NIW Chapter 13: Nagamasa and Oichi Part 2

Edited by: CrimsonWolf

Oichi’s fingers that were wrapped around my big member began moving on their own, almost like they were different living beings, focusing on the weak spots of my penis and frenulum. It was still growing bigger through her stroking.

The muscles along my spine began trembling softly, and the burning sensation in my hips began reaching its climax. As I tried not to show my impatience and keep up my appearance, I ordered Oichi to stop her service. My words made my dear wife a little hesitant.

“I-I apologize… Did Oichi do something uncomfortable to Nagamasa-sama…?”

“No, that’s not it. It was really good Oichi.”

I lifted my upper body and embraced Oichi. My actions made a relieved expression appear on her face, and she let out a relieved sigh in my embrace. She gladly accepted a kiss I threw at her as she looked up at me from my chest, a happy look on her face.

Starting with small kisses, we gradually entwined our tongues and continued exchanging deep kisses. Then, as I moved my body lower, I could see that Oichi clung to me with an expression of wanting more kisses. If Oichi’s mother, Dota Gozen, were to see this, she would without a doubt faint immediately.

“Oichi… I want to enter you now.”

“Fuah… yes… I understand…”

Oichi, who was still immersed in the aftertaste of our French kissing, was gasping wildly. However, even though she said ‘I understand,’ it seemed she didn’t know how to place a man’s penis inside her vagina. Ordering Oichi to sit on her knees above me, I told her to lower her hips above my big and excited member.

Following my orders, she exposed her true face, succumbed to her carnal desires and finally, after whispering “please don’t look…”, she devoured my big member with her wet, sloppy hole.

“A… Aahhn… It went in…”

While making faint splashing sounds like water, Oichi, who devoured my big member to the entrance of her womb, eventually collapsed onto my chest.

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“I-It’s so big… Uaaa… ah… so deep…”

My meat pole was buried in Oichi’s warm and soft vagina, making the burning sensation from before return as my hips trembled. Not yet, I couldn’t let it end there.

“Oichi, lift up your hips slowly …”

After a slow nod, just as indicated, Oichi desperately lifted up her hips.

“Now drop your hips low enough that your clit hits my abdomen.”


Oichi’s hips descended, and her vagina clamped down tightly. Responding in kind to her, I began rubbing from her hips down to her butt with my hands.

“Now, just as I taught you… try doing that over and over again.”

From there on began Oichi’s clumsy offensive. Trembling softly, Oichi’s hips lifted slowly and firmly dropped back down, locking our hips together. The movements didn’t have much vigor, but the figure of my wife desperately doing her best was quite tasty to watch. Being able to get aroused just by one’s patterns and actions was one of sex’s best points.

Speaking of which, while I was enjoying the feeling of ejaculation that was slowly creeping its way to my hips, I brushed Oichi’s disarranged hair aside. She was completely captivated with moving her hips up and down. At any rate, the peerless woman’s face on top of me was slowly melting away with pleasure as her mouth hung half-open. She was trying to shake her hips with all her might even though she wasn’t used to doing it; no man would not become excited from such a view. While desperately suppressing the burning desire to start moving my own hips, I decided to enjoy the warm sensation of Oichi’s inside thoroughly.

“Nagamasa-sama… Nagamasa-shuama…”

Oichi was calling my name with heated breath from her charming mouth. To answer her call, I brushed behind her ears, which made her insides tighten up.

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“Dosh it fee goo…? Nagamasha-sama, dosh it… goo?”

Filled with more pleasure than she could handle, she became unable to articulate properly, and with seemingly empty eyes she still spoke to me. Slowly drowning in carnal desires while desperately trying not to lose sight of me, made the affection I held for her increase even more. The more we rubbed each other’s skin, the stronger our feelings for each other became. It was not the same intense intercourse that we usually had; this time we were taking it slow… the feeling of slow sex was actually pretty good.

“Mmmnnaa… Fua… Haa… Chu… Kuchu…”

Pulling Oichi’s head closer to my own, I lusted for her lips. Entwining our tongues, I sucked on it, and while playfully biting her, I kissed her deeply.

Oichi’s hips trembled every time she moved, and she clung to my body. Contrary to how we usually did it, this time she was the one drowning me in her sweet saliva. In the heat of the moment, it felt a little like she was marking her territory. From this, I could understand just how much she was thinking about me.

