MS Chapter 15: Inside the Prayer Room, Part I

Having shared my goodbyes with Kühling and Krankheit, I go on my way and look for the last guild member. I’ve never quite thought that the members of my guild were too few, but… They were just a varied bunch, each with their own little quirks, so it only seemed as if they were scarce in numbers.

But that subject is something I’d best leave for another time. And besides, I certainly got to meet a lot of members today, didn’t I?

I’m a guild master, so I barely leave this castle – our headquarters – if at all, and the other members of this guild seem to accept all kinds of work that keeps them occupied for longer periods of time… Despite of my position, I rarely involve myself in their work.

Those are all things I can leave to the girls without worry; they know how to hold their own, after all.

Really now, all things aside, I should really get to meeting with ‘her.’

But… Well, to be honest, when it comes to her specifically I tend to be… just a little incapable of dealing with her. Oh, that isn’t to say that she doesn’t hold me in high regard or that she doesn’t show me any kind of respect.

She shows a little too much if I’m being honest.

There’s definitely not a chance, not a smidgen of a chance that I dislike the girl. After all, I’ve raised her since she was little, and I still think of her as my very own child.

I move along to my destination without fail, those thoughts in my head. I know just where she is.

I hear that she spends every single morning offering her prayers at that place…

Finally, I reach it.

The place in question is a prayer room, constructed as an addition to this castle. Most guilds requested the addition of such a room for their own use, and this specific one had been built in response to this girl’s own request.


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Inside the prayer room, a lone woman prays in silence. She’s the one I’ve been looking for; the last member of this guild.

I’d come here with the intention of greeting her, but I doubt that I’d find the chance to do so while she’s still in the middle of earnest prayer. The way she prays could leave any onlooker with a sense of holiness, and an ingrained notion that she must not be disturbed.

But still, I’m sure that it’d be much easier to take all of that more seriously if she didn’t worship what she did…


I watch over her silently as to not disturb, and she prays for some time before she lets out a small breath that seems to mark the end of her supplications.

I wonder if it’s alright to talk to her now… I call out to her, intent on testing that thought.

“Oh my, Master!”

While she initially seems as if she’s greatly disturbed by whoever decided to invade her prayer room, once she turns around in her puzzlement and catches the first glimpse of my face, she breaks out into a happy smile and draws closer.

This girl’s name is Anat.

Her long, golden hair, though normally very beautiful to look at, is now obscured by her habit and out of sight. Her eyes are shut, making her look as if she never drops that smile of hers.

It looks like Anat’s calmer side is on display. With small, secure steps, she runs closer to me.

Considering that Anat is the type to always reprimand others, constantly reminding them not to run in the guild, I can’t help but wonder if the others would be surprised to see her running like this. Small steps or not, would they be surprised? But seeing that they all get along despite their bickering, is it possible that they’re already familiar with this more playful aspect of hers?

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And besides, Anat knows how to consider the time and place for something. It’s likely that she’s only running like this because I’m the only one here.

“Good morning, Master. It certainly is rare to see you come into the prayer room.”

Her tone bright and lax, Anat cocks her head to the side in an unspoken query. I return her greeting and manage to make a wry smile.

I mean… It’s just that, well… Look, I have nothing against praying to some deity I never heard of, alright?

Not that I’d do the same out of nowhere, but when my dear Anat, whom I think of as my own daughter invites me to join, then I’ll be happy to do the same. But if what you worship hasn’t changed from before, then… it might be just a little harder to go through with.

Cautiously, I ask Anat if the recipient of her prayers has changed at all from what it used be…

“Why, there’s no way I’d change that, is thereee…? It stands to reason that the one I worship is still the Master, riiiiiight…?”

Aaah… Yep, it looks like nothing’s changed…

Looking at Anat’s almost intoxicated expression, her cheeks going red as if overcome by a bout of heat, I mentally collapse to my knees and admit defeat.

Of course, I’m still smiling on the surface. That smile’s fixed itself on my face by this point.

Still, it really is strange…

Just when did I even turn into someone worthy of that kind of reverence? Granted, the way I managed to live for this long is impressive in its own right, but other than that…

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“Coming into this room to pray to Master every morning is the time I’m at my happieeeeest… And speaking of desire, I’d love to make this room biggeeeer… Add a few decorations, maybeee…”

No way. There’s no way I can accept another addition to this building.

On that note, I didn’t even want there to be a room where I could be worshipped, to begin with. I mean, come on, making a room for other people to worship you doesn’t sit well, right?

But Anat had just been ever so insistent on building this place, so I had it built despite my own protests, a rare commodity since I tend to spoil my guild members rotten. I really can’t have this place getting any bigger than it is. I’d die of embarrassment.

“Ooooh… I still think it to be a splendid idea, thouuuugh…”

No. Oh no. I’m pretty sure there’s no one but you who’d agree to something like that, Anat.

“I’m fairly certain that’s not the caaaase…”

Anat breaks out in subdued whispers.

In any case, no means no. If the many, many people in this world who belong to one of the two major religious creeds get wind that someone like me is being worshipped, then I don’t think I’d get away with them just being angry, alright?

“Oh, those ridiculous creeds have nothing but fools as followers, anywaaaay… That lot would be so much more at ease if they were to worship you, Masteeeer…”

Don’t just drop that bomb of a declaration on me! It’s a good thing no one in this guild follows either creed; if a believer heard that, they’d probably faint on the spot!

I don’t care if you’re joking – that’s not something you should say. Ever.


Anat? Why are you cocking your head like that? Don’t make that face. It’s like you can’t even understand what I’m trying to say here…