NIW Chapter 2: First Night with Oichi

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It is the first night with Oichi. The ”first time” should be, how should I say it, like, I think it’s nice to enjoy the girl’s awkwardness that is similar to being tired out. Although there aren’t many people that may agree with me.

Oichi’s body is white and smooth. I exposed her shoulder and nape, then gently caressed her collarbone. Her skin was soft, compelling me to touch it forever. The sensation was similar to stroking high-quality silk.

Oichi’s body would sometimes struggle while under me, as she attempted to fasten her kimono to her exposed chest. I wonder if the women in this age also think ”being seen is embarrassing”? I felt like being a bit mean, and decided to lick the nape of her neck.


Oichi’s sensitive body reacts as she tries to escape from the sensation of my tongue. However, I won’t allow that. I place my hand on Oichi’s left shoulder and stop her from getting away.

“Aa…Ahh… Nagamasa-sama…”

“What is it Oichi?”

I whispered in her ear, referring to her without the honorific or her title “Lady”. I run my hand from her side to her waist with my left hand, as my right hand was on her shoulder. Oichi murmured delicately with a crimson-red face while timidly shaking her body.

“Ha~… It’s embarrassing…”

“That’s it, it’s because it’s embarrassing.”

“But… it’s completely different than what I have heard from onee-sama…”

I smiled wickedly as I start biting on Oichi’s earlobe, using my head to the fullest to mobilize all my knowledge. Oichi said “” who is said to be Nobunaga’s wife, which was a memento from the famous Saitō Dōsan. There are various theories floating about that said she died with her husband in Honno-ji Temple, while another theory suggests that she was alive and lived her life in Kyoto. However, this knowledge was not important at the moment.

“Hey, Oichi

“Ye-…Yes, Nagamasa-sama…”

-sama, what did she teach you again?”

When I raised my body and asked while looking at Oichi from above, she closed her eyes tightly and moved her bright red face aside. Mn, it’s cute. It makes me want to bully her more. I took the chance and went for Oichi’s kimono, finally exposing her chest to my heart’s content.


“You don’t want me to see?”

“N-Not really…! It’s just, it’s embarrassing…”

“If that’s the case…”

I scoop up her abundant breast and proceeded to massage it. My voice almost leaked out in astonishment, that’s how superb the view is. Two pure white mountain swaying like waves. Then on the top of the swaying mountain lies a light peach color. Seeing this spectacle, the fact that I didn’t grab the captivating breast of Oichi was praiseworthy.

“Tell me, what did -sama teach you about manners in the bedroom?”

“Ah…W-well, er…”

I massage her breast up and down slowly. I massage and caress gently, and sometimes I put more power on my hand and rub it harder.

“Not going to tell me?”

“Bu-…But…Such a thing is immodest…”

As Oichi writhes, I use both of my hands to grasp her breast, and a deep valley was shown. Indeed, such an amazing sight. If I stick my son in here, I bet it will feel even more pleasant, but now is not yet the time.

“Then, why did Oichi come here?”


Oichi’s face is red, but she properly looks at me and said.

“The Oda clan and Azai clan in the future will walk hand in hand, and we both will walk together-“


Using my middle finger, I flicked both of Oichi’s nipples.


Oichi cried slightly as she raised her waist. As she noticed the volume of her voice, she bashfully hides her face with both of her hands.

“Hey Oichi, did you hear that?”


Oichi doesn’t answer as she covers her face. If it was I who uttered that voice some time ago, I would be considerably embarrassed as well. Taking advantage of the situation, I proceeded to lick the tip of her white, soft breast that has never been touched by any other man before.


Oichi let out her lewdest sound so far as she pinned my head down. I don’t know whether I should stop or continue.

In this situation, I would just interpret it, however, I’d like. Of course, the action I chose is licking her erect nipples, softly putting them in between my lips, and then biting them softly once in awhile to arouse her. Well, as a man, naturally this is the proper response to get.

“N-No! D-Don’t lick under there…Iyaa…Nuu!”

Oichi, you”

I ask Oichi, as I move and raise both her breasts.

“Whose wife are you?”


“What I’m trying to say is…”

As her body shakes slightly, Oichi stares at me with moistened eyes and ragged breathing. I played around with Oichi’s breast and thought that she somewhat looks like a puppy.

