NIW Chapter 10: Development of my wife Part 2

I wonder how long I was like that. Oichi began fidgeting around with both arms as if worried and when she reached my head she began to brush it gently.

“Nagamasa-sama… is there any strange spot on Oichi’s body…?”

She said so in an insecure voice. However, there was no need for her to worry about that. I answered her with my ear still on her belly.

“It’s okay; your body is beautiful. It doesn’t have any strange spots at all.”

“Then, why didn’t you…”

Continue feeling me up down there? I think that is what she was about to say. Flustered, Oichi held her tongue. Hmmm, so cute. In response to that cuteness, I decided to confess to her honestly.

“You said you’d give birth to my child, right…?”

“Y-yes… Of course.”

Oichi’s waist moved with a twitch making my head shake a little.

“Oichi, can you feel on which part of your body my head is?”

“That’s, well… It’s my body, so… yes, clearly.”

I slowly lifted my body and crawled my tongue into the hole of her navel.

“You are going to conceive my child… with your womb down here… taking in lots of my semen.”

“A… AAAH…!”

Saying that line myself made me feel strangely unpleasant. So much as to make me run away from myself.

However, for Oichi who is completely in love with me, the situation seemed different. The moment I trusted my tongue into her navel, Oichi’s hips began convulsing in a way that they have never done before. That was a sign that she was reaching her climax, I could also perceive how the entrance to her womb beneath her belly began moving as if wanting to take something in. Just like Oichi’s lips were taking in my fingers this morning…



As I pressed against Oichi’s lips, her sweetness filled my head to the point where I couldn’t hold back anymore. I want to take that blindfold off and see those pretty eyes. I want to witness and convey each other’s excitement and passion.

However, this time I have to hold myself back. If I let myself be overtaken by my temporary lust, everything I have built up till now will crumble. Right now, I must completely train my wife’s body with pleasure and imprint the image that I want in her.

“You are my woman… I’ll train you to completely match my tastes…!”

With those words, Oichi’s hips trembled even further. Meanwhile, I was reaching my greatest objective of today. Having progressed further from a while ago, she could no longer muster up any strength and lost all her power to resist. With ease, I opened up her legs and closed my face to her hidden spot. It was poorly lighted so I couldn’t properly see its shape but from the strong pheromones that it was emitting I could tell that it was already dripping wet and sloppy.

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“It’s really pretty… Oichi.”

“No… NOOO! Please stop… Please stop…! Hnnnn… Forgive me already…”

Even though it’s dark and I can’t see its shape very well, to say “It’s pretty” is a man’s etiquette. Not being able to do something this simple, gives others the right to throw you in the same barrel as those shitty bastards who can’t even properly put on a condom. Which reminds me, ever since I’ve come to this age, I haven’t once used a condom. There shouldn’t be any in the first place though…

As I continued to recognize myself as a shitty bastard, I extended my hand to Oichi’s honey jar. Her hips jumped up a great deal. Combing my index finger in the space of her flirty flesh, Oichi let out a lovely voice in a funny way making her plump butt shake.

“AAAH, Nooo… No, don’t look… Don’t look…!”

My head was shaking with a buzz, but I wouldn’t let that hinder my actions. I used both of my hands to spread the gap, even more, to completely expose her pussy. As I felt the numerous layers of meat piled up at once, I perceived that Oichi’s rich smell was leaking out.

Now that I think about, I believe this is the first time I’m looking directly at Oichi’s honey jar. I want to inspect it more carefully in a brighter place, but it can’t be helped. Touching her hot pussy with my middle finger, I could feel her slimy cum overflowing.

“Aaa… uuu… It’s in… It came in… No… Hnnn…”

After introducing my middle finger inside her vagina and twisting it towards her belly, it made Oichi let out a heated gasp. For now, I’m avoiding pistoning my fingers and decided to slowly massage the dirty flesh that’s stickily sucking on my finger while spreading it.

Feeling good from stimulation to the vagina using one’s fingers as a piston is something that an expert or a woman with a natural disposition would do. On the other hand, for an amateur like Oichi, it’s more typical for her to be stimulated using her clitoris rather than her vagina.

What I wish for is to turn that amateur Oichi into an expert – to make her immersed and make it possible for her to reach climax with just her vagina but in order for her to be able to do that I need to develop her pussy in a lot of ways. This pussy massage is nothing more than a preparation for that.

“Hmmm…! A… Aaaannn…”

While I continued stimulating her dirty flesh with my middle finger inside her pussy, I used another finger to start brushing her clitoris gently. Doing so made Oichi raise her lovely voice while her chest moved up and down greatly and to suppress her embarrassment she bit on her finger.

