NIW Chapter 1: Younger sister of the Sixth Demon King

There were countless men, many of whom were powerful men. But at that moment, none of these men were facing each other. In fact, the one who was making them bow was me. There had to have been people who experienced this before, but I wonder how many of them experienced this in Japan?

“Well then, let us begin this council!”

The old man closest to me who was bathing in sunlight exclaimed in a loud voice.

“First I would like to start off with a report on the collected taxes within our territory… or rather, that’s what I would normally say…”

The old man threw a glance at me and laughed loudly.

“Everyone! Tomorrow, at long last, we will be receiving the princess of the Oda family! Let’s proceed with everything without delay, and together we will make sure everything goes smoothly!”

The men responded with a loud “Yeah!”. I desperately tried to keep my mouth shut, and when anyone asked me anything, I blankly responded with a “Yeah, it’s okay.”

I truly could not grasp the current situation unfolding in front of my eyes.

‘How did things end up like this?’

While covered in cold sweat, I continued observing the unfolding talk and discussion coming from the men.

I was studying for the long-awaited end of term exams in my room in the welfare facilities dorms. ((Similar to orphanages but ones that provide basic education.))

That’s right; I was doing the so-called “last minute cramming” thing.

However, I had no motivation to do anything. I dropped my pencil and closed my Math IB textbook. I adjusted the lights a bit and took out my history book.

My name is Fukai Nagamasa. Both my parents parted from this world after I was born, so I don’t have any real memories of them. I’m really grateful to them for not giving me a weird name like “Marusu” ((Meaning Mars)) or “Uchuu” ((Meaning Universe)).

I hated the things they taught me at school. Or more precisely, I hated the teachers that ordered you to remember stuff you might never need.

That was why I was not that determined to study for the tests. I’d rather hear and learn stuff that is directly connected with daily life. It seemed that I was the only student who wished to learn stuff like that though.

In today’s education, it is probably wishful thinking, but if they couldn’t teach me, I could at least try to teach myself. That was why my favorite subject was history.

“History is just remembering stuff, right?”

I had a couple of classmates who made remarks like that, but it was like those guys didn’t get it at all.

“History is not just about remembering stuff; it’s there to allow the people of this age to find themselves.”

This is what many historians agreed upon.

“If you don’t find history for yourself it won’t show it’s essence to you.” When I was in my darkest time of the so-called 8th-grade syndrome (which honestly I’m still stuck in), I read a lot of history books from the library, and many historians said those same words.

Me of that time was still too young. Those with eighth grade syndrome have a greater desire for knowledge. To create the name of a dark god, or to find a cool way to talk, those kids just keep absorbing various things just like how a dry sponge absorbs water.

What I desired was knowledge to live in that time. ‘This will be necessary once I own my own country’ was the desire that came from my eighth-grader syndrome delusions. What sort of politic actions did the politicians take in the past and how did the people react to them? What sort of situations did the economy encounter and how did people do their work? What kind of culture was there in the society back then and how did the people live? I thought about using this knowledge as a reference later in my life.

Then when I discovered history also had Economic history and Governmental history, I lost interest in both political science and economics. The reason is that history is built on facts and political science and economics are mostly built on theories. Which makes history a lot more meaningful in my head.

To throw away the “conviction” of theories and instead pile up all the facts one by one is a much more wonderful way to learn things.

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As a result, I managed to learn a lot of accurate stuff, like how Japan and Western Europe developed their economy and government in the past or what sort of confrontation occurred between the government and its people.

My wristwatch was pointing out that it was 3 o’clock.

‘Crap, I need to get studying.’

It looks like I got too excited reading history books again. I picked up and opened the Math IIB textbook that I threw aside a while ago.

‘Ugh.. so tired.’

Before I realized it my watch was already pointing at 4:30. I was so sleepy that I couldn’t go on anymore.

I resigned myself and set the alarm clock to 6 o’clock. I’ll take a nap. If I sleep for a bit, I’ll feel refreshed.

‘If I wake up at six and study seriously for another hour then…’

I slipped into my bed thinking and had all the intention of sleep but…

“Sir, it’s time to wake up.”


When I opened my eyes, I was laying in a futon inside a luxurious tatami-matted room, and a young boy with a semi topknot like hairstyle was standing beside me trying to wake me up. While being dumbfounded by the situation I was made to wear a pretty thick kimono and hakama ((Hakama: A man’s formal divided skirt.)) and to top it off they put an eboshi ((Eboshi: A black-lacquered headgear (made of silk, cloth or paper) originally worn by court nobles in ancient Japan, and afterward spreading to the common people.)) on my head. I was unable to grasp the current situation.

“Nagamasa-sama, as for the arrival of the Oda family to our lands, would it be alright if we leave the plan as is?”

“Yes, leave it as it is.”

