MS Chapter 1: The Master of The Dark Guild

“Wow~ It’s already this late.”

After confirming the moon looming outside of my window, I stopped my hand from the work I was doing until now.

I stretched a whole lot, so as to let my stiffened body relax.

“Phew… Today was just paperwork again…”

Well, I understand that my post is mostly about doing paperwork more than earnings. But leaving the dangerous field work to the other guild members and doing only the guilds paperwork carefreely from a safe place, makes my heart throb to the point where I can’t help it.

When I think of those kids as my own children it becomes all the more painful. I also want to go outside and do some work but…

Everyone will probably stop me… Do they think I’m that useless? Probably more than just a little… it makes me quite sad they think that way of me.

Certainly, I’m not as strong as everyone else, but even so, I had been traveling alone until this Guild was founded. And of course, I met more than one dangerous situation along the way and each time I struggled through it all by myself.

That’s why I think I should be fine even if I do some work…

I took out the picture I hold so dearly. The faces of the members that are part of this guild were painted on it. By the way, this picture is my own work.

Even for someone like me who does not specialize in painting, I must admit I think I did quite well on this one. As I watched each face on the picture, I expressed a bitter smile.

I always end up obeying everything these kids ask of me. The sad faces they make when I refuse them something, it really pains me seeing that.

There were countless kids that, when they were all still little, started crying when they saw me when I was in the middle of my work. It seems that when I’m not smiling, I appear to be quite scary. So they asked me if I could smile all the time.

Well, I think that laughing frivolously while working is a little strange, but that was the first time they requested something from me. Since then they approach me with a smile.

No matter the situation, I always resolved it with a smile. If I did that, they would not cry or get sad, on the contrary, they would smile seeing me.

Making it so that my emotions didn’t show on my face was quite hard but by now, I’m quite used to it, to the point where it feels unnatural when I’m not smiling.

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“Yo! Are you done with your work?”

As I was thinking that, a woman approached me from behind. With pretty black long hair, she came smiling sweetly at me.

That smile was as beautiful as that of a goddess. And even though her clothes hide them a bit, it’s obvious she has quite a pair of voluptuous breasts and bottom.

Unconsciously, as if drawing my eyes, I could not stop looking at her. For some reason, all my Guild members have a nice figure in balance with their skills.

To make matters worse, they keep seeking skinship with me desperately. At those times if I watch them with perverted eyes, they always end up hating me.

This is the only thing that I must avoid at all cost and I got used to it eventually. I-I’m not sad at all…

“You got way too into it. Examinating requests this late…”

She looked at me with shocked eyes as if to express her admiration.

“Well, of course”

“I mean, this is work that puts the life of my members on the line, you know? If some weird or irrational request came by, I would never let them accept it. I can’t do much work outside, that’s why I should at least have to do this much.”

“Even so, doing paperwork for twelve hours in a row is not normal”

She looked at me with a bitter smile, so I returned her a sweet smile. Was she worried about me?

That being said, it’s amazing she came in here. Even though she’s not one of my Guild members, she comes to visit my room quite often.

“Hmmmm. Well, It’s quite simple for me to invade the Guild Master’s room… But if I stay too long those kids will begin thinking I have a father complex”

When she says “those kids”, she is probably referring to the Guild members. Those girls are quite strong after all. Maybe they have felt her presence?

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“That being said, it’s unusual for anybody to notice my presence”

She drew a bitter smile over her face.

“No, no, the fact that you are invading my room while avoiding the girl’s gazes is impressive by itself.”

“When you praise me, it makes my quite happy you know?”


“Did our previous talk pique your interest?”

Before I realized it she silently got closer, looking at me with longing eyes.

“Our previous talk…? Ah, you mean that one about me becoming yours or something?”

“Yes, that’s right. If you become mine, there’ll be a lot of tasty things waiting for you. For one your life span will be prolonged and surpass that of normal humans…”

She has done me a lot of favors but… yeah, I don’t see any profit in this for me. It’s a shame but, while my life span is that of a normal human I look like someone who has broken through the Tengen Era. ((Tengen Era: An era in Japan that spanned from November Year 978 to April Year 983))

“I don’t know the reason, but it seems I’m not likely to die just yet.”

I wonder when did my lifespan become this unusual…? With this being said, I turned her down.


Her cheeks puffed out. I wonder how many times has it been already? How many times have I turned down her invitation?

I would be happy if you gave up already. Even if the deal becomes ten times more tempting, there is no way I can become her’s. Why you ask? Because there are the kids from the Guild who are so important to me.

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“You really like your Guild don’t you?”

She said that to me as if giving up.

“Well, yeah.”

More than the Guild, I love the member’s who are a part of it.

“If this gentle Master is around, it’s quite clear they all will love him back, right?”

Eh, I’m being properly loved? Everyone is always busy with work so we don’t have many chances to talk, I was getting a little worried.

“Is that so. Oh wow, that makes me happy.”

“Yes, I also get the feeling of them wanting to ‘Give the World’ as a present.”

Wait…? What was that?

Hearing the ‘world present’ gives me great joy. But the contents of that present sounds like something quite outrageous, is it my imagination?

“Oops. It’s about time they take notice of me. I shall be going now.”

She quickly separated from me. At that time, her beautiful long hair and voluptuous breast swayed a little, but I didn’t have any time to think about that.

“Wait a minute. Please. Listen to me.”

“See you, Master. Someday, I will certainly make you mine, got it?”

After she said that she left a charming smile and disappeared without a trace.

“Wait! Just the content of ‘the present’ is enough so answer me before you leave!”

“What does it mean to ‘Give the world as a present’!? What are they Planning!?”

With those outrageous words, the pounding of my heart would not stop!