IBS Chapter 4: A new home

Before taking her to my home, I took her to the hospital. To make sure she doesn’t have any serious disease. It’s a small clinic run by an acquaintance of mine, so I’m sure of its flexibility. It is the most suitable option for her since she doesn’t have any insurance and people won’t ask questions.

Pulling her small hand, she walked next to me. So cute.

I contacted the head physician beforehand, so he must be waiting on us with preparations already made.

With loud laughter showing his gold teeth, I got the feeling that he was looking at my slave with dirty eyes. God, he is the worst kind of guy.

Inside a room that smelled like an antiseptic solution, a rubber bang was tied to her young arm in order to prepare her for a blood test. With her expressionless face that seemed close to despair, she glanced towards me. However, after being pierced by the needle, that expression changed to anger. Her blood filled the ampoule. In the end, five ampoules were filled. For that tiny body, the needle must feel quite big and thick.

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When we walked out of the hospital hand in hand, she seemed reluctant as if she wanted to shake me off.


I, of course, embraced her close and violated the insides of her mouth with my tongue. It’s her punishment. I licked her gums and forcibly sucked on her tiny tongue, while sometimes playfully biting it. Aaaahhh… this is the best.

Normally we’d stand out making such a lewd sound and kissing in front of a hospital. Luckily there seem to be no people passing by, and there is a wall between the hospital and us making the people inside not able to see us.

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Incidentally, she is still panty-less. With a mischievous heart, I crept my hands on to her butt, moving my hands up a little further I could easily feel her entire bottom. She closed her thighs tightly in resistance. However, my fingers would not stop. On the contrary, the incredible sensation I get from her soft flesh almost made me cum.

After being satisfied, I released her and she immediately tried to wipe her own lips. I guess she didn’t like it. Crap, I didn’t think holding back until we arrived home would be this hard.

I managed to somehow calm my sudden erect penis and focused myself on getting home.

I opened all three locks with the key and went inside. Her room was already completely prepared. It would be nice if she likes it.

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Still looking somewhat hesitant, I pulled her into the house and made her sit on the sofa. I want to pin her down and assault her right now, but I have to wait. Something delicious should be savored slowly over time. Since we’ll be living together from here on out, I should try to build a favorable relationship. I don’t want her to end up hating me.

She was curiously inspecting the room. I prepared a whole bunch of new stuff for her room; I even bought all kinds of new furniture for the living room.

“Where should I live?”

“Right here.”


Standing up in front of me, she let the one-piece slip from her shoulders. Doing so made the dirty one-piece fall to the ground slowly, almost like a petal.

Her young naked body was the most beautiful thing in the world.

“Ummm… I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this properly, but… I’ll do my best, so…”

The sound of gulping down my own saliva echoed throughout the whole room.