However, after just a few kisses, I became unable to control my lower body. Even though they were only sweet kisses with Oichi, they made me unable to hold on to my ejaculation.

I whispered somewhat clumsily, “I’m cumming,” into Oichi’s ear, who was still shaking her hips and making sloppy sounds. She then entangled both arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine.

“Uoooh… Cumming…!”

“Ah… Aaaaaaaa… Fua… ah…”

A dull feeling ran in between my legs, and thick, rich semen spat out the mouth of my penis along with a dripping sound. With a dull and soft sound, I injected my semen into Oichi; it was all gulped down and carried to the inside of her womb to the pulsing of her insides.

“Fuaa… It’s coming… Nagamasa-sama’s thick stuff is… Aaah… being poured into my womb…”

Oichi embraced me with her entire body, trembling as she immersed herself in her climax. It seemed that Oichi’s womb and vagina had completely memorized the sensation of my big member, which made the entrance to her womb and her sloppy hole tighten around me, urging for even more semen.

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Coiling around my big member, it kept pushing and entangling it like countless little tongues, soaked in a mixture of semen and love juice. My meat pole was being licked by her insides. Oichi’s walls earnestly begged for a man’s penis, as if expecting to be pumped full with even more semen. Every time my penis rubbed her walls, more semen came out… Little by little the now awakened honey jar of Oichi, was becoming more and more mesmerized with this pleasant feeling. At that moment, I felt it would be great if I could throw all the problems concerning the country’s internal affairs to the wind and just have sex with Oichi the entire day.

However, it would be unwise to do that. If I stirred up dissatisfaction between the retainers and end up being banished, I would end up walking the same path as that of Kanesada Ichijou from Tosa.

Oichi developing further as a woman was something I had wished for since I came to this time period. However, the more I developed her, the more I lose my mind over her body… yeah, it seemed like this could become quite a huge problem. ((I omitted a line in this paragraph since it did not make any sense.))

Once the ejaculation was over, my penis shrunk. I moved Oichi, who was still lying on top of me, beside me, placing her head on my arm. On top of the futon, my semen was forming a huge puddle as it poured out of her tired crotch. Seeing this once again fulfilled my lust for conquest. The real pleasure of coming inside came after the ordeal; the moment you could see the white fluid oozing out of her was the greatest.

I whispered “It felt good” to Oichi. As she was still lying on top of my arm, using it as a pillow, she made a happy looking smile and asked for a kiss. Just when I thought she was fawning over me near my chest… the next thing I knew she was slowly breathing as if in a deep sleep.

Looks like she was worried about me; steeling herself this entire time must have exhausted her…

While patting Oichi’s hair, I once again began thinking about the circumstances around the clash with the Rokkaku Clan.

‘It might be a smart idea to write a letter to Nobunaga.’

Not regarding Kanemitsu Ishiwari, but about the Azai’s victory against the Rokkaku. In short, by sending such a letter, I would indirectly incite Nobunaga to “Use this momentum to mow down northern Ise since I reduced the influence of the Rokkaku.” Since the Rokkaku Clan moved differently from how it was recorded in the history of my world, there was the possibility that the Oda Clan might also move differently from what I remember. ((I will have to check history again to see if the Rokkaku had anything to do with the northern of Ise.))

If by any chance the Oda Clan really didn’t move according to the historical facts, the threat of the Rokkaku against the Azai Clan could remain within southern and thus throw the country’s internal affairs into chaos. That’s the one thing I want to avoid the most.

‘Diplomacy is also necessary after all…’

I could not let the Oda and the Asakura fight between themselves, and there was also the need to negotiate with the Tokugawa regarding the manufacturing of cotton. Besides that, I would try to make some connections to the Imperial Court and use that as a trump card when I need it. Internal administration, Diplomacy, and Military Affairs. At the very least, I would have to manage these three topics properly to achieve the aspirations that I, Nagamasa, have as the head of a well-known family.

‘At the moment… it all seems quite overwhelming…’

Changing the organizational roots of the Azai Clan might be necessary. On top of that, I have to look for the right person for the right job, seeking someone that specializes in a certain subject. If I don’t do that, I wouldn’t be able to obtain the glorious Omi that I am hoping for… I really didn’t want to admit it, but if I don’t borrow everyone’s strength, I wouldn’t be able to develop this region.

While embracing Oichi and feeling her warmth, I slowly fell into a deep slumber.