NIW Chapter 10: Development of my wife Part 1

Having finished my business, I entered Oichi’s room; there she was waiting for me sitting on her knees in the center of the room. As soon as she confirmed my presence, Oichi stuck out three fingers and lowered her head deeply. The maids lowered their heads to me as well as they left the room.

The faint light of the lantern hanging from the ceiling illuminated the dim room. I took Oichi’s hand and went towards the futon laid out for us. I sat down cross-legged in the center of the futon and sat her down on my lap. Oichi’s cheeks were flushed in embarrassment, however expecting to receive some pleasure from me she leaned back onto my chest.

As I took and threw aside her bridal and seasonal clothes, to try and make her feel safe, I caressed her head and shoulders slowly and gently. Doing so made her melt and immediately after she began giving a feverish look towards my direction.

Kissing the nape of her neck made Oichi’s body tremble with a shiver, and whenever I used my teeth, she would jump a little with a twitch. When I separated my mouth from her neck, a red kiss mark was left where my mouth was. The proof of my conquest that I left behind on her pure white skin. Watching this as I tasted every single pleasure in succession, I slowly guided one of my hands inside her undergarment and began touching her rich, soft and at the same time elastic breast.

“Were you hoping for this…?”

“Th-that’s not…”

Trying not to touch her nipple, I traced her areola with my fingertip turning Oichi’s breathing wild. Seeing that she began squirming her ass in a fidgeting way, made me laugh with a complacent smile.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you a little too restless…?”

“That’s well… Nagamasa-sama… Hnnn…”

I strengthened my embrace around Oichi and pressed my lips against hers. However this time unlike any previous ones, I didn’t immediately put my tongue in. Just pecking at her lips and sucking on them, waiting for her lively tongue to come out by itself.

“No… that is… no good…”

“It’s okay, isn’t it?”

Her lips opened up a little, and this time I thrust in my tongue. While making a dazed face, Oichi accepted my tongue. With a slurp I sucked her tongue making her body tremble with a twitch, once I poured some of my saliva in her mouth she drank it earnestly making her hips tremble, and as we entwined each other’s tongue, she clung on to me tightly.

“I’ll ask you once again, Oichi…”

I asked while looking at Oichi.

“You were hoping for this, right…?”

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“… Yes.”

Oichi looked down embarrassed. By doing so… she let her pure white neck exposed and defenseless. Tracing the pretty line that I made with the kiss marks that I left on her with my tongue, made Oichi grab tightly onto my arms, making her back stiffen and drained all her strength in one go. Her breathing turned even wilder, and her skin was flushed. Somehow it seemed that with only kissing and licking her neck made her reach an orgasm.

Maybe Oichi likes to be teased with words while I mess around with her body.

I pressed my lips against Oichi’s who was trembling in pleasure and teased the inside of her mouth with my saliva. Meanwhile, I took off her undergarments and let her beautiful naked body become completely exposed. Having reached her climax must have made her dizzy. While undressing my wife, her rich breasts became exposed to my eyes, while exhausted she leaned onto my chest.

Taking the narrow sash coiling around her waist, I covered both of her eyes and tied it on the back of her head. Having her field of vision taken away suddenly, Oichi, as expected, looked confused, struggling violently against my chest, desperately trying to remove the sash covering her eyes. However, I wasn’t going to let her do as she pleased. I forced Oichi’s body face down and tied both her arms, pinning her entire body down with one hand.

“No…! Nagamasa-sama, please stop…! This is scary…!”

“This is a punishment.”

Whispering that into her ears, Oichi gradually lost her will to resist.

“Just a while ago, you didn’t properly answer my question. This is a punishment for that, you understand?”

“… Yes.”

I feel that it’s an unreasonable reason, but ending up obeying even that is what makes her Oichi. That being said, teasing her way too much is a problem as well. Humans have their limits, after all; everyone has a limit to how much they can bear. If one treads around it too much, it will become a drawn-out resentment and might even turn into a vengeful tragedy. That’s why I whispered the following to the blindfolded Oichi.

“This is, something for Oichi to get to know me better… Forgive me.”

“To know Nagamasa-sama…?”

