NIW Chapter 12: Sawayama Castle’s Defensive Battle Part 2

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Leaving the night behind where I discovered the shocking truth of Taishakutsukige’s true self, dawn arrived, and many guards left the castle to scout. Most of the guards of Sawayama Castle were expecting the amassing Rokkaku forces to raid the quarters, so they climbed up the tower to prepare their bows or their long spears to push off the enemy soldiers who tried to climb the castle’s walls. Anyone could see that their fighting spirit was truly filled with the determination of “live on together.”

As I watched their expressions from the quarter’s tower, I was a little glad that I was able to “motivate them with rough words” and felt that it was worth the time. However, we were still unable to see the reinforcements from Odani Castle.

They must have thought ‘right now, when they have no reinforcements is our best opportunity’. From the distant enemy lines came the sound of trumpet shells and battle cries, signalling the start of the war. Just then, Sawayama Castle trembled violently. Yes, it literally trembled.

“Hu-hu!” “Hurrah!!” “Hu-hu!!” “Hurrah!!!”

From the lower quarters, the battle cries of the guardsmen of Sawayama Castle echoed. Perhaps the birds in the trees and the mountains were surprised by the oscillation of the voices, for they all flew into the sky at the same time.

“The cavalry has come!!”

“It doesn’t matter! Fire arrows and iron balls at them!!”

From the tower came the violent sounds of the matchlocks spitting fire and arrows pouring down like shooting stars.

The horses wouldn’t die easily. However, the generals riding them were not immortal; one after the other, they fell from their horses, rolling onto the ground.

The lucky ones who managed to slip through and reach the castle gates managed to do some damage to the castle gate with the horse’s sharp horns; however they also became prey to the guards who had prepared long spears on top of the castle gates.

As I watched that scene, I thought to myself: the cavalry was indeed strong on the field. However, for the siege of a castle, they were too fragile… Leaving aside castles on plains, they were clearly ineffective against castles in the mountains.

However, the enemy did not only consist of cavalry. Ordinary soldiers were slowly approaching the foot of Sawayama. From the lower part of Sawayama Castle, the trumpet shells were blown, and the sounds of the gongs echoed. Many battle flags carried by troops had the “four-eyed pattern” on them, the crest of the Rokkaku Clan.((This is what the Rokkaku Clan crest looks like.)) The sound of feet crushing grass and pebbles could now be heard.

“Hu-hu!!” “Hurrah!!!”

The spearmen at Sawayama Castle raised their battle cries as they lay in wait for the Rokkaku forces coming up the mountain. However, even though they stabbed over and over, the enemy forces weren’t decreasing at all; on the contrary, their density gradually increased.

“Uemon Shiro!” ((Just the name of a random soldier.))

I heard a scream. One of the foot soldiers had his long spear seized by the Rokkaku forces and was pulled down the castle wall. There was no helping him now.

“Dammit! Uemon Shiro has…!!”

“Shithead! Use the logs! Knock those stinky bastards down with the logs!!”

Several of the soldiers appeared carrying a log from the main district and threw it downwards towards the mountain. Immediately after the screams of the Rokkaku forces could be heard, killing their offensive.

“Keep thrusting at them! Like hell we are surrendering Sawayama Castle to the enemy!!”

“We will protect our Lord for sure!!”

“There is no way we’ll lose to those weaklings of the Rokkaku forces with our Lord by our side!!”

From down the mountain came the roaring sound of the Rokkaku force’s guns, causing many of the desperately fighting spearmen atop the castle walls to collapse. Each time the gunshots echoed the soldier threw down logs towards the gun carrying soldiers while saying “Beat them down!”

‘They are outnumbered. There is no way we’ll lose to a mere 1200 soldiers with our great army…’ There must have been those of them within the Rokkaku forces who were arrogant enough that think that way. The unforeseen resistance from Sawayama Castle was chipping away at their vigor.

The Rokkaku Clan was already falling apart due to the banishment of the head of their house. The reason the Yoshikata father and son duo wanted Sawayama Castle was not just because they could no longer “turn a blind eye to the Azai” but also to revitalize the influence they had in their own house. For the Rokkaku generals as well as their soldiers, there was nothing but the thought of “taking down Sawayama Castle no matter what…” Opposing them were the soldiers of Sawayama Castle, burning with the desire of “everyone must survive no matter what…”.

