MS Chapter 46: The Master, an Impregnable Fortress

Laladi stood facing the door, desperately trying to suppress the deafening thumps of her heart beating against her chest. She found herself in front of the most important section of the entire Yelquchira guild headquarters, in a place she would protect from harm at all costs.

This was, of course, the entrance to the Master’s personal room. Having never considered the idea of keeping his workspace and his private quarters separate, the Master had resorted to sorting out every one of his affairs in this one room.

All the more reason for Laladi to be standing right outside this room so late into the night. With her hands trembling, she rapped her knuckles against the door. The response was almost immediate, delivered in a soft voice the cheer of which was completely audible. Nothing beyond the Master’s voice was needed to make pure joy overcome her.

“I-It’s Lala. Can she come in?”

By some miracle, Laladi had managed to keep her voice from turning shrill. Words of assent were spoken to her in return. Laladi, though knowing full well that the Master was a gentle soul and therefore completely unlikely to deny her entry, could not help but feel the bite of anxiety. Her crest-marked cheek already aglow thanks to the Master’s acceptance of her coming, Laladi gently opened the door.


The first thing Laladi saw when she entered the room was the Master himself, sitting at his desk and taking care of whatever duties called for his attention. While it was unclear whether he was busying himself with the girls’ affairs, that did not distract from the gentle smile he threw Laladi. The girl, feeling especially pleased by all of this, closed the door behind her, her hand behind her back as she began to tamper with plant-life.

A thin, stringy plant was stuffed into the keyhole and left not a single nook open. Opening this door was no longer a possibility. One reason for her doing so was to avoid any potentially unplanned break-ins from being perpetuated by the, in her own words, sows with whom she shared a guild. The other reason was, simply put, to gain a kind of pleasant buzz from the idea that she and the Master were all alone now that she had locked him in with her.

Laladi had always had a particular predilection for confinement. In light of her recent outing with the Master, a trip that had taken up more than a whole day, all the other guild members were watching her like hawks – there was no way she could allow herself give in to these impulses any time soon…

A much more small-scale entrapment like this one, on the other hand, was still doable.

‘Either way, Lala saw how strong the Master can be. She can’t expect to just lock him away now.’

On this day, Laladi was reminded of the Master’s magnificence. Knowing that the Master had kept away from working in the field for a long stretch of time she had come to the conclusion, heretical as it was for her to come to, that his skills in battle might have dulled over time.

She had thought him in some way less capable than her, as she was someone who frequently took on work issued by the guild which often involved the eradication of extremely dangerous monstrosities, someone who would always get into deadly spats with her guild-mates. She now saw just how mistaken she had been to do so. The revelation was so refreshing that it bordered on being hilarious.

The Master was strong, so strong that Laladi should never have bothered with her baseless worry for his safety. The ogre she had so severely underestimated, the same creature that had been dominated by a certain red-head who, in Laladi’s opinion, might as well have been composed of nothing but mammaries, had driven her into a corner. And yet the Master had eradicated it without issue.

It, therefore, stood to reason that the Master, if he were to become adamant on leaving Laladi’s confinement, could not be stopped without her having to resort to inflicting unwanted injury. Not that she would even consider the idea, especially if the man himself wasn’t fond of it. Laladi had a successful change of heart. The Master, keeping his tone gentle, asked her if there was something wrong.

“W-Well, um… L-Lala can’t fall asleep, so… She wants to sleep with you…”

She hugged a pillow close to her chest and looked up at the Master through imploring doe eyes. Laladi already knew that he was about to finish with his workload for the day.

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Whatever he was working on at the moment, she thought, might as well have been pushed aside and finished in the coming day, or even in the day after that. Laladi had gifted the Master with a special flower of great beauty, and it was through this flower that she became privy to this kind of information.

“Come on, Master. Please…”

She pushed the issue further when she saw the Master beginning to look hesitant. She wanted to share his bed and go to sleep, that much was true, but this only encompassed about ninety percent of her total intentions.

The remaining ten percent of her felt concerned for the Master. With him being a known workaholic, she would rather he took some time away from work. She could have communicated as much to her fellow guild-members, perhaps, but she was inclined to put her own interests first.

“Oooh… Thanks so much, Master!”

Laladi was like a daughter to him. There was no feasible way he could turn her down. And so it was, although with the display of an unsure smile, that the Master acquiesced to the girl’s demands.

While the girl didn’t find walking to be nearly as large of an obstacle as it had once been, she nevertheless opted to dodder towards the Master with swaying steps. She was well-attuned to his kindness and knew that tottering towards him would garner her more sympathy. Her movement continued at that pace, not once pausing despite her being fully capable of walking in a relatively smoother, if not perfect manner.


Her scheming bore fruit as the Master held her in his arms, hoisted her up, and moved to carry her over to the bed. The battle with the ogre came back to mind. Laladi recalled how the Master had fought for her sake, carrying her in his arms like a newly-wed bride all the while. There was nothing her memory had to offer that even came close to how striking his face had looked to her.


The image even more pronounced in her mind than ever, a deep crimson seeped into Laladi’s cheeks, guild crest and all. The first thing her senses registered when the Master finally put her down was, in sequence, a sensation of great softness and an overwhelming scent of the Master.

“Nnngh… Lala’s so tired… (Hngpheewwww!)”

Laladi turned in her resting place until her face was right against the mattress, then proceeded to bury her head into the Master’s pillow. She breathed in through her nose, deeply, time and time again. There was, of course, the potential threat of the Master seeing through her and treating her as he would some stray pervert. She circumvented this by pretending to roll around further, camouflaging the way she continued to inhale the Master’s scent.