“I want to be certain about this… Are you a “Bride of the Azai clan” or the “Bride of Nagamasa Azai”, which is it?”


Oichi cast down her eyes, looking troubled. That’s right, in the Sengoku Era, when the Daimyo’s get into a matrimonial relationship, they only usually serve 3 big purposes. Namely: to take a hostage, form an alliance, or usurp the other clan. In the Sengoku Era society, where love between men and women was unnecessary, the reality was that marriages between clans were mainly profit-seeking endeavors. Which means that women aren’t married to the individual, but instead for the benefit of the clan, so they need to be vigilant in order to not be taken advantage of. And the opposite can also be said. As a matter of fact, it was already a common practice.

However, at the very least, I don’t want such a barbaric matrimonial relationship, I don’t want such a lonely relationship with Oichi.

While rubbing her breasts and coating them well with saliva, I brought my face closer to Oichi.

“Listen well, Oichi.”

I firmly match my eyes with Oichi’s. Face flushed red, moistened eyes, and sweat also dripping from her forehead accompanied with disheveled hair. Simply just that, can emit such fierce sexual allure.

“Honestly, I’m confused about this marriage.”


Oichi’s eyes open widely. The look of uneasiness can be clearly grasped. Therefore, to dispel the uneasiness, I caress her cheek gently.

“However, the result is great. Oichi, you are an extremely great woman. To the extent that you don’t suit me at all.”


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Oichi shakes her head in disapproval, denying my claim.

“That is not true! Nagamasa-sama is a wonderful person! Aniue-sama thinks of Nagamasa-sama very highly, too! Furthermore, I…”

“Ah, yeah.”

I thought so. The unusual young talent that remains in Japanese history, Nagamasa Azai, who’s clan became independent from his father’s generation from Rokkaku clan, and then amassed great influence in Northern Omi. It’s natural that Nobunaga would want to win over Nagamasa to his side, and would also think so highly to send over Oichi who is also his younger sister. The pure-hearted Oichi would hear the heroic tales of Nagamasa from Nobunaga, which would then awaken her affection. By the way, the women of this period aren’t allowed to act freely much, and speaking of a love that was worth listening to, hearing heroic tales of her partner who she has not met, it was normal that she would fall in love.

But I am not the “Nagamasa-sama” that Oichi heard from the heroic tales that Nobunaga has told her. Because I’m not the Nagamasa Azai which people learned from Japanese history, and I just had no choice but to replace him.

Oichi, tell me.”

I ask with a serious tone while playing with Oichi’s lips with my fingertips.

“Are you a bride of the Azai clan or my bride?”

Oichi slowly got up as she embraced me who was nervous. It gives me a mixed feeling of security and arousal when the pair of soft hills smash together into my chest.


In my chest, Oichi tries to slowly speak her words clearly. Not willing to miss hearing any of her words, I hug Oichi’s shoulders to my chest.

“I’m, Nagamasa-sama’s wife…”

“That so.”

“Yes, although I met Nagamasa-sama for the first time today…”

Oichi smiles sweetly as she strongly embraces me.

“I understood at first glance. It’s really nice… For me to become your dear wife.”

“…Thank you.”


I drop a kiss onto Oichi, not only once but time and time again. Then, Oichi’s body gradually loses strength and finally falls back onto the futon. As I look into her face, behind her extreme shyness were, I could see feelings of passion and lust mixed in.

Oichi, you are my dear wife.”

“Yes…..! Hah… Oichi, Oichi….. is Nagamasa-sama’s wife.”

I, being on top, overlap her lips with mine. Although Oichi still felt embarrassed, she accepted my kiss while feeling heated.

Both of my hands caress all over her body. Her smooth back, narrow waist, toned stomach, and soft butt… I couldn’t endure, so I inserted my tongue into her mouth. Sensing my tongue, Oichi fell in a daze as her body grew timid.


My tongue reaches hers. Surprised, she tries to pull back inside. My tongue then pursues and pokes hers which then tensed up. Continuing from before, her tongue resigned and eventually loses its stiffness.

I won’t overlook it. For Oichi to surrender her mouth, I entangle my tongue around hers.


Oichi body trembles timidly. The more I entangle my tongue, the more she trembles. Apparently, her tongue seems to be her erogenous zone.

