IBS Chapter 1: The beginning

The main language used in this country is English. However, aside from that they also speak Arabic, Russian, Hindu, and Japanese. One can only wonder about what language was originally used here. The local residents probably don’t know either. It is in these small slums within this tiny city where certain special goods are for sale.

The special goods are human beings. This city became famous for its human trafficking. Due to the rotten government, money became nothing more than useless pieces of paper causing the life of people living here to live from day to day. In the end, many large families congregated, and that’s how these slums came to be.

The only redeeming factor of this city impregnated by the smell of urine is that it is being run by a pretty smart mafia. They were able to procure the product known as slaves which had a higher value than drugs. The local police are bribed to look the other way, and advertising is done through foreign enterprises.

Slaves nowadays are not just good for heavy labor. They can also serve for those seeking a new family. Though, obviously, those with a good physical appearance are traded for high prices regardless of their gender. What adds more value is the slave being able to speak multiple languages. On top of that, playing the Piano, doing housework and having proper etiquette doubles the price once again. All of these things are taught to them by the mafia.

Right now, I’m making my way to one of those isolated stores. A cheap looking neon tube sign illuminates the muddy outer wall making a slight buzzing sound as if it’s about to burn out. One could only wonder how many people have touched the wooden door of the building, still stained with numerous black marks in the form of hands.

“Welcome. I was waiting for you.”

The mafia’s dealer called herself Gomena. Her main feature was her fluent Japanese. However, her foreign looks make it seem greatly out of place.

She took hold of the ten thousand yen referral fee. It may sound somewhat expensive, but if you think about what the prices are of going to the brothel in Japan, it is quite cheap.

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“Thank you for receiving me.”

Having taken the money, Gomena places the money into her wallet with great care. I took a glance at her bulging wallet; its contents seem to be full of money from various countries. It looks like business is booming. By the way, the price for a large adult to do manual labor for you in this country for a day is only around a hundred yen.

“No no, thank you very much! I was in quite a spot, so I’ll service you properly. That being said, sadly I only have some low-quality goods.”

What I want is not a properly educated slave or one with a dead heart. The reason being that most of them having been raised in these slums are taught to devour dicks and use drugs. In these slums, normal things are treated as abnormal. That’s why my only request was that she could speak Japanese.

I have heard many times about places like these before, but actually being here is making me nervous. The room I was led to only has a single plastic chair. Nothing else. I started having a having a cold sweat thinking that I might have been deceived by this mafia.

“Please wait. I’ll bring her over now.”

With a fake smile, Gomena left the room. It seems the door only has a knob on the other side of the room. I might have really been trapped inside here.

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After what felt like a couple of hours, but in truth were only a few minutes, the door opened once more. Gomena walked in with a rope in her hands.

“Sorry for the wait. This is the product I was talking about.”

She brought in a girl who seemed to be straight from middle school. She is wearing a dirty one-piece, and her hair is disarranged. Even with the clothes on one could tell she was quite skinny. Her eyes only show despair; you couldn’t even be sure if she was awake or not. The rope tied around her neck is the one Gomena was holding in her hands. She is quite beautiful with her face showing clear Asian features.

“Can you speak?”


“She has been taught Japanese, so I think she should be able to understand you.”

Come on now, that’s the only request I had…

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“Tell me, little girl, what is your name?”


When I spoke to her, she directed her eyes to me, but she gave no signs that she planned on opening her closely shut mouth. Understanding that she was being treated as property must have made her upset.

“Speak when spoken to!!!”

With a loud bang, Gomena slapped her, making that seemingly fragile body tumble backward.

The girl then put her hand on her slapped cheek and glared at Gomena. Ah, yes. This is it. This is what I wanted to see.

“I apologize for showing you such an embarrassing display…”

“This is great.”

“I’m sorry?”

“I’ll be buying this girl. How much is she?”

Her price was only twenty thousand yen. That low and cheap price was that of this little girl.