Finally, from the inner citadel, we were able to see the Azai forces departing from Odani Castle, creating a cloud of dust as they came our way. The Rokkaku forces who noticed this started to panic and began retreating while trying to reorganize their battle array.

‘Now is a good time…’

I urged Naotsune and Kazumasa and ran towards the stables.

After that “incident”, the horse caretaker was probably desperately nursing the horses. The black horses that lay on the ground while trembling after Taishakutsukige exploited them last night had their harnesses equipped. All of them had a tired look on their faces.

By the way, I was stuck with the task of equipping Taishakutsukige’s harness. It seemed that she still disliked being touched by anyone but me.

I jumped on the back of the “lady” who had immersed herself in promiscuity last night. It looked like the only one who could ride this neat and tidy lewd bitch of a horse in the Sengoku Era was me. When I thought of it that way, it made me proud as a man.

“Open the castle gates! Let’s push back the Rokkaku forces!”

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As the castle gates opened, I commanded the rest of the soldiers, beginning with the now mounted Naotsune and Kazumasa, and we launched ourselves out of the castle. We had only one objective. To assault the Rokkaku headquarters that was now panicking.

“Hu-hu!!!” “Hurrah!!!!”

The soldiers of Sawayama Castle immediately raised their battle cries; armed with their long spears, they began running out of the gate. They overlapped their voices and formed a line as they began pursuing the Rokkaku soldiers fleeing down the mountain road.

Sawayama was soaked in blood, and the battle flags carrying the Rokkaku Emblem were scattered all over the place.

[Third Person Point of View]

Tsunachika Kaiho’s eyes reflected the fleeing Rokkaku forces that began retreating desperately from Sawayama Castle. Once the great forces were ready to run there was no stopping them. They moved en masse and just like a stampede, they began running, rushing to be the first to escape.

“We have won this battle…”

“… That’s unusual, for Tsunachika-dono to say something so rash in the middle of a battle campaign.”

Said Kiyotsuna Akao, approaching from the right with his horse. They had served the Azai Clan for a long time and were also comrades who had shared the glory and hardships of leading each other’s soldiers.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, it is.”

Kiyosada Amenomori said as well, approaching from the left with his horse.

“And yet the Rokkaku forces were greater than the Azai. The Rokkaku forces must be restless right now. However, war is a matter of chance; even if there was even a small chance, we too could have been destroyed.”

“I see, it could have happened.”

When Tsunachika, who was heading towards 54 years of age, made that remark it was followed up with his loud laughter. His voice was as if he had turned back into a young man in his teen years; it was cheerful and lively.

“It’s over; it’s over alright… This has been my first error in a while.”

Tsunachika looked both right and left with a smile on his face. What greeted him were the faces of sworn friends who also looked on with gleeful expressions, as if they had reverted to children.

“However, I’ll let it pass. I’m so overwhelmed with joy, that this old man just let it slip down his tongue.”

“… I understand that feeling.”

Kiyotsuna said with a firm tone while looking forward.

“Me too; when our Lord came asking us to help with internal affairs, I felt joyful, but at the same time, I felt anxious. Having joined hands with the beautiful princess of the Oda, I also thought that he was trying to run away with that lovely figure, you know.”

“… But, I was wrong.”

Kiyosada said so.

“Nagamasa-sama truly thinks about the Azai and this country of Omi’s future. And also, not only did he help us with our country’s internal affairs but he also showed that he was ready to rush to the aid of his vassals with his own body.”


As they ran down the mountain path of Sawayama Castle, having recognized the leader of the platoon leading the assault on the Rokkaku force’s encampment, Tsunachika changed his expression and stretched his back on his horse.

“To be honest, it’s not something that should be praised. Not having us samurai generals throw ourselves into the battlefield is something unforgivable.”


