NIW Chapter 8: A beauty swaying in the steam Part 3

In front of my eyes was a pure white back with beautiful contours, not a single blemish could be found on it and on top of it lay an even more suggestive layer of glossy black hair. I ordered Oichi to put her hands on a rock at the edge of the bath. There was no apparent place Oichi could lay down, and she would probably not be able to handle the pain if I would sit down with her on top of me… if that’s the case, there is no other option left but to do it while standing up.

There was no other choice but to do it here. Oichi and I were completely excited; it seems like we wouldn’t leave this bath before doing something first.

“Oichi… you really are a fine woman…”

“Th-thank you very much…”

I glide my fingertips along her spine, feeling her thin waist with the palm of my hands and rubbing her beautiful white bottom. After feeling up the elasticity of her breasts, I pushed away my lovely wife’s black hair and exposed her pure white neck. I ran my tongue along her spine, slowly creeping my way to the side of her hip leaving Oichi trembling while her body gave out a jolt. Those honest responses were so cute that I couldn’t hold myself back anymore, so I turned her face to me with my hands and pressed my lips against hers. Each time our tongues entwine her waist trembles and when our lips separated she looked at me with tearful eyes as if she was longing for more. What a lovely woman.


After discovering Oichi’s erogenous zones and caressing her up to the inside of her thighs, I started raining down kisses along her back. Doing so made Oichi’s waist start convulsing in a very funny way while her heavy breaths became even more tense.

“A….aannn, Auuu….Ah, A..aaaaaa……Hiiiii!”

Watching the rock where Oichi was leaning on I could tell she was trembling while trying to put strength in her flexible fingertips. She is trying not to cum while enduring it… Oichi’s resistance became even more interesting, so I used one hand and put my fingers in her mouth and began to play with her soft tongue while I used the other hand to pinch her nipple. I didn’t forget to bite her slender white neck slightly while doing that.

“Nagamasa-sama… Nagamasa-sama… AAAAAAA!”

Her voice calling my name resonated through the dark night. With a jolt, her waist sprung even more than before, and after that, her entire body trembled and lost its strength. I put my hands on her waist and breast and forcibly lifted up her new powerless body that seemed to want to plunge into the hot spring.


“Hnnn… Aaaaannn…”

As I turned Oichi around, I entwined my tongue with hers, and as I pinched her nipple strongly with one hand, I crept my fingers on my other to the entrance of her sensitive vagina that just orgasmed.

“Did it feel good…?”


“From now on you have to say “I’m cumming” when you feel like coming, I taught you that, right?”

“Ah… but that’s embarrassing…”

“I want to know everything about you.”

“I… uuummmm… I understand…ah…”

As I caressed her vagina, Oichi let out a moan with a completely enchanted face. As her insides kept sucking on my fingertips, her slimy fluid continued coming out endlessly like drool from her vagina. It wasn’t the sound of water but the sound of Oichi’s dirty fluids coming from her insides that spread through the veil of darkness.

I’m also close to my limit.

I held her hips tightly then put my penis near the entrance of her vagina and pushed in firmly. Right after the sensation of plunging into her, I felt a heat different from the heat of the hot spring enveloping my lower body. After penetrating her with my penis, I could tell that I was able to go in a little deeper than when we were in the missionary position.

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“Aah… AAAAAAA, Hmmmmmmaaaaaa…”

Feeling my penis penetrating her, Oichi’s body which just climaxed jolted back up again. Her insides were sticky and soft, but it kept coiling firmly around my penis sucking on it without pause.

“Ah… N-noo, it’s too deep…”

Proceeding even further through her hips I could feel how my penis reached the end and bumped into the entrance of her womb. That being said, my penis still has a lot of vigor left. As I thought, it seems that just using her insides wouldn’t be enough to satisfy my meat rod. I kept knocking on her womb lightly making Oichi’s body tremble to the point that it looked funny.

“Does it feel good?”

“Hnnnnn…. It’s good… It feels good… But, it hurts… It hurts but it feels good…”

I thought she looked lovely and felt like teasing her a little so I whispered close to her bright red ears.

“Tell me Oichi… Does it feel really good?”

“Ye-yesss… My body feels like it’s floating but I feel Nagamasa’s strong thing and I… Oichi can’t…”

“You are so cute.”

As I caressed Oichi’s face…

“Indra is watching your beauty…” ((Sakra devanam Indra, a deity of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.))


The moment I whispered that to Oichi, I felt Oichi’s vagina making a tremendous change.

Her walls that kept sticking tenderly to my penis allowing me to move in and out suddenly clamped down on my penis squeezing it really hard. The entrance to her womb opened up and devoured the tip at the same time, making my hips tremble with a sudden shake. Even if I didn’t move right now, I had the feeling that my sperm would be sucked out either way.

I pulled off my hips in a hurry… However, my true self surfaced and without being able to forget the feeling of Oichi’s insides I plunged it into her once more. Doing so made Oichi call out to Indra in a frantic way while letting out heavy breaths.

“Do-don’t look… Please don’t look… No, it’s no good…”

While leaning backward towards me and trembling, Oichi complained while shaking her head frantically. However, the moment she became conscious of the fact that “Indra was watching” her lewd act, she received a huge stimulus. I once again am reminded that Oichi’s disposition towards sex is overflowing.

That being said, it’s not like Indra would have any interest in human copulation, if she were watching us just a moment ago, she would have probably opened her huge mouth to let out a yawn.

For a while, I kept slamming my hips against her beautiful ass. Her bottom shook vigorously, her back twisted and twisted over and over again, her hair whirling around. The face of the so-called number one beauty of the Sengoku Era was no longer showing anything else than lust and desire, furthermore I who was also drowned in desire grinded my hips even harder and kept pistoning in and out.

