MS Chapter 4: Risu and Ritta

“I can’t let you take one more step.”

While Lala and Sorgloss destroyed one of the units, there was another unit moving towards the dark guild taking a different path. In front of this unit stood a woman blocking the path.

“Are you a member of the dark guild “Army of Salvation”?”

“That’s right.”

Although belonging to a dark guild meant being sentenced to death, the woman nodded proudly not trying to hide it at all. Between her hair tied into twin tails, two splendid horns were growing.

“So demons are members of the dark guild?”

“Ah. How should I put it, there are many non-human members in our guild.”

“… you’re giving me a considerable amount of answers.”

Truth be told there is very little information available on the dark guild “Salvation Force.” Up til now the Kingdom and the Guilds have sent thugs to collect information, but the dark guild has tight control on their intelligence, making it almost impossible to retrieve any.

Most of the thugs never returned, and if they did return, they were tortured to the point that they’d never be able to work ever again. The location of the guild that was written down on the subjugation request was also questionable, but this woman being from “Army of Salvation,” confirms that the information about the location is correct. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that information is valuable, I doubt that the members will give that valuable information away.

“Hmm? That’s because…”

The woman bitterly smiled as if she heard a weird statement.

“There is no problem in telling things to people that are going to die.”


The woman who was supposed to be several tens of meters away from the knight appeared in front of him in a blink. Her face is like that of a noble, a beauty only seen once in a lifetime, her explosive physical ability, however, did not match her face at all.


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A subordinate knight next to the man raises a roar-like scream and brandishes his sword. Brandishing your sword against a woman is not an act condoned for knights of the kingdom, but if the receiving end is a member of a dark guild, it becomes a different story.

The knight swings down his sword towards the woman’s head. A sword swinging downwards with great physical strength should easily slice through a woman’s head.

“Otto.” ((Sound made when dodging.))


Such a straight forward movement could easily be predicted. A dull sound resounds as if the sword connected with a hard stone. The sword that the knight swung down was received by the woman’s arm.

“Th, the sword…!”

Furthermore, something unbelievable happened a crack formed on the sword and crumbled into pieces right after.

“I will return the favor.”


A sharp kick of the woman landed on the knight’s stomach who was still stupefied by the sword being crushed. The iron armor which should be incredibly sturdy was shattered by that single kick. The kick of a woman which should be a lot less powerful than that of a man blew the strong knight away easily. ((Kind of sexist, but whatever.))

“How is that possible!? How is your arm uninjured after being hit by a sword!?”

“My race has extremely sturdy skin. I can protect Master thanks to this.”

The woman has a bright smile on her face. That expression was also very beautiful.

“Now, since you guys aimed for Master you will have to die here. It’s a sad fate, but please accept it.”

After saying that, the woman started attacking the knights of the kingdom and the members of the gray guild. The men use swords and armor, whereas the woman uses neither of these.

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You can tell by a glance which side is more advantageous. The knights and guild members are knocked out one by one. Strong men who are supposed to be familiar with battle are being overpowered by a thin empty handed woman. The men who are knocked out vomit blood as they fall to the ground.

“Damn it!!”

“Are you alright…?”

“Ri, Ritta-sama!?”

An apathetic voice reaches the bad mouthed knight ((Probably because of the damn it.)). It was a female knight who should not have been here; her name is Ritta.

“Why are you here…? Wait, with Ritta-sama here, that monster woman won’t be our match!”

Even though it’s unexplicable why she was here, the man felt it’s not the time or the place to care about it. Besides, it’s better to have Ritta then not to have her.

With her level of skill, we might be able to defeat the horned woman that has been knocking the unit’s members out one by one. Ritta is a woman who wears an iron mask and isn’t particularly bright, but her level of skill is among the top class of the kingdom knights. The man who started preparing for the worst now saw a ray of hope.

“…? What are you talking about?”

“Eh…? Ritta-sama…?”

Ritta tilted her head curiously looking at the man with a blank stare. She had no clue what the man was trying to say, and question marks started flowing a top her head…


Ritta drew her sharp sword leaving only a barely visible sword line behind, killing the man in the process. The man’s head had been brilliantly severed from his body. His face had a blank expression on it as it fell to the ground with a thud.

“Oh, good job, Ritta. Hmm…? What’s wrong?”

“… Un. I was talking to Risu so I was surprised when this man responded.”

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Risu thanked Ritta.

The woman that wiped out the entire subjugation unit except for that last man, Risu, thanked Ritta for the help. She had a ‘I didn’t do it for you though’ feeling in her heart, but Ritta didn’t show it on her expressionless face.

“But, Ritta sure is relentless. Aren’t you supposed to be colleagues?”

“You’re wrong.”

When Risu confronts Ritta after watching her sever the man’s head, she strongly denies it. It was a strong response that you normally wouldn’t expect from a woman belonging to the calm and quiet group. Ritta had a suspicious light in her eyes while she said it.

“Anyone trying to lay his hands on Master is lower than maggots to me.”

“I understand that.”

“I’m a humanitarian, so I ended it in one blow.”

Ritta was being kind by granting the man a quick death without suffering; he was planning to inflict injury on Master after all. The man caught by Sorgloss is still experiencing hell with his brain being stirred. Ritta ends up picking up the severed head.

“What are you planning on doing with that? Bury it?”

“No. I plan on showing it to master to receive his praise.”

In Rita’s mind, she had the delusion that Master would be delighted by the head and would reward it by taking her to his bedroom. Her cheeks became dyed in red, and her abdomen felt hot. She had prepared thoroughly for when such a scene played out.

“I don’t think he will praise your for that though?”

Risu laughed imagining a troubled Master received a man’s bloody severed head. But, it’s not completely impossible that she might be praised…

Risu also entered a delusion. Master is holding her in a warm embrace while gently stroking her horn.

And then we head towards the bedroom.

“… Can Risu come too?”

“Okay. Just this once.”

Eventually, all the men’s heads were delivered to Master, making him scream out in his mind. But that’s a story for a different time.