“Yah~…Ugh, No…Nagamasa-sama~…Don’t…Donn’tt~…Nnn…”

However, she appears to be desperately refusing pleasure. Whatever the reason is, Nagamasa didn’t know it. Because of her desperately averting her face, I give up giving her a french kiss. Having no other choice, I return to her abundant chest– then I suddenly noticed.

‘That’s right, I’m originally not from this world.’

I remember reading an article about the history of Japanese clans. In Japan, before the time that women’s rights were recognized, it was considered taboo for women to actively seek pleasure from sex. In other words, Oichi who is resisting her own lust is the ordinary attitude that a normal female would show in this time–.

However, it was said in the article. That it was taboo for women to get pleasure from sex if that is the public principle it will come to an end. Human beings establish customs to moderate so that people will not be criticized by the eyes of society.

Remembering that, I took Oichi’s lips forcefully inserting my tongue inside as I lick around. Oichi put up resistance, but disregarding it, I crawl my tongue over her gums and under jaw.

The will to resist gradually vanishes from her body, as she finally relaxes completely. Her body then trembles as she starts to feel the pleasure I was giving.

“Aah~…… Nagamasa-sama~…”

Releasing her mouth, Oichi, with sleepy eyes, takes advantage and raises her voice.

“What is it, Oichi


When I asked the question, she put her hand on my chest as if she was expecting something. She rose up as she approached. I, who was confident, was about to push my son, who lost control, into her crotch– but stopped.

Brushing her head gently, she purred, also showing a gentle smile. While caressing her body with one hand for some time, I neared my mouth towards her ear while she wasn’t paying attention and asked.

Oichi… Can you hear me?”

“Yes, what is it? Ah…”

Oichi completely melted to a sweet voice, which runs a pleasant sensation along my spine. Dangerous, it’s gradually becoming unbearable. If poorly done I will soon explode by accident before I insert it. Something like that, Oichi’s body and voice can surely tempt any men. To whoever can embrace such a wonderful woman as his wife will be the luckiest man in the world– Well, it’s me right now.

However, for this reason, I think. To not develop this supreme woman to my liking, then I can’t call myself a man!

She has the heart of a maiden, but the husband, who sometimes embraces her, gives her pleasure like a prostitute while her back trembles. Although as I finish the act, and as her true self returns and blushes in embarrassment, I earnestly agonize for this peerless beautiful girl–Ah, isn’t she supreme? And I, who is the husband to Oichi, will personally develop her into the ideal wife.

However, I will not force it. Oichi will first know a man today and become a woman. If I leave an unpleasant image during sex, future development projects would be interrupted, and I don’t want there to be bad blood with something I hold dear. It is absolutely necessary when having her learn pleasure, to moderate between teasing and being gentle because of her shyness. No doubt, as a fellow man said: “It is easier said than done”.

Oichi… Would you tell me?”

“Yes… If it’s for Nagamasa-sama.”

It seems that Oichi’s words have considerably softened; it must be because her heart has dissolved from sexual activities. While relieving the tension by rubbing her soft chest, I ask Oichi.

“Please tell me, between you and me… What do you expect from a husband? … Is there some technique you’d like to use in the bedroom?”

“Th-…That’s… Yaan~”

As I caress and rub my wife’s nipple, her obscene body shakes timidly. But unlike before, the mood seems to somehow be advancing.

Oichi, you are my wife. My only wife. I’ll live with you, hand in hand. Therefore, I want to know everything about you… Is that just my selfishness?”


Oichi’s face turned to one filled with intense lust, finally seeming to resign herself. With both of her soft hands, she grabs mine and guides them to her chest.

“Uhm…Onee-sama said M-…M-Men… Uh, in the bedroom, men usually start by playing with women’s breasts.”


I start massaging both of her abundant breasts with my hands, as I asked Oichi “What’s next?”.

“And then… A gentleman on the woman’s teat… Aah…”

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My fingertips crawl on Oichi’s areola while being careful as to not touch the nipples. On occasion, her body will wriggle lewdly; is it because of the worry from the constant pleasure, or the desire to stimulate her nipples? Before long, Oichi’s ideals vanished as she resigned herself and says,

“The way you are licking my teat is… like a child sucking…”


“Yes… Aah… Mou~ Stop it, this is embarrassing Nagamasa-sama…”

“Don’t say such things, I’m doing what you told me.”