Oichi raised up her voice in doubt. She was taking my actions into account somehow after all. If I don’t properly follow it up, it might become an unpleasant experience. I gave Oichi a soft kiss and whispered into her ear.

“We creatures known as humans, shouldn’t just believe in what we can see with our unwise eyes. However, there is something that humans can see even without their vision… This is what we call “The heart.”

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“That’s right. It’s something that one might lose if they rely too much on their sense of vision…”

I continued while embracing Oichi tightly.

“Oichi, how are you feeling right now? Not looking with your eyes, how do you sense me right now? Try giving me an answer…”


While being blindfolded, Oichi placed her head on my chest, and while creeping both her arms around me, she murmured.

“It’s… warm. I feel a calm pulsation creating thumps… It’s very, gentle…”

“I see.”

I said so while kissing Oichi’s neck and ears.

“That’s the me you perceived. Even though we have become a couple, it hasn’t been that long. And then last night you told me that you wanted to bear my children… I felt like I wanted you to know more about me. More than anyone, I wanted you who I love so much to know about me, about the true me…”

“Na, Nagamasa-sama…!”

Well, it was something that I just made up just now. I felt like it would be bad if I didn’t follow up properly, so it’s an excuse that I made up in the spur of the moment. That being said, even though it was something that I made up just now, I wouldn’t call it a complete lie. Because in truth, I’m quite charmed with Oichi and in love with her.

Speaking of Oichi, she suddenly hugged me as if overcome by emotion; she desperately kept repeating words of apology while clinging onto my chest. Probably thinking something along the lines of “To doubt my husband even for a second… I’m such a terrible wife.” … If we were in the world where I come from, she would be the type that would get cheated on by some terrible man. As her husband, it worries me a little. I’m a bad man, so I really am not one to speak though.

As I kissed her once again, I slowly began fondling the lower side of her breast. As I closed in on her rich breasts feeling the deep chasm in between, I gently devoured her trembling nipples.

“N-nooo…! Nagamasa-sama that’s… scary!”

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I extended one arm, and as I touched Oichi’s face, I said…

“Feel me. The one who is touching you is me. Remove any idle thoughts you have and just focus on feeling me…”

“Nagamasa-sama… Nagamasa-sama…”

As I tampered with her rich breasts, Oichi kept calling my name as if in a delirium.

However, that is the situation I desired. A situation where Oichi could not see my appearance and where she only took pleasure from her body being teased while being in a pitch black world.

My objective is to print an image inside of her that says “Nagamasa-sama is an existence that gives me pleasure.” I wouldn’t go as far as calling it brainwashing, but it comes close to it. Then when she recognizes me as so, even if it means it will be accompanied by some pain when I develop her butt and uterus…

‘Nevertheless, he will still, make me feel good…’

I wonder if I can arrange the inside of her head like that… After that, our nightly relations will deepen further and further like a bottomless swamp.

“Oichi… You are so beautiful…”

“N-no… Why are you saying that now…”

“Don’t be so modest… I really think so from the bottom of my heart.”


“I love you my Oichi… Oichi that’s only mine…”

“M-me too…! Oichi, Oichi adores Nagamasa-sama more than anyone…!”

I can’t forget to properly praise and treat her gently from time to time. To develop her basically means to train her.

To train her, the so-called “carrot and stick policy” is needed. At this very moment, I’m teasing her with the blindfold that is the “stick” which she holds feelings of rejection for somewhere in her heart. While in that sea of agony, if I were to drop words of hope like “Beautiful,” “Pretty” or “Cute,” anyone no matter who it is, would be able to bear the agony. That way, even if it means sinking deeper in that sea, they would keep on embracing it until they eventually accept it.

Praising her with conceited words may come with a little embarrassment for her, however, whether or not she tosses aside those embarrassing feelings is directly linked to whether my wife will successfully develop sexually or not.

Until I was satisfied, I kept on licking and sucking on Oichi’s breasts and nipples and just like that I kept going further down until I finally arrived at her smooth abdomen. I stuck my ear to the area around her belly button and remained like that. I could not resist the faint temperature and her tender smell.