NIW Chapter 13: Nagamasa and Oichi Part 1

Edited by: CrimsonWolf

For me, who was used to the softness of the beds and futons from the modern era, the “futons” from the Sengoku Period were much thinner in comparison and as such were not as comfortable to sleep on. However, the reason I was able to put up with that was because of the fact that my beloved wife slept beside me; or perhaps it was simply because of the satisfying feeling that was left behind after having sex and falling asleep.

While determined to improve the environment in which one had sex, I watched Oichi as she repeated the movement she started moments ago: rubbing my overswelled member while moving her hands. Illuminated by the dim light of the room’s lanterns, that beautiful face was dyed in red with embarrassment. Even though we’d already had a lot of rich intercourse up til now, that face of her was still so innocent.

Nonetheless, up till now, it had been me touching her and making her melt little by little, but this time would be the first night that Oichi started touching me first. She probably had no idea what to do. That was the feeling I got from her.

“Say, Oichi.”


She must have been waiting impatiently for my voice. Immediately after hearing my voice, Oichi bent her back, looking at me with a face dyed red. That face of hers made her look similar to a little puppy waiting for the orders of her owner. Seeing this made me realize once again how precious she was and it made me unable to help myself.

“Remember…? I taught you before, right? Do it like that time.”

“… Ah.”

While laying still, I extended my hand and brushed her face. After doing so, she twisted her body a little, making it look like it tickled as she threw a smile my way.

“Go ahead, touch me…”

After brushing Oichi’s face, she got closer to my big member with her face, as she started touching it. My robust penis faced the ceiling at a 90-degree angle. Oichi’s flexible fingers entwined themselves right below the glans. Seeing my penis react with a twitch to the stimulus made Oichi let out a mischievous laugh.

“Aha… Nagamasa-sama’s penis… it’s… cute.”

How rude. My big member was manly, cool and sharp and it was certainly not something that could be called “cute.” When you considered the large 30 centimeters shaft that had veins all over it, I couldn’t imagine which part of my penis could be called cute. I couldn’t understand Oichi’s sense of beauty. That being said, my penis was not used to being complimented and, almost like it responded to the compliment, started twitching and leaking out beads of pre-cum. It looked like it was mortified.

“Nagamasa-sama… It twitched again… is it moving…?”

“Yeah… It’s happy being touched by its beloved Oichi.”

“Oh, my…”

While watching from above, Oichi started narrowing her eyes and brushed her hair behind her ears.

“Wow… Amazing… It’s so hard… and… it’s already like this…”

Oichi’s breath started turning haggard, as she rubbed my big member softly. Each time she stimulated my glans with the ring formed by her fingers, pre-cum overflowed from its opening, soaking Oichi’s white and nimble fingers and creating an obscene sound.

“Last night… I wasn’t able to do it with you… That’s why it’s all piled up.”

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“Piled up… you mean…”

“I’m talking about the baby juice to make you pregnant of course.”

There was nothing dignified about my crotch standing upward like this, but I spoke to Oichi in a natural and imposing way irregardless. Even an embarrassing line like that could sound dignified if one said it in the right way.

After telling her that, Oichi stopped rubbing my penis and hid her face. When I spoke a line like that so frankly, it probably made her come back to reality and realize what she was currently doing, making her feel embarrassed.

However, I wasn’t about to let her stop for such a simple reason. I guess it couldn’t be helped… I’d have to persuade my beloved wife once again.

“Oichi, I… think I want to be honest with you tonight.”

“Umm… Yes… Nagamasa-sama has such a frank and honest personality… So Oichi is…”

“No, I wasn’t referring to that. You see, all men, myself included, are living beings that like to brag and bluff to other people to look better than others. Try to remember that.”

Oichi looked at me with a face that said: “Does Nagamasa-sama do that to me as well?”

After patting Oichi’s head as a prelude, I whispered: “Don’t be surprised at my effeminate side.”

“Last night… Was the first night I’ve had to spend without you by my side since we exchanged our vows… It was very lonely.”

After I said this, it seemed that my words made Oichi’s heart surrender completely. Oichi’s whole face was coloured with emotion.

“Nagamasa-sama…! Oichi, Oichi was also very lonely…!”

She threw herself on my chest and embraced it.

“The loneliness of sleeping alone without Nagamasa-sama… Was such an unbearable agony, that I can’t even bear to think about it again…”

“Me too. Before marrying you, I didn’t think women were this good…”

Oichi rubbed her face against my chest. I stayed silent and patted her head. When I did that, she looked as if she was happy from the bottom of her heart. Oh god, she was so cute.

“Oichi, I want to make love to you…!”

“Nagamasa-sama, Oichi wants to as well… I’m aware it’s a shameful request. But… but, I too… want to make love to you…”

Oichi seemed to have mustered all her courage and told me her inner thoughts. If it were the usual me, I would become too excited, and I’d instantly bend her upper body and mercilessly thrust my penis inside her. However, today I was taking a different approach.