“Aah… Don’t…Don’t please…”

I lick and suck her teat as Oichi said.

“Is this good? Here.”

“Pl-….Please stop…Nn!”

“Well, this is good. No matter what Oichi, this time here I will embrace you.”

As I whispered in her ears, I played with Oichi erect nipple with my fingertips, in order to discipline her.

“Don’t say teat, won’t you say nipple?”

“Ah…Aah, ni-nipple…”

“That’s right, there will be a punishment if you don’t say it, so learn it.”

“I-I understand…Ah~…”

Nevertheless, no matter what period, I think all men will do the same. Men are weak to breasts; I think this is a universal fact in human history.

Even though the various techniques men used have advanced, the essential contents are not that different from what it was in the past. While thinking of my slight discovery, I tore off Oichi’s nipple which I was teasing. She seems to react sensitively somehow when I pluck my tongue off from her sharp nipples. I will remember that.

“Hey, Oichi, what’s next?”

“U-Uhm… Err… Uu… Nagamasa-sama.”

Anyways, I have a daring, sinister face as I urge Oichi, who is hesitating to continue.

“Then I won’t understand anything at all? I want to know more about you…”



I tenderly embrace her in my arms, as she began to shed tears. The noble daughter of Oda who has been declared as an unrivaled beauty is sobbing under my chest. It seems I teased her too much. Hmm, I don’t really know how to hold back.

As an apology, I catch her chin with my fingers as I gently kiss her. Tears run down in front of me.

That’s right, that’s right. The women of this age, especially ones like the Noble Daughter of Oda, would not even think that in their first night their husband would tease them…

After spending some time kissing, Oichi takes a breath and looks, as our mutual lips create a silver bridge. Thus, I lead my hand down to her secret place.

“The teat…No… Ni-nipple, the man would continue sucking the nipple…”

The sound of damp water rises, as my fingers become slippery. At the same time, Oichi’s body jumped.

“Ah… That, a splendid woman will be penetrated here, and can produce tons of children.”

-sama taught you that?”

“Th-That is right…AH, AH! P-please, stop Nagamasa-sama! Don-Aah!”

As I inserted my finger inside of Oichi and shake vigorously as I rub her clitoris with my palm which caused Oichi’s body a huge convulsion as she tenses tightly inside. …It seems that she climaxed. Oh well, her body has been caressed and tormented since a while ago.

“Uu~…. Uuu~….”

But putting that aside, the problem now is that Oichi started to genuinely cry. Well, I’m horrible; didn’t I just think a while ago to not overdo it. Although, it is self-justified that it was inevitable. When a peerless beauty opens her body defenselessly, you can no longer keep reason during your first night.

With that said, it can’t be helped if this is the only excuse. As to lift Oichi’s mood, I bent over and leave behind a rain of kisses on her.

“My apo-… My apologies, Nagamasa-sama…”

Oichi sobbed uncontrollably, as she earnestly apologizes. Though nothing bad happened, I’m at fault.

“But I… But I!… It’s our first time! I didn’t want to give the impression I was a shameful and lewd woman who “had feelings through having sex”! Such a woman, I definitely did not want Nagamasa-sama to think poorly of…”

“–That’s okay.”

While holding Oichi tightly, a feeling of extraordinary happiness wrapped around me. My mouth, arms, body, and Oichi made me feel good. It’s simply great to be born a male. Even if it doesn’t match women’s sense of values in this period, I still feel extreme happiness.

“Hey… Oichi, do you dislike me?”

“… Nagamasa-sama is mean, but I don’t dislike it. I can never hate you…”

“That so. Then why? If so, why do you reject the pleasure I’m giving you?”


“I want Oichi, who’s receiving me, to feel good. I don’t desire for you to feel unpleasant.”

So, when remembering above all, Oichi’s resistance to the sexual pleasure, I–as the good husband– am entirely at fault. In this period, the wife can’t defy the wishes of the husband. In this case, the wife can’t refuse the pleasure which her husband is giving.

I’m completely at fault; it was inevitable that it will feel good. If she shifts the responsibility, it is possible to advance to the next stage of Oichi Development Project.

“I’m not bad…?”

“You’re not.”

“Is it ok, to feel good…?”

“It’s ok.”

“Do you despise such a shameful woman…?”

“There is no way I would. You’re my wife, and I’m glad that I can have you as one.”