I’ll make you struggle some more. Thinking that I placed my mouth over Oichi’s clitoris and began licking it.

“P-please stop Nagamasa-sama!”

Oichi let out words of refusal more clearly than ever before, and while she was still blindfolded, she tried to get up. It was a voice that sounded like it wanted to blow away all the pleasure it had gotten from the caressing in an urgent way. She touched my head trying to move it away from her genitals, resisting me desperately.

Geez, I don’t understand why she is resisting me so hard, so I decided to continue what I was doing.

“You can’t! A place as dirty as that is not a place where Nagamasa-sama should place his mouth!”

Ah, I see now. There is a huge gap between the world I come from and the Sengoku Era after all.

For me, there is basically no problem in caressing her with my mouth, but for a man of superior rank in the Sengoku Era to put his mouth on a woman’s pussy and to service her, it holds the meaning of yielding to her. For me, it’s only a hygienic problem, but no matter how I put it for a man to use her mouth on a woman’s pussy is seen as irregular here.

For Oichi who has been influenced by that culture and is resisting me with all she has must be because she’s thinking deeply about my position. Honestly, it makes me happy. I’m happy, but that fixed idea is nothing more than a hindrance in my Oichi’s development plan.

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With both of my arms I firmly fixated myself to Oichi’s butt, and while holding them, I sucked on my dear wife’s pussy with everything I had. Licking all over her clitoris and the entrance to her vagina with my tongue, Oichi shook her head violently and in return tried to push away my head. Well, there’s no way a woman’s strength can win against mine though.

“Hngggg… Ah, NO! Ah fuuuhhh…! Please, sto…!”

While teasing her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, I told the blindfolded Oichi in honesty.

“Just release everything and think only of me and nothing else. Only feel me. Also, there is no way you are dirty, right? If you were a dirty woman, then there would be no way a man of my station would ever marry someone like that.”

“Uhhh… You can’t… Nooooo…”

With my strong tone and words, I dampened Oichi’s spirit, and her resistance began to weaken. Good, just what I wanted.

I licked her genitals for quite a while so as to be expected; my tongue was tired. Oichi’s pussy was letting out fluids in huge drops without stop; our futon was extremely soaked, it looked like someone had spilled water all over it.

Oichi was completely immersed in the pleasure and considerably exhausted as well. Without being able to close her legs, she left them wide open in a sluttish way and just like that she began drooling from her mouth as her busty breasts went up and down.

“Oichi, you are so cute…”

“Nagamasa… sama… Aa, Hmggggggg…!”

I leaned on Oichi and pierced her honey jar that was becoming a mess without holding anything back.

Looking at Oichi’s beautiful blindfolded face stirred up my sadistic heart making me lust for her lips. The moment Oichi felt my breath with her lips she opened up the insides of her mouth to me that were now filled to the brim with saliva as if she was expecting the entrance of my tongue. Taking up that invitation I decided to indulge myself in the union of our mouths.

Of course, I’m not stopping the movement of my lower body half. However I’m not going to piston hard inside her but I’m going to move my hips in a grinding way, moving with the objective of rubbing my penis in Oichi’s genitals.

“Hmm… Ah, fua…! Ah… ah… It feels… good… Aaaaa… It feels so good…!”

Oichi let out a heated dirty voice, and with her powerless arms, she desperately tried to embrace me. After embracing Oichi back I leaned my entire body weight on top of her, putting, even more, pressure on that delicate body. However, her body seemed happy with that feeling of oppression letting out a long sweet gasp.

“Is that so, it feels good, right?!”

“It feels good… good, Ah Aah AAAAAA… I’m cumming… Aah… Filled with Nagamasa-sama… Surrounded by Nagamasa-sama… Oichi is… Oichi is… AAAAAAAAA!”

My lower body could feel the sensation of being clamped tightly. However seeing as my big son didn’t even tremble a bit, Oichi’s walls began coiling around my penis and began sucking on it pervertedly.

Taking this as the proper time, I removed Oichi’s blindfold. Having my penis inserted into her vagina and approaching her climax, she must have already lost all strength to fight back. All that is left is to increase my pace and continue training her with just the pleasure she receives from her vagina and my insertions.

Hiding behind the sash that I blindfolded Oichi with, were her blank eyes that became unfocused because of the pleasure. Watching her with that charming attractiveness made me feel indefinably joyous, and so I began licking all over her face. Naturally as if embracing the discomfort of my barbaric behavior, Oichi accepted it happily. Then her hips began trembling, inviting my manhood deeper and deeper inside her.