Even though I was panicking in the start, I slowly calmed down as I got a grasp of the situation little by little. First of all, it looks like I’m recognized by the name of “Nagamasa.” Plus if I take into account that everyone acts so humble in my presence and that the masses of burly men are carrying their crops to what appears to be the central building, I can conclude that I’m probably the boss of these lands. And then there’s the “Oda Family” name.

‘Could this be…’

I swallowed my saliva with a gulp.

“Give this year a name please.”


The great hall became deadly silent. What did they ask of me just now, I don’t understand.

“You can’t say something rude to the boss,” was the feeling that floated between the men.

“Lord Nagamasa, today is the 10th year of the Eiroku Era.” ((Eiroku Era: A period of time in Japan between February 28, 1558, and April 23, 1570))

Exclaimed one of the men in the great hall. I directed my gaze to the man and nodded with a “yes.” Just by heavily fixing my waist and moving my body a little I was somehow able to create a sublime atmosphere.

“This year will be a turning point.”

When I heard the number 10, I immediately responded with what came to my head first. Just by saying that a great “Ohhhh!” was heard from all around the great hall.

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You people are way too simple.

“I am filled with vitality as you can see and the head of the Oda Family is also in his prime.”

After saying that, the old man closest to me gave me a meaningful look. I felt like the old man wanted to say something so I gave him a nod to transmit a “Go on.”

“Certainly, Nobunaga Oda-sama is already 33 years old, and Nagamasa-sama reached 22 years already! Oh my, once again I want to congratulate you both! Even though we find ourselves in a civil war, in this important year, you are able to form an alliance through marriage between the two houses! It’s truly a moment to rejoice!”

Everyone in the great hall responded with a loud “yeah!”. While thinking to myself that “I’m not 22 though”, I nodded with conviction to the old man.

There’s no longer any doubt in my mind; I became Nagamasa Azai the Daimyo((Daimyo: Japanese feudal lord.)) of Omi((Omi: An old province in Japan.)) during the Sengoku Era.

After confirming the situation, my heart started thumping really loud, and cold sweat ran all over my body. I can’t believe that those fantastic stories I read from time to time in those Light Novels are happening to me right now… Without thinking, I grabbed my chest tightly.

‘And what do they mean by marriage?! I’m still a student?!’

Furthermore, my partner’s big brother is the supreme leader of the civil war period also known as the Sixth Demon King – Nobunaga Oda. And recalling the historical facts about the me right now, I know that I’m the dangerous guy that let his skeleton be dyed in gold and passed most of his time drinking around – Nagamasa Azai. This all felt surreal.

“Well then, let us finish this council here. So that we can face tomorrow in tip-top shape, let us all put in our greatest effort!”

The old man that spoke previously exclaimed in a loud voice that the council has ended. By the way, this old man seems to be called Sukechika Azai. His words seem to carry great weight in this great hall. If memory serves me right, he is one of Nobunaga’s households most influential military commanders who cooperated in an active way with Nobunaga on their alliance.

‘I have to make sure remember this guy’s name…!’

I was extremely anxious. If I make one wrong move or say something wrong to my subordinates, I could cause giant ripples. For example, the fact that Nobunaga Oda was killed in Honnoji by Akechi Mitsuhide is a famous piece of history. If I were to leak that, it could change the course of history. Even saying someone’s name wrong could cause a giant ripple to occur in this age.

This is why I’ve been holed up in my room throughout the day and been frantically trying to gather whatever information I could ever since I woke up.

This is the day after I made a ‘trip’ to the Sengoku Era. I still have no clue how I got here.

The old man I talked about before, Sukechika Azai, took both military commanders Ujitane Anyouji and Naotsune Endo and headed towards the Nobunaga’s family territory earlier this morning.

Naotsune Endo is a well-known furious warrior to anyone that has at least some knowledge about this period. In the battle of Anegawa where both the Azai and Oda Clan confronted each other, he tried to raid Oda’s stronghold by himself turning it into an insane incident.

On the other hand, Ujitane Anyouji seems to be the main intermediary for this marriage between the Azai and the Oda.

By the way, when these three people came to greet me, I thought it would be bad to send away my retainers without thanking them, so I invited them to my room and took out some tea. They literally started crying out loud with dripping noses and tears pouring down their cheeks while drinking the tea. They didn’t stop crying and being choked up with tears until they finally left.

To be honest, my first thought was ‘What’s with these guys?’ but then I remembered that during the civil war it was a really unusual and considered a special treat for a subordinate to be invited for a cup of tea to the personal quarters of one of the Daimyo’s family heads. That’s right, the sense of values are completely different with now and those in the future. I completely forgot about it. Even though most historians kept reminding that “The way of thinking that people have now is completely different from those in the past.”