Kiyotsuna took the reins of his horse with one hand and drew his blade out of the scabbard with his other hand, and said:

“That’s our great general Nagamasa Azai-sama. It’s the same as that time in the Battle of Norada. Nagamasa-sama stuck his own neck out and guided us to victory. This time as well, with his own body, he opened the gate to the future of the Azai… the country of Omi.”

“And also…”

Kiyosada’s horse raised up half his body up high showing his full intent of assault.

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“Because I earnestly support the will of our Lord, Nagamasa-sama, there is no other place for me than that of a vassal!”

Kiyotsuna pointed the tip of his sword forward and yelled to all of the troops.

“Everyone, entrust your lives! Entrust them and leave them to Nagamasa-sama!! Live on and become the founding stone for Omi!!!”


Atop his horse, Kiyosada rose his spear and shouted in the direction of the troops.

“Not concerning himself with the dangers he would face, Nagamasa-sama rescued those of us at Sawayama Castle!!! But now, it is us that will help and save Nagamasa-sama!!!!”


Then, the supreme general of the Azai main forces, Tsunachika, said to all of his soldiers:

“Everyone!!! The Azai are departing for a new war!!!! ONWARDS!!!!!”

A great number of matchlocks were lit and pointed towards the Rokkaku’s headquarters; raising their battlecries, the 8000 men of the Azai forces began rushing forward.

The enemy had failed to capture Sawayama Castle, something they thought they could easily squash; in addition to that, the appearance of a new enemy army was something they were not expecting.The Rokkaku forces immediately began to retreat, followed by the Azai forces relentlessly pursuing them.

I wondered if the area around Lake Biwa would also end up just like Sawayama Castle; dyed in red, with a great number of casualties and piles of bodies. The entirety of the Azai’s pursuit persisted continuously, until they entered the Rokkaku’s territory. As they looked at Kannonji, the Rokkaku’s headquarters, from a distance, the Azai forces raised up their biggest battle cry as of yet.

We separated ourselves from Kazumasa and the guards at Sawayama Castle, moved north past Lake Biwa and headed back to our main headquarters, Odani Castle. Around 30 horses of the Rokkaku forces were following us from behind the guards. Taishakutsukige let out a cry in front of all of them; she was luring them in after all. Naotsune was happy that the horses “increased” but when I thought about the truth behind it, I was unable to be happy.

As we received the warm welcomes of the townspeople, we started our journey up the mountain path and arrived at the stables of Odani Castle. At the stables, the guards also gave us a warm welcome, but no matter how long I searched, I could not find the one person I was looking for.

“What happened to Hikobe…?”

When I asked that, a shadow was cast on their faces. When I probed further, they answered with: “Last night Hisamasa-sama passed down capital punishment…” It seemed that Hikobe had “entered Hisamasa-sama’s room and took ‘something important’” out of it.

‘It seems it was like that after all…’

I remembered the decisive face that Hikobe made before departing to the front.

Ishiwari Kanemitsu. The Azai’s ancestral blade, made with the valuable fluorite. That was something that he took after disobeying Hisamasa after all…

‘I won’t forget that he acted while looking out for me…’

But if that was the case, then that meant that there was not a single person left in Odani Castle who could take care of Taishakutsukige. When I consulted Naotsune about it, he proposed to just “let her free in the stables.” The stables at the foot of Odani Castle was where the horses resided, but it was basically just a broad place with a fence where they could run around freely.

The horses who came following us would be placed there too, so if that was the case… It seemed that the lewd bitch of a horse intended to exploit her newly obtained male victims. Thinking that we couldn’t have obtained today’s victory without Taishakutsukige, I thought of it as an appropriate prize…

“That being said, Nagamasa-sama sure seems to be troubled…”

The battle’s banquet had ended. Oichi spoke while placing her hand on my lap while I gazed at Ishiwari Kanemitsu in her room.

“You obtained a great victory against the Rokkaku Clan and yet is there something that worries you…?”

“No, well…”

I thoughtlessly denied it as I shook my head. Of course there was something worrying me. It was obviously Ishiwari Kanemitsu. In today’s battle against the Rokkaku Clan, there was barely a chance to use it; however, having a valuable sword like that at arm’s reach to oppose those monsters was obviously for the better.