Taking a look at her appearance and seeing a change, I tried stroking her neck gently. Doing so, Oichi let out another sweet dirty scream, and with her dirty hole, she began sucking on my penis while making splashing sounds. Then no matter where I caressed Oichi, be it her shoulders, face or the top of her head, she reacted the same way. Right now Oichi’s body excitement is heightened to extreme levels, and it seems that any feeling is currently being transformed to feel like pleasure.

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Having noticed that, I threw away all my desires and decided to focus everything on just one thing. I took a firm hold of her waist with both of my arms, put all the strength I could into my hips and slammed against Oichi’s crotch.

“Fuaa….! Ah, Aaaaah…”

Without even being able to say a sensible word, Oichi could only raise up her lovely voice. However, if I give her too much pleasure, she could end up becoming a sexual maniac, which would be troublesome. I would prefer Oichi to keep the shyness she always had.

Inside the room, a sexual smell like none other before began engulfing the room. Inside that room was me, set on driving my hips deeper into her sloppy pussy. All this was for the sake of turning Oichi’s body into one that could receive pleasure from just taking in a penis into her pussy.

“AAAAAAAA, Fua… Hyaaaau… Hiii, Uaaaaaaa, Haaaaaaa…!”

Being unable to move in the spider’s den that I made, my poor woman’s hips trembled as she once again was carried to the heights of climaxing. Oichi’s honey jar stopped her drastic measures of tightening intensely around my manhood, and it was now quietly gently wrapping around me as if trying to soothe my penis by clamping it gently and sucking it in.

She has come near climax many times now, but she’s not giving my big son any chance at all to ejaculate. She has completely yielded to my manhood, becoming obsessed with and just became desperate to obtain her reward without giving any thought to her current appearance.

“Uaaa… AAAAAAAA! Good… No, Auuuuu, so good… Noooooo… Hiiiii….!”

Inside my arms the most beautiful woman of the Sengoku Era is now stained with my saliva and sweat, with a face drowned in pleasure, gasping like a beast, making those beautiful and huge breasts swing around and shaking her hips.

My modest wife is nowhere to be found. Oichi is already unable to say a word, trapped in an extreme situation, rubbing the parts that are desired by every man in the world against my hips.

“Oichi, Oichi, you will, you will conceive… my child!”

I hold Oichi’s head to my chest, and while still piercing her I stuck my penis deep inside and moved around inside her. The moment Oichi’s hips received my insertion, she twisted around and began turning into an angle where my penis was able to reach it deeply. Then every time I inserted it she was able to feel a different stimulus.

She was in such a dirty and silly state that it could even be described as madness, something that would be impossible for her to even think of if she was conscious of it. Thinking from the bottom of my heart that I really wished I could record this moment, I plunge into Oichi’s uterus, as if giving her a deep kiss, filling Oichi’s womb and dirty walls up completely with my penis.

Oichi’s body trembled greatly. I pulled out my hips and once again plunged into the entrance to her womb. Oichi was able to turn even that dull pain into pleasure right now.

I was reaching my limit, so I ground against Oichi’s depths, and while aiming for her deepest part, I thrust in her furiously.

“Get pregnant, get pregnant Oichi! With a healthy child, just for the sake of you and me, make sure to get pregnant!”


My wife’s body stiffened completely, her vagina and dirty walls contracted, constricting and using her womb that was gulping down on my penis to coil around it and devour it.

Being unable to hold it in anymore, I shoot a lot of my turbid liquid into her inside like a hose that had just been opened. The sound of my semen being released gushingly could be heard. Oichi’s vagina contracted as if it didn’t want to let any of my semen escape and under the constant stimulation on my penis, I shot a second huge wave with even more vigor.

“Nagamasha… shuama…”

No longer being able to articulate correctly, Oichi called out for me.

“Naga… hhhmmmgggg…”

“Oichi, you did well…”

Not forgetting to praise Oichi who fought bravely not to faint, I gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. The futon which is now completely drenched after absorbing both our sweat and body fluids would surely give us a cold if we slept in it.

I lay down Oichi to grab the futon and spread it out further, looking for a dry spot, I lay down on top of it and embrace Oichi, letting her body rest on top of mine. Groping around I grabbed Oichi’s robes and put them on her back, completing my alternative plan. Just touching Oichi’s soft and plump body feels good. Even though I did this to make sure she wouldn’t get a cold, being able to have her sleep on top of me is a small side benefit.

After doing so, Oichi’s hands and mine were connected, and as we both confirmed each others presence, we fell into a pleasant slumber.