“I… I understand…”

Oichi smiles as she gently caresses my chest.

Nagamasa-sama is somewhat similar to my esteemed older brother.”

“I’m like Nobunaga-sama?”

“Yes… destroying the concept of common sense one after another, and taking in the new world… just like a man.”

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“Is that so.”

“Somehow…I feel relieved.”

Mn, this interaction which is based on what I have done, no doubt she is a goddess. Well, for me, who wants to take Oichi, you can say this is a world dazzled with lust. If I say anything now at this stage, all trust will certainly be lost, so I remain silent.

With the tip of my finger, I lifted up Oichi’s bangs and kissed her, causing her heart to melt. As I stroke her back and stomach while giving her a french kiss, I then touch her vagina with my fingertips her body twitched in response, but I paid it no heed and simply continued. She writhes earnestly in my arms as she utters a cute panting moan. Aah, I’m getting hornier… A water-like sound could be heard as viscous liquid gushes out of Oichi’s vagina, and with that, my heart started beating excitedly.

I separate my body from Oichi’s and rub my “son” against her crotch. Our body fluids mix, creating a lewd gushing sound. Oichi’s body rises up slightly, and looking at this lewd play with senile eyes, I smile.

I fit my “son” into Oichi’s crotch as I slowly thrust my hips. She closes her eyes with a calm expression, offering no resistance at all. Turning this girl into a woman, I’m already prepared to make her my wife. As expected of Princess of a samurai clan, brave.

“Ah~…Aah~… Uu~…”

However, Oichi can’t conceal her anguished voice. Her meat hole is severely small, warm, and fleshy. Being amazed at receiving her first man, her fleshy walls try to push me out, refusing any. The peerless beauty in history, parts with the proof of her maidenhood that she can never get back.

‘Now, I’ll do considerable damage if I overdo it.’

I came to a conclusion. There are truly many different varieties of people with various reactions to the hymen. There are girls who act cool when torn quickly, while the other girls are acute to pain and can’t stand up for a day. Oichi might be the latter. Surely enough, I’ve already broken through the hymen in the narrow vaginal hole; in this case, her tight fleshy walls, which refuses a man like a fortress, is the proof of a woman who will be an excellent bearer (of children).

I’ve decided to change strategy. I stop moving, with only the tip inside her.

“Na-Nagamasa-sama… Why did you stop…?”

Oichi asks in a weak tone. As I caress Oichi’s head, I kiss her deeply. Oichi responds happily; this is a nice trend. I grope her chest with my left hand and felt her clitoris with the other while lustily devouring her mouth.


Oichi’s body shook greatly for a moment as I touch her clitoris with the tip of my finger. Covering her mouth, I tenderly come back to the woman’s greatest erogenous zone.

My “son”, with the tip still in, still felt a lot of love juice flowing out. The figure of Oichi being– violated in her mouth while her nipples are being toyed with. Her clitoris being played with, while the glans still sits inside her vagina. Aah, if I’ve ever go back to my original world again, I’d like to have a video of this. What reaction would Oichi show when she objectively sees her own silliness? That dream won’t come true, but I can still wish for it.

“Aah~, Stop… stop moving, Nagamasa-sama…!”

“It may not be to your liking, but don’t you want to feel good? Already your love juices are flowing, my waist too is becoming sticky waiting to move on.”

“N-no… That’s not true… not true Nagamasa-sama…”

“Would you say it feels good? It sounds like it feels really good.”

“AH~….AAH~… DON’T. NO NO NO… UAA~… Nnnn!!”

It was like a vice was firmly clutching my glans. I pushed my waist out with all my strength the moment I felt a contraction. Then I slip my “proud son” inside Oichi’s meat hole, and was swallowed tightly.


Oichi voiced a completely sweet cry and is intoxicated from the afterglow of the climax. It hardly seems she feels the pain of losing her virginity. That’s right, humans’ sense of pain is managed by the brain. Because the brain is busy controlling the hormones for pleasure, even if the pain is signaled for a slight moment while the head is filled with pleasure, for example– the moment of climax, it can’t accurately convey the pain signals.

“Thank you, Oichi.”


As I caressed Oichi’s cheek, she had an expression of true happiness as she added her hand to mine.

“Next… I’m sorry, Oichi.”

