NIW Chapter 14: A keepsake Part 1

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In the middle of the night, the faint light of the lamps illuminating our room began to dim, as if they were about to fade at any moment. From an illuminated window came a gust of wind that blew across my face, waking me up. As I moved my head and opened my eyes sluggishly, my view was immediately filled with a woman who lay beside me, using my arm as a pillow. She softly puffed as she slept.

‘She looks so peaceful…’

Due to our earlier intercourse we ended up sweating quite a lot, and her bangs were stuck to her forehead. But if they were ignored, there would be nothing out of the ordinary… you wouldn’t think that the sleeping woman in front of me had been gasping, struggling and climaxing on top of my chest a few hours ago.

‘I was able to hold this woman once again…’

She had been forced to follow so many crazy sexual demands from me, and yet she bravely faced them, timidly clinging on to me and finally, even shaking her own hips to reach climax. My beloved woman had done all this in such a short amount of time. Even I thought that we had been going at it a bit too roughly, but there was no helping it. After all, Oichi’s period had arrived, which forced us to halt our nightly activities for a while.

While she was on her period, I had to keep telling myself not to make a move on Oichi. However, when I couldn’t plunge my penis into her soft and plump insides, as a man, I couldn’t settle down.

Now that I knew the warmth of that honey jar, it seemed like I had become completely charmed by it.

In the past few days, Oichi had been drawing out my semen with her soft and flexible fingers, she could sate my physical but not my mental frustration.

That being said, it was already the fifth day. Oichi’s “woman days” were over, which made me lose myself to my sexual urges. I ended up violating her honey jar… it might have been inevitable. However, she embraced my barbarity and accepted me while holding me with great affection.

‘No matter how you look at it, she is truly a goddess…’

I thought to myself as I fiddled with her glossy hair, taking care not to wake her up.

The warm flesh on her chest. Touching it with the tip of my fingers, I slowly continued pressing into them, but it seemed like no matter how much I pressed into them, they would never lose their elasticity.

They were just like those soft rubber balls used by elementary students to play catch ball; it was the type of high-quality skin that you would want to keep touching forever.

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As sudden as it was, she became my wife while I wasn’t clear on what I was doing here. Shortly after, I robbed her of her virginity, and now I could no longer get tired of messing with and touching her beautiful body over and over.

While caressing Oichi’s white skin, there were times I was under the illusion that my hands were merging into her beautiful skin.

I could clearly feel the flow of blood under her skin; using my fingers, I could feel that my heart was slowly adapting to her pulsing… I gradually got lost in the sensation.

My hand lay on top of her exposed breast; I had already removed the clothes covering her chest earlier.

I felt her chest going up and down in rhythm with her sleeping breaths through the softest part of her body; it was still covered with some sweat left by our earlier intercourse, making it a little moist.

With the fingertips of my right hand, I groped Oichi’s nipple.

They had already completely softened up again, as if the stiffened state of just a few hours ago had never occurred.

Slowly and softly playing with her nipple, I threw a kiss onto Oichi’s cheek. Doing so made her entire face flush red… and with that, I knew that my dear wife had been pretending to be asleep for a while now.

“Oichi… you were awake…? No, I woke you up, didn’t I? Forgive me.”

“It’s alright.”

Oichi brought her face closer to my chest and whispered while searching for the most comfortable position.

“Because when I’m embraced or touched by Nagamasa-sama… Every time you touch me, Oichi is filled with happiness….”

“Is that so…”

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“I have noticed recently… That I may have become a little spoiled…”

I had the feeling that she had known that for quite a while. However, being the gentleman that I was, I wouldn’t mention that fact. I continued rubbing Oichi’s silk-like hips slowly.


“What is it?”

“While we are talking about how spoiled I am, is it alright if I ask you a question?”

“… alright.”

“Why won’t the fighting stop… why won’t the war end…?”

“I don’t know.”

If a method that could settle all wars and disputes at their roots were to be found, it would receive the greatest price of all, world peace. However, the method would instantly lose its value, since from then on, there would only be peace till all life came to an end.

“But… I can make it end…”

“Make it end… hmmfufu…” (ED: laughing SFX)

“What’s wrong, did I say something funny?”

“No… it’s just that brother also said the same thing…”

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“Nobunaga-dono did?”


As she continued to cuddle against my chest, Oichi said.

“It is big brother’s favorite phrase… that he would end the wars in this world and make it a peaceful place… that even if he had to make the whole world his enemy, he would accomplish it.”

“I see…”

I placed my hand on Oichi’s cheek, gently brushing away her hair and exposing her ear as I enjoyed the view of that perfectly formed face.

“Aniue-sama and Nagamasa-sama… could be alike…” (ED: Aniue-sama = Older Brother-sama)

“That’s not true.”

While embracing Oichi, I whispered.

“I’m no more than a single, humble human… having the entire world turned into enemies, I couldn’t do something like that.”


“But, I will protect you… I’ll protect you no matter what… when the time comes…”

“Even if… you were to make an enemy out of everyone?”

“… Yeah.”

As I dropped a kiss on her face, I said…

“No matter what happens, I’ll protect you…”