NIW Chapter 8: A beauty swaying in the steam Part 2


Oichi lets out a small fatigued sigh. After seeing her make that kind of expression, I felt from the bottom of my heart that it was a good decision to make her follow me here. She doesn’t show it in her words or on her face but having come from Owari to Omi as the Nobunaga’s Clan representative must have tired her out considerably.

If people continue to steel themselves too much, they eventually break down. I do need to let out my gas((A Japanese expression for ejaculation.)) somewhere but just being able to heal the uneasiness and fatigue today with this bath feels quite good. I also want the stiffness of my “big son” to be taken care of, but that will have to wait for now.

After moving closer to Oichi’s side, she began to slowly sink her body lower into the bath. She was probably trying to hide her swelling nipples and cleavage. The modesty of not even letting me, her husband see her completely naked was something extremely appealing. A woman who has let go of her shy side is the same as a man without a dick.

I embraced Oichi around her shoulders with my arms. Her body stiffened with a twitch, but as soon as she understood I wouldn’t do anything further, she closed her eyes and laid her head on my chest. Being together with her in the hot springs gave me a refreshing feeling throughout my body, I could stay like this forever.

Along the foot of the Odani mountain, the silent white steam soaked up towards the sky. As Oichi and I followed the direction of the steam with our eyes, we felt each other’s warm bodies, our blood running fast and the beat of our heartbeats. As I was thinking how nice it would be to always be able to stay like this, sadly the world doesn’t allow such a joyful occurrence to continue endlessly. The bright clear sky turned dark before we knew it and then evening arrived.

“It became quite dark…”


This bliss will soon come to an end. As she put both hands and her cheek on my chest, entrusting her entire body to me, Oichi murmured something in a lonely voice. If the sun falls completely, we could lose our path back resulting in an unexpected accident.

‘I missed the timing…’

As my “big son” shrank down, that thought resonated in my head. When I stepped out of the bath, I grabbed the jute bag filled with rice bran, and while holding it, I headed towards Taishakutsukige. Feeling my approach, she let out a sweet neigh and slowly rose up. She was probably wondering if I was about to do something.

“Nagamasa-sama…? What are you doing?”

Oichi watched me with a curious face asking me what I’m planning on doing. I started scrubbing Taishakutsukige’s body with the rice bran. As if feeling good from my massage Taishakutsukige started to wave her wet tail. What are you, a dog? Taking into account both her feminine modesty and beauty, you wouldn’t expect her to respond like this.

“What, you say? I’m cleaning her body.”

“With… rice bran?”

“That’s right.”

The Flow of My Blood that disappeared during midday seemed to be coming up again as I continued washing her body.

“Rice bran you see, seems to have several powerful cleaning effects for the body and hair. Didn’t you know?”

“No, I didn’t know…”

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“Well, wait up for a little bit.”

I turned my gaze towards Oichi who was now looking at me with a curious voice, wonder what she had to wait for. I returned my devotion towards Taishakutsukige cleaning her voluptuous body thoughtfully with both hands. The beautiful horse who looked entranced with narrow eyes seemed to feel especially good.

Using the rice bran to clean that enormous body, seemed to make Taishakutsukige in front of me to immerse herself even deeper into the hot spring. By doing so, a large amount of filth floated towards the water’s surface and ended up flowing outside the bath. Taishakutsukige’s body seemed to quiver as she sank into the hot spring making the rice bran that stuck to her body being washed off by the water.

“You feel more refreshed now, right?”

After asking Taishakutsukige that, she let out a delightful neigh indicating that she was overjoyed. That being said, I ended up using roughly half of the rice bran that I had. This was beyond my calculations. It means that Taishakutsukige’s body was THAT big… Oh well, since she looks satisfied I think it’s fine either way. As I was finished with her, I walked to the side and grabbed the jute bag once more.

“Oichi, come out of the bath and sit on that stone. I’ll wash your hair.”

“Eh…? But that…”

Knowing that her naked body would be seen, Oichi started turning her body to the other side with embarrassment written all over her body. If that’s the case…

“Is it no good with me…?”

“That’s.. well, I… Ah!”

I left the jute bag behind and started embracing Oichi, who was still inside the hot spring, with both arms. After my hands touched Oichi’s skin, I started moving them all over, but since the bath was overflowing with so many different colors, it was difficult to see my moves clearly.

“I see…”

As her abundant and rich breasts are being fondled by my hands, I started licking Oichi’s flustered ears, coating the inside with my saliva. While making splashing sounds that echoed in her ears, her body trembled with a jolt.

“Since you are going to get dirty anyway, you’d rather be cleaned afterward… is that it?”

“Yo, you’re wrong…”

As I attacked Oichi’s ears, I put my finger into her mouth making her body contract. The figure of Oichi trying to suppress the pleasure gave me an indescribable joy and arousal, my “big son” that had become flaccid gained vigor once again.

“Oichi, take a look.”

“A… Ah… Nagamasa’s thing is…”

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As I stand up, my “big son” appeared in front of her. My penis remarkably rose up all the way touching my stomach, Oichi looked at it in a daze. This would be the third time we embrace each other. Until now Oichi has utterly gasped in agony of my big son. But still, rather than feeling fear, she looks to actually be curious and filled with affection towards it.


“What’s wrong?”

Oichi lifted her gaze and asked me. Her gaze seemed to show that she decided on something and was hoping I agreed with her.

