NIW Chapter 12: Sawayama Castle’s Defensive Battle Part 2

So you might have wondered why this series hasn't seen any updates in the last 2 months, the reason for this is that I have been getting a few complaints, tips and discussions about the chapters I have translated. The reoccurring theme among these was that the quality wasn't up to par with the previous translators over at DailyDallying. Do however keep in mind that I did my translations and releases with at most a week or two between them, while Daily took months with multiple people working on it.

However, since the readers have spoken, I have tried my best to find an editor. Which in the end just walked into my Discord Server. So without further ado, say hello to CrimsonWolf, the new editor for Nobunaga's Imouto is my Wife! We will probably take some more time to do releases now, but the quality should go up in return.

In the upcoming weeks, we will likely be reviewing the past chapters and updating those as well.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the chapter!

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