MS Chapter 22: The Orcs and the Hero Party

W-Woah… Laladi’s eyes were so vibrant just a second ago, but now they’re much more comparable to murky, stagnant pools…

W-Well, let’s forget about her eyes. Wondering what had just made that sound, I turn to its source.

Ah. It’s an Orc.

Orcs, I should mention, are a really well-known type of monster. And one of them is headed straight for us with savage, fierce bounds.

Actually, it’s several orcs that do this. While orcs aren’t really all that common in numbers, it certainly isn’t unusual for them to move around in packs.

There is, however, something slightly off about this picture. Orcs have a preference for dark forests and other places overgrown with trees, you see. While it’s true that we’re both inside a forest, the field of flowers we’re standing on spreads rather wide, wide enough to allow for great visibility.

My point is that it’s odd enough that we’d find orcs this easily, but orcs attacking in a place like this? I’d give the matter some more thought, but considering how we’re being rushed by a horde of orcs, there really isn’t much time for that sort of stuff.

“Those orcs… How dare they…?!”

Laladi, still at my side, adopts an almost demonic expression of hatred with which she glares the orcs down. There’s a shockingly huge gap between this version of her and the one that always has an adorable smile on her face, I’ll admit.

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out just how angry Laladi is.

The orcs savagely surge in our direction, and every time their heavy legs kick up, beautiful flowers scatter aside in a display of cruelty. As a regular old human being, I’m perfectly content with pulling a wry face at the shameful sight. But Laladi is another story, and her innate attachment to plant-life make this out to be an action that can’t possibly be forgiven.

“They’ll never live this down…!”

Thick vines sprout behind her, waving and writhing as if they’re waiting for prey to entangle. To tell the truth, I may as well just sit back and let her take care of this. She’d be fine. And she’d only be dealing with orcs, anyhow.

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But despite the facts, I just can’t bring myself to make her fight. While I do little more than hole myself up in the guild these days, I’d had my fair share of experience traveling around in the days before I founded the guild. I’d made plenty of experience on the battlefield, too. Orcs should be easy enough to handle… at least, I think they should be.

“M-Master… Are you trying to protect Lala…?”

Laladi looks at me, as I’m still by her side, her eyes sparkling and her body shivering in what I can only assume to be a sign of her being moved. Her legs are shaking.

Huh? Don’t tell me. Is she actually scared to fight? Well, either way, I wouldn’t mind having to take care of her.

When I tell her this, Laladi gives her head a rough shake. Her long, puffy hair waves about. It hits me a little bit, and it actually hurts. It’s relentless that way.

“This is the first time Lala gets to work together with the Master! Imma do my best!”

Right. There’s something uneasy about the way she says that. Probably not my imagination, eh?


The orcs are getting closer. Their bodies look even filthier up close.

Well, it’s not as if they share the human habit of bathing themselves with water anyway. There isn’t much I can do about that. I don’t have that much confidence in close-quarter combat, so my go-to plan is to engage them in a magic fight.

Laladi actually seems to be a similar type of fighter, now that I can see her vines meandering about, aiming for the orcs. Thinking it to be about high time to delve into battle, Laladi and I ready our postures.


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A voice rings out through the field of flowers, one that isn’t mine or Laladi’s. And orcs aren’t exactly capable of human speech, so they’re clearly not responsible.

…Does that mean there’s a third party close by? It doesn’t take long for me to receive my answer.

While the orcs are busy panicking at the sudden voice, a single youth appears in their midst. Though he wears a set of armor, it’s nowhere near as rigid and clunky as a regular knight’s armor. Instead, it’s closer to what Ritter wears; a type of lightweight armor that covers what needs to be protected.

In his hand, he holds a fine-crafted sword. His back is turned to us. Given the timing of his arrival, he gives off the air of some kind of heroic figure.

“Ah… That guy, he’s…”

Laladi’s muttering in a hushed tone. Oh? Does she know him?

“Haah, Haaah…! Hey, wait up!”

Another man runs closer to where the youth stands. His armor appears much heavier. A knight, maybe?

Two women follow behind the man. Are they the members of some guild? If they are, that’s probably not a good thing.


I exchange looks with Laladi, and she gives me a nod. She lets a flower rise from the earth, quietly enough for none of them to notice, and catches hold of the dust that hung in its petals. She applies it to her right cheek, where her guild crest is, and lo and behold. There’s nothing inscribed on her cheek any longer; it’s as exposed and smooth as an eggshell.

It’s a really good thing that she picked up on my signals.

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Thanks to her quick maneuver, those four hadn’t gotten the chance to see it. Dark guilds, like ours, are prone to confrontation when it comes to both the more legitimate type of guild and even grey guilds. I’d rather just avoid any unnecessary squabbles.

“We’re here. There’s no need for you to worry.”

The youth, who had been the first to come to our rescue, smiled as he spoke.

R-Right… Thanks for that.


L-Laladi. Don’t you think it’s better if you don’t spit with that dead look in your eyes? This is a flower field. Your favorite, remember. Also, there’s too huge a gap between practice and looks. It’s too much, really.

“Ohoh, look at that adorable kid. Guess we can’t lose in front of her, huh?”

‘It doesn’t make Lala happy when you’re the one saying it. Master, please.’

The heavily-armored man looks at Laladi, and his spirits rise. I know, right?! She’s the most precious thing ever!

Every member of my guild is like my own daughter! They’re all adorable! Come on, Laladi. You’re allowed to be happy if someone gives you praise.

“Alright, Longmann! Let’s do this!”

“Right there with you, Yuuto!”


Yuuto, the youth in the light armor, and Longmann, the man wearing the heavier set, both head towards the orcs. The orcs rekindle their assault, believing them to be nothing more than new meat.

And so, the heart-warmingly beautiful field of flowers turns into a war-zone.