With this and that happening around me, I was eventually made to wear a heavy ceremonial dress by the nobles around noon. I was pretty sure that the wedding ceremony would be held this night, but it seems to be common sense, that in this civil war period, it won’t be held tonight.

I’m sure that the bride will come here to Odani Castle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be meeting today. For now, I’ll be staying in my room in the castle and tomorrow the wedding ceremony will be held.

The huge uproar and hassle in the castle are a testimony to that. The little sister of Nobunaga Oda the Daimyo who restored the Owari Province and took the Mino Province is coming after all. That’s why there is no room for error.

Frankly, I already resigned myself to this fate. To start with, I have traveled back to the Sengoku Era and as such returning to my previous time will probably deem difficult. The other reason is that the name “Nagamasa” is the same as before, so I’m not too uncomfortable with it. So, at any rate, the only thing that changed is that my surname changed from “Fukai” to “Azai”…

Besides, I didn’t have any attachment to my previous life. On the contrary, the world where I’m not pushed to study for exams seems to fit better with me.

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What I wanted to learn was the ‘experiences of life.’ Thus, in this civil war period, the things I will learn are indeed these ‘experiences of life.’

Furthermore, if I use my knowledge of history, I’m sure this domain will develop just fine. So I’ll be getting the knowledge I wished for, and I can use the knowledge I obtained in my previous life, so it’s a win-win situation. What’s more, the unparalleled beauty that even the future world speaks of, Oichi Nobunaga will become my wife. I might have resigned myself to this fate too easily, but under these circumstances, it was a no-brainer.

“It’s decided. Since it has come to this, I will develop both this province and Oichi thoroughly!”
I exclaimed with a firm tone alone in my room.

However, I would come to regret the naivety of my decision.

After the wedding ceremony and then getting away from the noise of the dancing and singing in the great hall, what was waiting for me was the “consummation of marriage ceremony,” the so-called “First night.”

In the darkness of the room, only the faint light coming from the garden lanterns made you able to see a little. Those faint lights illuminated a single futon and a woman sitting on the floor with black hair.

Honestly, I completely underestimated her.

The so-called “unparalleled beauty” Oichi. Her figure appears in many history books and is documented in multiple collections from Japan. When looking at those books, even though the image is quite crude, I thought ‘this girl must be pretty normal in that age’ while sneering, but it wasn’t like that at all. The real deal is amazing.

There was a goddess in front of me. Even if you put her next to actresses or gravure idols of my previous life, there would be no doubt who would win.

Her black glossy hair flowed down like silk, and her smooth and pure white skin added up to her vibrant contrast. Her moistened eyes were big and round, and the bridge of her nose was quite high.

And more than anything, her figure is way too good. On my way to this room with her, I was surprised that our heights nearly matched. She must be 170 centimeters at the very least.

This is without a doubt an “unequaled beauty.” No, at this level it would be safe to say she is an “unrivaled beauty.”

I quietly took a seat in front of her. After doing so, she bowed, and after lowering her head while pressing her fingers against the floor, she rose up and looked at me with upturned eyes.

“I am Oichi. Nagamasa-sama, once again, I’ll be in your care from now on…”

I am impressed. How amazing is this! This Yamato Nadeshiko((Yamato Nadeshiko: Is a Japanese term meaning the “personification of an idealized Japanese woman,” or “the epitome of pure, feminine beauty.”)) that most Japanese people in my previous life have forgotten is right in front of me.

If I were to raise this graceful daughter of a nobleman completely like a woman… How would she turn out?

“That’s right, just like in an ero-doujin((Ero-Doujin: Word used as a shorthand for doujinshi. A Doujinshi is an amateur manga publication, featuring either a cast of original characters and plot or characters from another manga or anime. The word “Ero” is derived from “Erotic,” and so it’s used in porn books.)). Just like an ero-doujin.”


Crap. It looks like I said it out loud while thinking about it. Oichi inclined her neck a little and asked me.

“Umm, Nagamasa-sama… what sort of thing is an ‘ero-doujin’?”

“Un, well… it’s like a textbook.”

I responded like that. I wonder what she imagined when I said textbook? To be honest, I am quite curious about it. Oichi’s face went red on the spot. But more importantly, I’m almost at my limit.


When I gently pushed her down on the futon, Oichi turned away her gaze out of embarrassment. When her black hair spread all over the futon, she looked beautiful.

“It’s okay.”

I whispered in her ear while brushing her cheek with my hand.

“I’ll do you properly.”

“Like that um… e-ero-doujin thing?”

My ‘son’((When he says “son” he is referring to his penis, the word in Japanese 息子 means both “Son” and “Penis.”)) reached its limit when she said it with such an embarrassing tone. I pulled down her kimono and exposed her shoulders. They were pure white, then upon swallowing deeply, I took my first step into my “Oichi development plan.”