“Come now, Master. Let’s go to bed already.”

Grateful though she was for the bliss of his scent that wafted from his pillows, Laladi found that she would much prefer indulging in the genuine article. With that strongly in mind, Laladi made room on the mattress and struck her palm against the surface right next to her. The Master, his smile still wavering, elected to let himself down on the bed.


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Laladi wasted no time when the Master lied down and wrapped her arms around him. She poured strength into her arms and hugged him close, making sure that her overall underdeveloped body was rubbing up against him. Her legs followed suit and tightened around the man, giving him little wiggle room to make his escape.

“You know… You’re so warm, Master.”

The warmth in question wasn’t so much a physically quantifiable one but in fact something much more psychological in nature. Just the Master’s smile was enough to make Laladi break out in one of her own, and the mere touching and embracing of him was fuel for her lust. Once again, the urge to lock the Master away surged through her.

“You were really cool today, Master. The way you protected Lala and fought off that ogre…”

Even as she hugged him close, Laladi moved her body against him in a manner that might impel him to fawn over her. Not once before had Laladi considered the Master in a position above that of someone who ought to be protected.

That had been an enormous mistake on our parts. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that for Laladi, the mistake had given way to the feeling of blissful joy at the thought of her being protected for a change.

“You looked so manly that Lala, she… Lala just can’t…!”

She just couldn’t hold it in any longer!

Laladi swiveled her face to look up at the Master’s. There was an enchanted tinge to her features, the kind that came with a kind of unmitigated sordidness and spoke of a certain sensuality that was, frankly, unthinkable for anyone with her slightly-less-than-nubile features.

There was a slight hint of drool leaking from her, and her chest was puffed out to an almost painful extent. A blazing heat burned in the pit of her stomach, and she clung to his clothes with a tightness.

‘It doesn’t matter if his willpower’s made of iron, not one little bit! He’s still a man! And what’s Lala? That’s right, a fun-sized hottie that fits all kinds of special demands! She just has to put some pressure on him… it’ll work!’

With a peal of raunchy giggles, she gave the matter some thought as worries started to mount. Given a worst-case scenario, all that would be required of her was to let out some of her aphrodisiac pollen and have it douse the Master.

That was sure to turn him into a ravenous beast all too willing to indulge in her, or so she thought. There wasn’t much time left to do so, either.

She was sure that the other guild members had picked up on the fact that something was ever-so-slightly off, and she knew there was a good chance of any one of them barging into the room. While she would have preferred that her first time be a private affair between the Master and herself, there was still an undeniable allure to the idea of forcing the other girls to watch. This, along with thoughts of the subsequent despair the onlookers were sure to go through, appealed to what might be considered Laladi’s maidenhood.


Laladi moved with a nimbleness that would make anyone question just how impaired she really was from the hips down, then adjusted herself atop the Master with her legs some distance apart. Her petite derrière was, as far as she could sense, placed somewhere in direct contact with the Master’s abdomen. There was a slight chance the repositioning of her legs had made her underwear visible to the Master. But if that was enough to get him all riled up, who was she to complain?

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She placed her hands on the middle of his abdomen, looking down at him as he gave his usual charming smile. Her fluffy green hair dangled and swayed like tassels, lending a very fairy tale-esque atmosphere to the scene.

His stomach felt much harder than she had anticipated, the muscular sturdiness reminding her that the Master was, indeed, a man. It was the kind of masculine aspect that would make anyone itch to hold on to him and never let go; a temptation made even greater for an Alraune.

Laladi came from a species known for uniformly utilizing a combination of bewitching young looks and a special pollen to lure in men and drag them into their hold. The Master, now exposed to all the necessary stimulations… was, however, exempt for their pull.


His uneven smile still in place, the Master gently held Laladi by her head and pulled her against his chest. All of the sensuality she had been building up to this point dissipated into nothingness, all the effort gone to waste.

“M-Master! This isn’t the time! It makes Lala happy, but it’s not the time!”

Laladi waved her hands about in a fit of protest, but did absolutely nothing to work her way out of the embrace. Losing out on both his touch and scent in this way was to Laladi a greater loss than she could handle.


Furthermore, the hand on her head began to pat her soft hair again and again in a soothing fashion. The gentle, regular stroking was enough to extinguish whatever obscene feelings she had.

A sense of calm overcame Laladi instead. With her ear pressed against the Master’s chest, she became increasingly aware of the beating rhythm of his heart. Every single thump instilled her with an odd sense of inner peace.

‘Oh, this isn’t good. Lala’s feeling so comfy… getting sleepy…’

Laladi became privy to the weight of her eyelids as they began to close. With everything she had gone through on this day and the day before, Laladi felt exhausted. Not physically perhaps, but rather in terms of her psyche. The feeling of comfort offered to her by the Master created a large enough breach for the sandman to pay her a visit.

‘Aah… But this was Lala’s… chance…’

Already half-asleep, that was all her mind could muster. These past two days, she had done well to outsmart the other girls of Yelquchira, and had put considerable effort in achieving a kind of monopoly over the Master.

However, things were not likely to move along as smoothly from here on out.

There was no way she could know when her next chance to spend time in each other’s company and no one else’s would come along. That was why she had chosen to pay the Master’s room a visit in the first place, to ensure her hold on him, but…

“Lala… Failed…”

Voicing her final regrets, Laladi departed into the world of dreams. The Master, his smile still unchanged, continued to stroke her head gently. The knowledge that he had cast a sleeping spell to calm the girl down would remain his own little secret.