“What do you mean?…”

“I’ll pull out soon, just for a moment, did it felt good?”

Oichi smiled when I ask that while our lower bodies were still connected.

“I’ve already felt pleasant enough as is… If my husband isn’t able to feel good, then I’ve failed as a wife.”

“Thank you.”

As I drop to lightly kiss Oichi, I began to shake my waist at full strength with the intention to ejaculate. Basically, I’d still like to see the state of a woman agonized with overwhelming pleasure, but still, I have to end this pleasantly.


My glans reaches the deepest part of Oichi. While my “proud son” pokes the womb’s entrance ahead, Oichi writhes in agony. However, I feel really good. To put it this way, it can’t be helped that the length of my “son” exceeds the depth of Oichi’s vagina. Pushing in far enough to bully the tip of her womb is something I would like to develop, but it seems it will take some time.

“Ya~… No~… Deep~… It’s Deep~!”

“I’m sorry, please endure it a bit.”

“Nn~… Nn~… Haa~…Aah~…”

As I repeatedly penetrated her, I notice Oichi’s state gradually change. The vaginal wall, which use to refuse a man completely, now flatters my stiff, hard penis as it tightly squeezes to wring out semen.

Nagamasa-sama…Nagamasa-sama…Nagamasa-SAMA… NAGAMASA-SASAMAa…”

Is she familiar with it? Oichi, who is now writhing in agony as she beautifully calls my name in a weak voice, tightens firmly while I move my waist to a missionary position. While Oichi’s beautiful, large breasts shake intensely as they follow the rhythmic movements of her lower waist, the feeling of ejaculation also swells up.

“It seems to be gradually getting better, isn’t it…!?”

“Noo~… This…”

Although toying with her body must’ve felt good, Oichi hides her face shyly with both hands. I took both of her hands with one of mine and pressed them atop her head. Oichi shakes her head in refusal, but I didn’t yield. No, I want you to show me your foolishness more because you’re pretty.

Alas, it’s sad that men have time limits. To be able to endure this much when nearly going all out, either I’m a professional or the main character of a light novel or an eroge.

The peerless beauty pinned down and laid out before me, is showing such an unladylike appearance. I deprive her of her virginity and now will implant my pleasure into her pure body. Suppressing both of her breasts, which were swaying rhythmically with her hips, I licked around her stiff nipples and sucked. Oichi released a lovely voice as she clings to me.

“Going to pull out…!”


As I grind my waist to rub on Oichi’s clitoris, I force the tip of my “son” against her womb. Soon, trembling fearfully, I couldn’t endure the abrupt tightness inside her vagina, and with all my strength, the amount of sperm I accumulated exploded inside her innermost part. I released Oichi’s waist while feeling nervous due to the sperm gushing out like an open faucet.

Nagamasa… sama…”

As her feeble hand, which stuck out unsteadily mid-air, was grasped, she shut her eyes in relief. The breathing of a person sleeping was soon heard. As expected, she used up all her strength for her first time.

While hesitating to pull out my “son”, which was feeling really good inside her, after a while, I finally decided to unwillingly to pull out.

Gopori- As her flattering meat hole spreads, an indecent sound is made, and a yellow-tinged cloudy liquid spills down her fine butt and spreads into the futon.

‘Aah, the person who is in charge of morning cleaning is going to have difficulties.’

Giving the impression that it’s someone else’s problem, I hug Oichi with both of my arms. It’s warm, soft, and feels so good… This is the best hugging pillow ever.

‘However, I can’t only have sex with Oichi.’

Yes, there is a lot to do. Because I am the Sengoku Daimyo Nagamasa Azai and the brother-in-law of Nobunaga Oda. I must use diplomacy for domestic affairs, and operate the military if necessary. I would likely betray or be betrayed at times, but that’s the Sengoku Era.

‘My environment will change greatly tonight. The true bout will start tomorrow morning…’

The bridal night with Oichi also ended safely for the time being. From now on, I will handle Political affairs in the day, and hold Oichi at night.


As Nagamasa made up his mind once more, caressing the cheek of Oichi who is calmly breathing as she sleeps. I will work hard and train strenuously to protect my life and my beautiful wife–Mn, that’s not bad. I think that ideal lifestyle isn’t bad at all.

Early morning in the Sengoku Era. While firmly embracing Oichi, I fell into a deep slumber.