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“However… Oichi.”


“As shameful as it must sound, there is no energy left in this body. No matter whether it was day or night, I had to pull through together with Taishakutsukige and confront the Rokkaku army that was twenty times bigger than ours. It has probably taken its toll on my body.”


Of course, I went a bit overboard with my story. However, the biggest charm the men of this age had was their “bravery.” This charm should work on Oichi just as well, and there was no doubt that she must have heard exaggerated tales of the battle from some of our retainers already. Surely inside her heart, Nagamasa should equal to something like ‘To save Oichi, and without taking appearance into account, he faced a great army and earned a victory against it, making him the most splendid and amazing husband a wife could get.’ Something along those lines should have been engraved into her heart.

However, right now in front of Oichi’s eyes, this so-called ‘wise lord’ of the retainers was showing her a weakness that he would never show to said retainers. Without a doubt, this stirred up her maternal instincts fiercely.

“I beg of you, Oichi… Even if you think of it as a one-time thing, won’t you appease this burning sensation in my body?”


After making that ‘request,’ Oichi slowly got up, spread out three fingers and bowed her head.

“If Nagamasa-sama is okay with me…”

“I see, I see.”

Just as planned. I had a large smile on my face; Oichi was a little entranced, but she showed off an embarrassed smile as well.

“Oichi, is it okay if I ask a favor of you?”

“Yes, please ask me anything.”

I was going to take her up on that promise. The me right now was, without a doubt, wearing the face of a scoundrel. I led Oichi to the futon, letting my head rest on her knees.

“Eh…? U-ummm… Nagamasa-sama…?”

“It’s alright.”

Extending my hand to the kimono that my confused wife wore, I inserted it into the space around her chest. Doing so made the cloth on her right shoulder loosen, causing Oichi’s right breast fall out like jelly. It was a beautiful, large breast with the perfect color, shape, and charm. However, Oichi was instantly bested by her shyness, and on reflex, she quickly hid it with one hand.

However, she could not hide it with her tiny hand, so I still had a full view of that beautiful breast shaking in front of me.

“Oichi, don’t hide it.”

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“No, ummm… but…”

“What, was it a lie when you said that you’d help alleviate this sensation from my body…?”

“Auu… that’s… uuuuh…”

When I spoke with a frank, disappointed voice, Oichi slowly took her hand off her breast with a bright red face. Seeing her pink nipple made my excitement go through the roof. The hardness of my big member increased and stood up in high spirits.

Ordering Oichi to lean forward, I licked the pointed end of her right breast with the tip of my tongue.


I heard an erotic voice from her. However, my gaze was completely blocked by Oichi’s right breast, so I could not peek at her expression.

“Ahn… Yaaa…”

Licking her pink nipple with the tip of my tongue, it became hard before I knew it. It wasn’t like it had any taste, but for some reason, it felt really tasty. Her nipple that was now soiled with my saliva still held a certain elasticity bouncing against my tongue, which I greatly enjoyed.

“Oichi, service me as well. Just like before.”

“Ye… Yes…”

Oichi, while letting me suck on her nipple, grasped my big member with her flexible right hand and started rubbing it up and down.

Oh… This is such a bliss. Eventually, with her left hand, she touched my head, and as if comforting a child, began patting my head.

“Nagamasa-sama… looks just like a baby…”

Oichi stroked my penis and patted my head as she said something like that with a soft voice.

“I’m fine with being a baby. I’m just so obsessed with you that I can’t help wanting to be pampered.”

“Umm… that’s…”

“I’m saying it’s okay to show my true feelings to a good partner, in other words, to you.”


Receiving my frank and gentlemanly persuasion, Oichi looked confused and had a flustered face, and as if trying to relieve some of her shyness, she began putting more effort and affection towards my big member.

“Ummm… Nagamasa-sama, what should I do to make you feel good…?”

“My precious sister-in-law didn’t teach me those type of things, so…” stated Oichi in a soft and embarrassed voice. I started by sliding the rest of her kimono off, exposing her upper half completely as I continued to suck on her right nipple. Oichi’s breath became even more haggard, and in turn, her elastic fingers around my big member began increasing their speed. Feeling that, I took my mouth away from her right nipple and brought it over to the left.

The tip of her left breast that had not received any stimulus was still soft. I closed in and softly kissed it with my lips, making it sway gently. After extending my tongue towards it, with a little teasing, it gradually became hard.

Oichi gasped every time I rubbed it or when it slightly touched my teeth, and as she patted my head, she gradually increased the speed of the up and down motion of her hand that was grasping my member. I felt like I was losing to her, so I placed both of my hands on Oichi’s breasts and brought both of her nipples towards my mouth. Just like that, I began sucking and licking both of them at the same time.

While doing so, the sexual desires began to slowly take hold of Oichi and me.