“Nagamasa-sama… wants, well… Children, right?”

It’s obvious that having children is extremely important in the Sengoku Era. If there are no boys, the family’s name and existence would be lost, and if there are no girls, you wouldn’t be able to create diplomatic marriages.

In this age marriage is usually decided by the head of the family, to become a father or brother. But for girls or sisters, it holds the meaning of ordering them to ‘Go and conceive that man’s child.’ In Oichi’s case, her partner was selected by her brother since he wanted to make a connection to the Azai Clan, in short, it was the same as ordering her to ‘Have some rich sexual experiences with Nagamasa and conceive his child.’

After hearing what Oichi said, my throat went dry and I could not voice out any words. It’s not because I went too deep in the hot springs causing me to lose too much hydration. I just felt pressured by Oichi’s powerful words.

“Just a while ago… At Omi, you came for me. You said “Children are a treasure. I’ll take my bride’s hand and care for her deeply and then surely leave a successor for our house.””


“Oichi has not been able to forget Nagamasa-sama’s words… No matter what, I end up pondering about it…”

Oichi said so with a sigh.

“My honorable father had 14 children including Oichi. However, Oichi also has a lot more brothers and sisters conceived through maids that were not recognized by my father.”


“Oichi was raised by her mother. So the days I could meet him were only on new year or the commemoration day of a victory… or when he needed something from mother…”

Letting out another sigh, tears began pouring down her cheeks.

“I, Oichi, don’t want to embrace such a miserable life like that. Just like what happened to my mother, to conceive a child and be torn apart from Nagamasa-sama, then give birth, raise the child and after that having my entire existence end is…”

As she sobbed, tears continued to fall in huge drops as she kept talking to me.

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“But… but… Nagamasa-sama said that it was… that it was not like that…! You said that to raise a child is not just the wife’s work but that it is something that has to be done with the help of her husband. And that way a successor to the house would be born, you said…!”

Oichi embraced me while asking in a trembling voice.

“Is it okay for Oichi to believe in those words? That unlike my mother I will live without only making sad memories, being only able to meet my husband every now and then…”

Oichi asked that while sobbing convulsively.

“Even if… even if a child is born while I’m with you…! Nagamasa-sama wouldn’t you… wouldn’t you… stay together with Oichi and raise our children together…?”

Without thinking, I hugged Oichi. I felt as though I had to do so. As I did so, she started crying even louder.

“No! I don’t want that…! Oichi… Oichi loves you Nagamasa-sama…! I swear upon the gods of heaven and earth that I… that I love you more than anyone in this world…! It’s because I’m with you Nagamasa-sama that Oichi is so happy right now…! I don’t want to be torn away from this happiness… I want to stay with Nagamasa-sama… I don’t want to conceive and be sent far away from you…!”

These screams came from the bottom of Oichi’s heart; it gave a feeling of piercing one’s heart. That’s right, the marital relationships from the Sengoku Era and modern times are completely different. In the Sengoku Era, when the man made his wife pregnant, it all ended there. The family raising the child would end up entrusting the child to an instructor called a tutor, this is what usually happened. As for the man when his wife gave birth to 2 or 3 boys his job was done, he was free to make any woman that he was interested in his concubine. Not having to lay his hands on his wife ever again.

The time that I came from, families are fundamentally the same, it is made up by both parents and children together, and even though there might be some friction between them, they manage to live together in their own way, this is how most families work. I lost both my parents early on so I couldn’t help but feel jealous of those friends of mine that lived in that kind of environment. That is why I thought that if I were ever given a chance to get married and raise children, I would make sure to care for both my wife and children.

It is true that I was only thinking of impregnating her continuously.

That’s why Oichi’s strong cries of someone who has seen the married men of this age use pregnancy as an excuse to make their wife move away from their husband, hit me really hard.

I put my hands on Oichi’s face and pull her close to me. Oichi let out an “Aah…” in a small voice and closed her eyes. I pressed my lips onto hers, that’s all I did.

I looked at Oichi’s eyes and said sincerely to her heart full of anxiety.

“Believe in me.”

Oichi only needed to hear this, I have only been going out with her for a short time, but I was sure of it. The truth is, for some reason or another she is very bright. However, the downside of that is that her head becomes a mess from overthinking, that’s the sort of woman she is.

And that’s why there is no need to look for any troublesome reasoning. That Oichi believes in the husband she loves, just believing in me is good enough. I know it’s a pretty selfish explanation, but that’s how I feel.

The naked Oichi rose up from the hot water and once again embraced me. She and I who were not so different in height faced each other. Oichi’s arms entangled themselves on my back and hugged me tightly. Her voluptuous breasts pressed with a squishy feeling against my chest. My “big son” pressed against her smooth abdomen making it jump with a twitch.

I’m not sure how long we stayed like that. Oichi was gazing at my face, and I was also gazing at her beautiful face. Our eyes kept mixing as we were enchanted by each other. Our surroundings became completely dark; the steaming bath now reflected the moonlight making it bright, me and Oichi kept locking our lips against each other.

“Hnnn… Nagamasa-sama…”

Leaving a string of saliva between her and me, Oichi started fondling her breasts with her own hands.

“Here, please… please…”

“… Impregnate me…”

After hearing that voice that was like a whisper, my “big son” rose up higher than before, becoming hard enough to pierce the moon.