MS Chapter 16: Inside the Prayer Room, Part II

“By the way, Master… The guild just seems to be exceptionally clamorous today, enough to disturb my precious prayeeers… Did something happeeen…? Should they be acting out for the sake of it, then you really shouldn’t spare them a good scoldiiing…”

Anat’s closed, gentle eyes flash open.

Yep, that’s what she looks like whenever she gets angry or decides to approach things more seriously.

While all members of my guild are frightening whenever they’re angry, the large gap between this and Anat’s usual smiling self made her own anger even more impactful. Well, I should be in the clear as long as she doesn’t direct her anger toward me.

… She’s not doing that now, right? Let’s take the time for some introspection.

Huh…? Wait, is the whole reason for their excitement today… the petting…?

It really does seem like enough reason to make them angry, doesn’t it…? Just what kind of guild master am I to make the girls I see as my own daughters this angry?

I don an admittedly somewhat forced smile and tell her the probable reason for their excitement. I then ready myself for her impending lecture, and –

“Oh dear, then it can’t be heeeelped…”

… What? My eyes go round at Anat’s unexpected words.

You’re giving them a pass because there’s… no helping it?

Some time ago, a certain woman – more an affiliate of the guild than a member – had decided to intrude on her prayer time. Afterwards, Laladi had come to me and latched on, shivering in fear. That’s how angry she’d become back then.

“Well, I can hardly say I wouldn’t act the same way if I were invooolved… And please, don’t bother mentioning that shitty woman’s name. You’ll dirty your own mouth, Masteeeer…”

Just by calling her name?! Anat’s eyes may be closed and gentle now, but I know they’re glazing over.

That girl, Limil… I forgot how much Anat hates her. It’s hard to imagine that Anat, kind, saintly Anat, would get this angry at her…

Then again, Limil’s a bit of a troublemaker. It might just be another case of reaping what you sow.

“But never mind that, Masteeer. I’d like to request my own petting sessioooon…”

Anat’s quick to change the subject, giving me the look of someone who wanted something. Anat, with her tendency to play mediator among the other girls with Reese’s help, only rarely gets the chance to be spoiled by me.

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I can’t help grinning. She sure likes acting like an adult, but Anat’s just as much of a child as the others are.

“Muuuh… Please don’t look at me like you’re looking at a chiiild… Why don’t we just move on the next staaage…?”

Anat puffs out her cheeks. Come on now; I see all guild members as daughters. There’s nothing I can do about that, is there?

Besides, I’ve already spent a fair share of years on this earth. I can’t look at pretty young Anat without being charmed.

Also, what’s this about a next stage?

“Oh, never you miiind. You don’t need to know about it just yet, Masteeeer. Hmmm… I really should find a way to make you aware of me… forcefully or not…”

Anat’s wearing a wide smile while she talks.

… I have a really bad feeling about this.

“Masteeer. Please, pet me toooo. On my guild crest, of couuurse…”

H-Here she goes! She looks up at me with an intense gaze, looking as if she’s been overcome by a fever of some sort.

I catch the full blow of her gaze, but my usual smile doesn’t waver. Still, I can’t do much about the cold sweat running down my skin. And compared to Ritter and Reese, who had their own crests on their rear and tongue – respectively – hers is in an even more problematic area.

That would be…

“Here you go, Masteeer. Please, pet meee…”

Anat thrusts out her well-developed bosom.

That’s right. Anat’s guild crest was on her breast.

… How the Hell am I supposed to pet that?! Any man who’d pet his own daughter’s breasts is out of his mind!

“Well, it is consensuaaaal… There’s no issueeee…”

There sure is! While there isn’t even the slightest chance of me behaving recklessly and hurting her feelings, petting the breasts of my precious little Anat is beyond me!

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I do my best to convince her to just settle for a regular old head-petting, but…

“I do believe that direct contact would be the way to gooo…”

Not even close!!!

Anat’s getting more reckless by the second.

Look, you’re… basically a clergywoman. You’re dressed like a nun, aren’t you? Does that really fly? Even if you’re asking for it?

“Oh, it’s perfectly fiiine… There’s nothing in the teachings of the Master Church that forbids petting a nun’s breasts, after aaaall…”

M-Master Church? Just what kind of name is that for a religion, Anat? I don’t remember either of the two Great Creeds using that sort of name…

Ah, never mind. Don’t tell me. I can’t imagine this turning out well anyways.

“Is that sooo…? That aside, please pat my breaaaasts…”

Anat gets lively and tries to strip off her nun outfit in one go.

Whoa, hold on! I never said I’d pet them, did I?!

Aaah! I can see her strapping thighs already! Someone, please! Do something about this, pronto!

My heartfelt screams are answered, and a lone girl appears in the prayer room with us.

“Anat-dono, that shall be enough, indeed.”

Sorglos had come out of nowhere, wrapped in her regular shinobi garb. She glares pointedly at Anat.

There’s enough power behind her glare to make anyone quake in fear. Except for Anat, it seems, who doesn’t budge an inch. Quite the opposite; she lets her own anger show and throws glares back at Sorglos.

“Oh dear, Sorglooos… I’m afraid we’re having a moment here, please don’t interruuuupt…”

“That is not something I can oblige to, indeed. I can feel naught but jealousy, seeing you having your bosom petted.”

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The two of them sound completely ridiculous, but they’re still taking it incredibly seriously. They’re only engaged in a glaring contest, but it’s intense enough for the air itself to shriek if it could.

Ugh… Please don’t tell me they’re going to duke it out…

Immediately, Sorglos drops her glare and smiles, turning to me as I wallow in anxiety.

“Master, it is almost time for breakfast, indeed. Everyone has gathered at the dining hall.”

Checking the time to confirm this, I realize that it’s already time for everyone to go for their morning meal.

Haah… Time really flies, doesn’t it?

Is it because I had so much fun talking with the members of my guild? Never mind, I shouldn’t keep them waiting.

I give Sorglos my thanks along with a generous pet on the head. Then, I collect myself and head for the dining hall.



“Uheheh… I was petted, indeed…”


“Oh, you seem to be angry, Anat-dono. Indeed, must you take such issue with the Master petting me?”

“Not reaaally… Just why would I be angry at you for something as trivial as a pet on the heaaad…?”

“… Trivial? Indeed, why don’t you explain yourself?”

“I mean what I saaay… One of these days, I’ll be sure to make the Master mine, and mine alooone…”

“When that day comes to pass, I shall slay you and take the Master for myself, indeed.”

“Can you, thouuugh…?””