IBS Chapter 2: Virgin Flavor

The first thing I did after purchasing her was taking off her one-piece. I’m not proud of it, but this is the first time I’ve done this after all. My body can’t help but desire kids. That’s why I bought her in the first place.

I tried to forcibly make her feel disgusted, but it seems she didn’t mind at all. She must be used to being seen since she didn’t have any particular response to being undressed. What did surprise me, however, was that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

As expected, her small snatch is perfect, not showing any impurities. Perhaps due to malnutrition, there seemed to be no hair growing around it. Gently tracing down her pussy transmitted an unbelievable soft sensation through my fingers.

Around her chest area, there were multiple marks of cigarette burns, possibly from her “education.” Even so, her chest that was still in the early stages of development is quite modest and just giving it a light touch made my penis lose its temper.

It truly is the best purchase ever. She’s mine now.

“You are quite strange sir. To only start verifying your goods after buying. The Japanese sure are goodhearted people. I’ll be counting on your patronage again.”

After saying so, Gomena rose from her seat and left the room.

Meanwhile, the smell of sweat and soap coming from the girl is intoxicating me. I wonder if it’s okay to kiss her. Won’t she bite me?


Being just the two of us, the only word she muttered to commemorate the occasion was “pervert.” Starting tomorrow, she will look at me with eyes filled with scorn. It already sends shivers down my spine.

No longer able to hold back, I pressed my lips against hers. While forcing myself onto her and trying to twist my tongue into her mouth, she desperately tries to push me away using her hands.

Chasing her small tongue that’s desperately trying to escape is the ultimate excitement. Initially, I was afraid she would try to bite me, but she didn’t give any signs of doing so. The reason why she became so timid might be because she understands her position.

In any case, her eyes after kissing were awesome. I decided then and there to forcibly kiss her if she did anything bad in the future.

Her saliva was somewhat sweet and slippery like a special syrup.