MS Chapter 3: Lala and Sorgloss

The child’s face became completely blank, all her emotions disappeared. It was almost as if her face turned into a Noh mask. She stared at the man in front of her.

The last words of the man who tried to sell the child as a slave were ones of confusion. Something huge broke through the ground and rushed towards the man, it “devoured” him in the blink of an eye.

“Wh, what is this…?”

The man looks astonished by the plant that appeared out of nowhere. The plant didn’t look ordinary either.

The stem and vines were moving back and forth as if it were alive. Moreover, the plant had a huge flower on it, bigger than the man had ever seen before.

“H, hey!”

Looking at the petals of the plant, there seemed to be a companion of his sticking out with the upper part of their bodies. The man tried calling out to his companion, but he didn’t respond.

“H, hiiiiii…!” (( Hi is a scared sound effect, it resembles “eek” in English. ))

When the man took a closer look at his companion, he saw that he had a lot of blood dripping from his mouths and that his eyes no longer had any life in them. The man guessed that his companion was dead. Perhaps the lower part which can’t be seen was cut off.

“Some, someone…”



The man looks backward for help. Behind him should be the other guild members and Kingdom knights that came to subjugate the dark guild after all. However, all he could hear were multiple ear piercing and agonizing cries, making his eyes open wide.

“Ah… the plants, the plants are…?!”

The guild members and the knights were pierced through their bodies by the roots of the plant from the ground up. Looking at the tip of the roots that easily pierced through the human bodies; it was sharp and pointed.

The roots which are wet with human blood are pulsating. It looks like it was delighted to get nutrients from the human blood. Even the strong armor worn by the knights of the kingdom were easily penetrated, and they were fixed in place by the roots.

“Are you okay?”

“Y, you! You’re alive!”


The man ran towards the knight and pulled his back straight; it was the man who commanded the other knights, the captain of the knights. He managed to survive, although he was bleeding from multiple cuts on his cheeks and forehead.

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“Mu. So you two survived.” ((Mu is a sound effect for pouting your cheeks.))

The two of us who were glad to be alive were approached by a chilling voice. Even though it was the voice of an ordinary cute child, all they could hear was the whispers of a devil playing with their lives. The flower decorated child seemed to be dissatisfied that the two men survived as she walked closer to them with inflated cheeks.

“You, who the hell are you!?”

The frightened man yelled at the child after swallowing deeply. It was a weird situation; a brawny looking male criminal was yelling at a child while shuddering from fright. The child laughed with a “ku ku ku” after looking at the miserable guy.

“Even though you wanted to turn Lala into a slave just now. The tables turned quickly.”

“Why did you do this!!”

The man turned bright red from anger and raised his voice like an idiot. Even though the man tried to be intimidating, the child did not show any fear and kept laughing with a “ku ku ku.”

“Lala is part of the “Army of Salvation” that fights against you uncles. Look, can you see the awesome emblem?” ((Translation said very good emblem, but that sounds edgy.))


The child sticks out her lovely right cheek. There was nothing on the cheek before, you could only see a pure white and soft skin, but slowly but surely black lines forming a guild emblem appeared.

The child touches the emblem with her hand. The movement was erotic and contained a sex appeal that a child shouldn’t have. But the knight and the man couldn’t afford to enjoy the scene after seeing the emblem.

“Th, this child is a member of the dark guild!?”

“Mu~, you’re so rude. Lala already looks like an adult.”

She inflated her cheeks like an upset kid. If there were no dead bodies and blood laying around, it would have been a heartwarming sight.

“Let’s run away. We can’t win from this child.”

“Y, ye…”

The knight leaned closer to the man and whispered to him. The man agreed with the knight.

The man’s companions were eaten by the flowers and died, but there is no real companionship between gray guild members, to begin with. He would have abandoned them either way.

“What’s wrong, uncle…?”

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The child tilts her neck. Even though she killed a lot of people, she kept the same childlike atmosphere.

Except for the intoxicated expression she shows every now and then, she looks like an ordinary child. The dark guild has members like these…?

“You don’t think you can escape, right?”

“Huh? You’re not gonna let us go?”

“Of course not. Uncles tried to aim for Master, so it’s obvious you have to die. Even if I let you go…”

The child declared to kill us as if it’s second nature. The man thought he might be able to talk to the child and distract her so he could run away.

“… I shall not alloweth thee escapeth.” ((The woman uses an old way of speaking.))

The last hope of the man is shattered by a different woman who appeared out of nowhere.

“Above us!?”

A small knife pierced the neck of the knight. It was a weapon used by island warrior in the far east.

“Hi, hiiii!?”

The knight who talked to me just now had blood spurting from his neck and collapsed to the ground. So now all the knights and guild members except for the man have died. Pierced through by plants or stabbed in the neck, all the men died while leaving a lot of blood on the ground.

“Sorgloss, why didn’t you help sooner? Were you trying to play hooky?”

“Th, that’s not it. Mine own ability can’t be used on many opponents liketh Lala-dono’s ability. I wast looking out for anyone trying to escapeth. It wast not because mine body wast flushed after looking at Master.”

A child with green hair – the woman in ninja-like clothes appearing next to Lala – was Sorgloss. Her face is concealed behind a cloth, making it hard to see, but you were still able to see her cold eyes and long hair that was tied into one tail.

Just like she said, the men that tried to escape had the back of their necks pierced and fell to the ground right after. It was clear that they were no longer breathing.

“Fuu. I’m tired of using my magic power since morning. I should go get some magic power from Master.”

Of course, she still had more than enough magic power left. It was just an excuse to get some skinship with Master.

She rubbed the cheek with the emblem on it with one hand and used the other one on her body. Doing that gave her a heavenly pleasure.

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“It ist not fair. I also wanteth to useth magic power.”

Sorgloss left everything up to Lala because she was looking at the master sleeping from the ceiling. Her body eventually started heating up, which troubled her. It was hard to keep her voice down in that situation.

“Da, damn it! What is up with you people!”

“Like I said before. We are members of the dark guilf “Army of Salvation.”

“Umu. We areth just returning the favor.”

Tears well up in the man’s eyes as his heart could no longer keep up under the pressure. Such a weak looking female child should not have been able to cause such a situation. It’s hard to even imagine it.

“What should we do with this uncle?”

“Hmm… I wonder. He might knoweth something, so I shouldst tryeth getting everything he knows.”

“Uwa, are you doing that? There should be no room for sympathy when you aim at master, but it seems a little harsh.”

The fate of the man is being discussed by the two. Lala says that Sorgloss’s decision sounds a little harsh. But the smile on her face emits her true feelings.

“Wh, what!? What are you planning on doing to me!?”

“Ah, you would’ve been much happier been killed by Lala. But now this devil ninja will do it.”

The man who became extremely anxious by the conversation of the two asked while spitting all over the place. But the answer that was given spoke of a cruel future.

Even if the man wanted to escape, he was no longer able to put any strength in his legs. Sorgloss brought her face closer to the man.

“I’m just going to tamper with your brain for a while. You’ll probably be alright.”

“Probably alright, so basically he’s going to die.”


Sorgloss does not respond to Lala. Sorgloss’s hands slowly started turning into a liquid and no longer resembled the hands of a human.

The movements of the hands and them turning into liquid instantly gave away that Sorgloss is a demon((Mazoku)). She slowly headed towards the man with her liquid hands. The man sheds tears and starts dripping out a liquid smelling like ammonia from his crotch.

“Pl, please stop…! Someone help me!”

“Not going to happenth.”

The man’s last plea was easily dismissed by Sorgloss. The scream of the man resonated through the forest right after.