Master’s Smile

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I am the master of a certain dark guild

Including me, there are only 10 other consistent members in this guild. However, all of them are like daughters to me….is what I think.

Since this is a dark guild, we act without standing out too much. However, it seems like everyone has been acting a bit too weird recently.

They’re acting really weird……eh? What? [Presenting me the whole world]?

  1. Ch. 58The Hostage
  2. Ch. 57A Grey Guild’s Standards
  3. Ch. 56Coming Out
  4. Ch. 55Elixir
  5. Ch. 54The Cursed Girl
  6. Ch. 53A Helping Hand
  7. Ch. 52Another Party of Adventurers
  8. Ch. 51An Outing’s Underside
  9. Ch. 50Subjugation on a Sunny Day
  10. Ch. 49On to Further Prey
  11. Ch. 48Yet Another Dark Guild
  12. Ch. 47Heroes March Home
  13. Ch. 46The Master, an Impregnable Fortress
  14. Ch. 45A Call to Faith (Through Brainwashing)
  15. Ch. 44Home
  16. Ch. 43I Can Do That
  17. Ch. 42The Master’s Strength
  18. Ch. 41Laladi’s Negligence
  19. Ch. 40Alraune
  20. Ch. 39Ogre, Ogre, Ogre, Ogre!
  21. Ch. 38Desolation of the Hero Party
  22. Ch. 37Composure Explained, a Situation Upturned
  23. Ch. 36Longmann’s Return
  24. Ch. 35The Power of Laladi
  25. Ch. 34The Wrath of Laladi
  26. Ch. 33The Strike of a Holy Blade
  27. Ch. 32The True Monster
  28. Ch. 31The Villagers’ Petition
  29. Ch. 30Farewells are Yet Distant
  30. Ch. 29Laladi’s Affection
  31. Ch. 28The Grief of Maho
  32. Ch. 27Journeying with a Party of Heroes
  33. Ch. 26A Demon Lord’s Lieutenant Meets His End
  34. Ch. 25The Man Behind the Orcs
  35. Ch. 24Maho’s Doubts
  36. Ch. 23Battle on the Flowerbed
  37. Ch. 22The Orcs and the Hero Party
  38. Ch. 21The End of Laladi’s Fidelity
  39. Ch. 20Laladi and her Transient Felicity
  40. Ch. 19Party of Heroes
  41. Ch. 18Cold Wars of the Dining Hall – Part II
  42. Ch. 17Cold Wars of the Dining Hall
  43. Ch. 16Inside the Prayer Room, Part II
  44. Ch. 15Inside the Prayer Room, Part I
  45. Ch. 14At the Library, Part II
  46. Ch. 13At the Library, Part I
  47. Ch. 12The Tea Party, Part II
  48. Ch. 11The Tea Party, Part I
  49. Ch. 10At the Training Grounds, Part II
  50. Ch. 9At the Training Grounds, Part I
  51. Ch. 8An Early Morning Affair
  52. Ch. 7Dusk of the Subjugation Squad
  53. Ch. 6Kühling and Krankheit
  54. Ch. 5Vampir and Schwarz
  55. Ch. 4Risu and Ritta
  56. Ch. 3Lala and Sorgloss
  57. Ch. 2Dark Guild Subjugation Squad
  58. Ch. 1The Master of The Dark Guild