However, this was something that Hikobe borrowed after disobeying Hisamasa. As a result of that, he had been killed while I was gone. He had vanished from my sight before I knew it.

There was no way I could let his memory be in vain. There was no way I could ever forget he who presented Ishiwari Kanemitsu to me, ready to face death while thinking for my sake.

I had no intentions of leaking a word of these details to Hisamasa. If I said something, it would have to be “recorded.” If I wrote these “records, ” it would end up becoming a “historical fact” for future historians, making it a “stereotype” without them truly grasping Hikobe’s heart.

That was why I stayed silent. Aside from not wanting Hikobe’s memory go to waste, there was also a second reason for which I had to keep it hidden and stay silent.

That was, I had to prepare a plan to deal with the more realistic issue of Hisamasa. Hisamasa would eventually realize that Ishiwari Kanemitsu was with me. Before that, I had to somehow dispose of this famous sword. However, there was no way I could just discard the valuable fluorite. That said, I had to do something. My worries were exactly that.

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“The cause for Nagamasa-sama’s worries is… this sword?”

Just by being there, my clever Oichi was able to guess my troubles. Well, there is no way Oichi would betray me to Hisamasa… so I decided to tell her everything. Then with a smile, she clapped both hands together.

“If that is the case, shouldn’t it be fine to consult big brother?”

Is what she said.

“Big brother keeps many blades made of fluorite. If it’s okay with you, Oichi could write a letter to him…”

It felt like something truly sent from the heavens. Give Ishiwari Kanemitsu to Nobunaga and exchange it for another blade made of fluorite… It seemed like child’s play, to be able to carry a fluorite sword while evading the angry gaze of Hisamasa.

“Thanks, Oichi. You’re a big help.”

“What are you saying Nagamasa-sama?”

Having said that, Oichi blushed and whispered.

“Oichi is… Nagamasa-sama’s wife… wanting to become your strength, isn’t that something that I should normally wish for…?”

Well no, that was not what people would normally wish for. But being able to state it as something normal made me think my wife was quite an amazing woman. Thanks to Oichi, my worries about how to deal with Ishiwari Kanemitsu were easily solved. I took her hand and entangled my fingers. As I did it, she looked at me with eyes that were full of expectation while being a little embarrassed.

“Say, Oichi.”

“Yes…! What is it Nagamasa-sama!?”

When I called out to her, Oichi answered me while already being unable to hide the expectation on her face. She was so cute that I couldn’t help but want to tease her a little bit.

“I am quite tired today.”

“… Ah, is… that so…”

When I thought of the number one most brilliant line that husbands used to turn down their wife’s temptation, Oichi became disappointed in the blink of an eye. Damn, she’s too cute.

I lay down on the spread out futon that Oichi had already prepared and said to her while grasping her hand.

“That’s why I have a “request” to ask of you today. I haven’t been able to blow off some steam, so I’m way too pent up, you see?”


Facing upwards, my “big son” appeared, making Oichi let out a cute cry and hide her eyes behind both her hands. However, there was a small gap between her hands; it was obvious that her gaze was firmly on my penis. That’s why I decided to prolong my act.

“Oichi, I’m in pain. Thinking about you has made my penis become like this; it hurts so much that it feels like it’s going to burst.”


“I’m begging you Oichi, do something…”

“U… Uuuh…”

In the Sengoku Era, it was considered taboo for a woman to request sex from a man. And for Oichi to take the lead in our sexual intercourse was considered as an unforgivable taboo as well. To act passively in response to the desires of a man… that was the role in sex for women living in the Sengoku Era. However…


“What’s wrong?”

“Nagamasa-sama, is tired, isn’t he? But well… because of Oichi you are troubled and in pain… right?”


“Well, umm… For a wife to serve her husband is important… isn’t it?”


“To c-comfort Nagamasa-sama too is important as a wife… right?”

“That’s right… I’m in your care.”

“… Yes!”

After sitting beside me and saying “excuse me,” she slowly began extending her hands. When I remembered the softness of Oichi’s hands, my big son expanded even more with the feeling of anticipation.