IBS Chapter 3: To Japan

Right now, the two of us are at the airport. Normally when you buy a present, you would want to open it right away. However, it’s no good here. There are tons of dangerous germs, and the air is polluted. To me, if it’s not Japan, it’s no good. That is why we’ll be passing through 3 airports so that we can reach Japan tomorrow.

At a glance, there seems to be no difference between the airport here and any other general bus station. There are no souvenir shops and the waiting space only has a couple of musty chairs. Not even the runway pavement is properly done.

“I should have prepared some clothes.”

There were no clothing stores in this city. Even if there were it would probably only be ones that have expensive stuff on display and would have nothing in her size. Even though we are heading to Japan, it feels a bit unpleasant.

Even though I untied the rope, she didn’t give any signs of wanting to escape. Currently, she’s swinging her feet back and forth while sitting on one of the chairs.

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In this country children without an adult watching over them are only treated as merchandise unless they know how to handle a gun. She probably knows this all too well.

A thunderous noise together with an amazing dust cloud rose up as the airplane landed. The tires made a screeching sound as if they were protesting at the unpaved surface. It is not a Jumbo jet, but instead a small airplane. The fare for two people is only five thousand yen. I got up and walked towards the plane.

Taking a glance at her, she was alternating looks between the airplane and me.

“What are you doing? We have to hurry up. I’ve already arranged everything.”

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“I don’t have any money.”

Ah, I see. She thinks if she doesn’t pay for her fare she can’t ride the airplane.

“I already paid your part of course. Come on, let’s go.”

I had a feeling that her face became a little more cheerful. It was not like the smile of an angel, but for someone that’s been through hell, it was quite good. While she walked, the beach sandals made a flapping sound. This would be the first flight for this cute fellow passenger.

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The already dirty one piece she was wearing became even dirtier with her water-like vomit. Looks like she has motion sickness.

“Sorry, I made it all dirty.”

She said that while grasping the skirt of the one piece and looking down in shame.

“It’s okay. I’ll buy you a new one. Everyone has a thing or two they can’t deal with.”

Wiping the area around her mouth, made me think that other probably thought we were parent-child. This made me grin without thinking. It has been hard coming this far. To adopt her into my home, I had to get someone to make her a fake passport through multiple connections. I’m investing the time of around a hundred people in just her.

Ah, damn. I can’t hold back. I feel like an elementary student who can’t stop feeling excited the day before an excursion.