Every joint in my body is screaming out from pain, but I don’t care about that, as long as I can look at Fortuna.

“Langlease-sama, you finally woke up.”

My attendant Eldor who was standing next to Fortuna had some faint tears in his gray eyes. Wait, how long have I been unconscious? To tell everyone that my consciousness returned, Eldor left the room with a bow and said; “I will call the physician.” I kept staring at the entire situation with confusion coming deep from the bottom of my heart.

‘… why am I the character of an otome game…?’ ((An otome game is a game specifically tailored for the female audience.))

Fortuna’s clear pink eyes have large tears coming out of them. I remember what happened. Her enchantment failed because I called out to her and that black shadow penetrated me. But right now what confused me more were the memories that came back to me in my sleep.

“It’s okay, Fortuna. I’m alright.”

As I try to reassure my sister with a hoarse voice, Fortuna, anxiously clenched my thick finger even harder. When my delicate younger sister clasped my finger, the thickness increased even more. To think that a straightforward and gentle little sister like her will become a villain in the future…

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As long as I can remember, whenever I saw my sister, I was struck by something. However, I couldn’t explain what it was. But now that I have been hit by my sisters’ magical power and was hanging between the borders of life and death, I remembered the reason. My sister is the villainous daughter character from the game [Sparkle like a Jewel]. In other words, this world closely resembles that of an otome game. And I’m Langlease Jackberry who was said to be the most difficult character to play from [Sparkle like a Jewel]. It seems like I’m experiencing a so-called ‘foreign world reincarnation.’

In any case, why did it have to be Langlease…

As I gaze down my bed, my fat body is reflected in my eyes. To think I was already this fat at only ten years old. Even the highest grades beds were unable to endure the weight and made grim and disgusting sounds whenever I move. A few months ago my bed even collapsed, being unable to bear the weight and the craftsmen that made the bed were fired. I wasn’t really injured though; my fat cushioned the fall. My little sister dedicated herself to ask my father to build me a new bed that could support me. This new bed I’m sleeping on right now, won’t collapse. Its legs are three times thicker than any other bed.

This “body shape” was the main reason why this character was the most challenging to play and win from everybody’s favorite prince in [Sparkle like a Jewel]. In the game I will meet the heroine at school once I turn sixteen, however by then I would be even fatter. His character is a giant that seemed to burst out of the screen, with his eyes being buried under the fat making you unable even to see if his eyes were open or closed. He is the third son of the duke’s family, who is arrogant and weak. In other words, this character has a vile personality. When I say that this is the most difficult character, I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t even attempt it in the first place. Why did I have to turn into this character?!

Moreover, in the game, unless you captured and played out all the possible events, it was almost impossible to obtain the hidden events for each capturable character. But my mother in my previous life was a game developer and wasn’t willing to put in the time and effort on the Langlease route and pushed this task on me, her son. I had no choice but to do it since my mother even threatened “If you don’t finish his route, you won’t get dinner!” and with that, I was forced to capture all the characters, including the ones I didn’t like and even the male characters. However, it looks like since I was reincarnated as Langlease, it was now a route I was familiar with.

In the game were a total of eight capturable characters, including the prince.

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[Prince Huddle]
This is the prince of the kingdom of Windyre, who will lead my sister to ruin. He had blond hair and aquamarine colored eyes, someone that makes heads turn wherever he is. There are many strategic events prepared for this character, and he was the most popular route to play.

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[Third son of Earl Weimar: Andy Weimar]
This is the so-called generic young man, gentle, reliable and handsome. He has sapphire colored eyes and soft brown hair. His character resembles the prince. He helps the heroin on multiple occasions. This character was quite easy to exploit.

[Magical teacher: Benedetto]
A magical teacher at the Royal College of Windyre. This is the cool and intelligent type character. He has long dark blue hair and cold silver eyes. He can be found wearing glasses most of the time. He usually wears a nervous expression on his face.

[Knight of the Order: Rodeviec – Languedia]
Born from the Earl of Langia, he is the personal escort to the prince. Even though he’s an escorting knight, he doesn’t have excessively large muscles but looks like a handsome macho nonetheless.

[Son of a thieves band’s chief: Jus Leuur]
The son of the chief of a bandit group called the “The Twilight Sky”. A wild and conspicuous young man with stark red hair and golden eyes.

[Malmsteen’s Fifth Man: Julian Malmsteen]
A shota type character and has a little brother feel. He is younger than the heroine, and they share their height as well. With his size, cream-colored hair and his bright brown eyes, I initially mistook him for a girl.

[Church’s Father: Chris Carlyle]
Father of a church who is fully dressed in black. A beautiful young man with a gentle smile, which enunciated his merciful and heavenly feel.

Among all these guys that were every girl’s fantasy, there was one black sheep…

[The third son of Duke Jackberry: Langlease Jack Berry]
His reputation on the net in his previous life could be described as followed; “That character is way too big and appalling, what were the developers thinking?!”, “If he gets any fatter, he will burst out of my screen!”, “Return to the pig farm, fatty!”, etc… It’s going to make me cry.

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When playing the game, you meet a younger sister who will eventually turn into a villainous daughter, ruining the Dukedom of Jackberry. Luckily though, I’m now ten years old and I remember everything from my previous life. So it’s still possible to avoid this path.

In order to avoid this ruined fate, I must help her grow as a normal daughter and let her stay as my cute younger sister, rather than turning into a villainous daughter. Even if I can’t avoid the ruined faith, I will at the very least make sure she won’t die. There are three routes that head to a ‘BAD END.’

1 ) Destruction Route
As a villainess, my sister brought about the Prince’s displeasure when incidents of her bullying the heroine came to light. With his impropriety exposed and his peerage revoked, our father is exiled out of the country.

2 ) Suicide Route 
My younger sister, who has fallen in love with the prince, commits suicide when the prince announces the cancellation of their engagement at a party. In this route, only my sister dies, and our family is not involved in any way.

3) Jewel Route
The END that could be said to be the centerpiece of the game. My sister, having displeased the prince, was sentenced to be turned into a jewel with magic. She had been turned into a jewel that had the same color as her eyes. She was then shattered to pieces in front of everyone. It was a beautiful view seeing the pink shards scattering and dancing everywhere, the prince and the heroine had a smile on their faces.

But it was my sister’s life that was shattered.

I will never allow such a future to play out.

Presently, probably because of her age, she bears little resemblance to the domineering and ill-tempered villain as how she was portrayed in the game.

She is kind and caring, to the point that even servants loved her dearly. Of course, I also love and care about my sister.

I want to make sure that I avoid all the BAD END’s, but I must avoid routes tow and three where my sister dies. Even if we end up ruined, I will make sure that we pull through. I must do this, to continue living with my sister and my family. I engrave this decision deep into my heart as I hold her hand and gaze at my crying sister.