“Ahn, Aaaaaaaa… No, no… Hii… Yaaa…”

My penis kept twisting around, squashing and kissing her perverted lower mouth repeatedly. While raising up her lovely voice, Oichi grasped my hands that were holding her waist, and her back began stretching with a jolt.

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“Nagamasa-sama… It’s… It’s too deep… It… It hurts… Hyaaaaaaa… aaaaaaannnn…”

Oichi’s womb was still undeveloped, so even if I thrust and stroked her there, I was certain that it would give her both a strange feeling and a dull pain at the same time. However, from the looks of it, I could tell that her moment of climax was approaching.

While trying not to stimulate her uterus as much as I could, I took my hands off her waist and made Oichi face towards me as I pressed my lips against hers once more. I sucked her tongue, licked it all over and twisted it inside her mouth.

I pinned down Oichi’s hips with one arm while increasing the force of my pistoning and crept my other hand towards her clitoris.

Each time I pistoned my penis filled with blood in, Oichi’s body sprung up as if it was scared and her lovely voice became even tenser.

“Nagamasa-sama… Nagamasa-sama… Oichi, Oichi is already…”

“What, what’s wrong…?!”

“It’s, it’s coming again… That is, I mean, I, I’m cumming…!”

“Good, that’s fine…! You remembered to say it this time, that’s great!”

I let out a devilish roar as my hips became engulfed in pleasure, Oichi moved her hands along the hot spring’s rocks and began to indulge earnestly in the pleasure she was receiving from the movements of my hips. Her completely wet insides made my penis expand even more. My fingers reached the hood of the clitoris, and I now touched the very sensitive bud.

“Aaaa… Aaaahn… good, it’s good! I’m, I’m becoming a mess…!”

“Good, that’s great. Become a mess, become even more sloppy!”

“YES… YES…! I’ll go crazy, Oichi… is becoming a total mess… Nagamasa-sama will become a mess too… and together we’ll make a baby…! AAAAAAAN…!”

I keep pistoning in her dirty hole while desperately enduring against the heat and the strange convulsions that her carnal hole gave me, while slowly reaching my point of ejaculation. At that time Oichi let her hair go wild and raised her lovely voice even louder.

While pounding my hips roughly and watching her below me as she took the impact of my pistoning holding onto the rocks with both arms, I could imagine her being a mother and wondered if the peach colored tips of that abundant and beautiful pair of hills would stiffen even more at that point. The moment I imagined that I became unable to bear it anymore.

“Oichi, I can’t hold it in anymore! I’m letting it out! I’ll pour lots inside of you!”

“Yes, please…! Please, pour lots inside Oichi’s insides.”

“Oichi, Oichi, Oichi!”

“Nagamasa-sama, Nagamasa-sama, Nagamasa-sama!!!”

“I’m coming!”

I took hold of Oichi’s waist and poured the proof of my lust inside her. There seemed to be no end to how much I was able to cum inside her. It was just one round, but Oichi’s hole was being filled to the brim with several helpings of semen. Her walls pulsated sucking my semen out towards her deepest parts. There the gaping mouth of her womb opened up and went on drinking my released cum…

“Ah! Aaaaaaaaahn…”

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Letting go of my hands, Oichi’s entire lower body fell into the bath making the water splash and resound. She let out a moan sweeter than anything I’ve heard before from her mouth as her hips tremble while her entire body convulsed. I held her in my arms like a princess, and while holding her like that, I sat down cross-legged while plunging in the hot spring once more. I can’t let her body go cold after all.

“I can feel it… Inside of Oichi’s belly, there’s lots of… Nagamasa-sama’s seed…”

“I see.”

I gave gentle kisses on her lips, face, nose, head and the nape of her neck, in that order. Then while stroking her hair tenderly with one hand, I caressed her face with the other, feeling up her softness. Slowly creeping down one of my hands to her vagina again, I fondled it tenderly with my index finger. Oichi looked completely satisfied even letting out a soft breath.

“Nagamasa-sama… Was Oichi, able to conceive properly…?”

“We will have to wait and see.”

I smile at Oichi while pressing my lips gently against hers.

“This is something that only the gods can decide. There is no other option than to pray…”

“You are right… Ah!”

Oichi’s hips trembled with a jolt and rapidly ran both hands to the entrance of her vagina.

“No… No… Don’t come out, please…!”

While letting out a tragic cry, I looked around for what she was gazing at. I was able to see that the turbid fluid that I poured inside her vagina started flowing out, slipping through her slender fingers and floated away in the red colored warm water.

“WHY… WHY…?!”

While letting out half a cry, Oichi desperately pressed her hands on her vagina, but the flow of semen would not stop. Seeing her like that, she looked so adorable to the point where I couldn’t help myself and without giving it a second thought, I hugged her tightly.

“Nagamasa-sama… Nagamasa-sama’s stuff is coming out…”

Sobbing repeatedly, Oichi began crying for real this time. Well, of course, it’s normal for the semen that surpassed the limit of her insides to flow out. Or perhaps I should say, it would be troublesome in the future if it didn’t flow out.

However, for her right now, it seems that holding my semen in her vagina is the most important thing in the world. Was she thinking that seriously about getting pregnant with my child?

“It’s okay…”

I whispered in her ear while fondling her soft breast gently.

“We got tomorrow, the day after and even many days after that. I will make sure to pour some inside you each day…”

“… Yes.”

While looking at Oichi’s innocent smile, a thought came to me. That I wanted to see that smile for the rest of my life, I really should make sure not to die young.

“I’ll keep on living in this era with my beloved wife…”

I cleaned Oichi’s body with the rice bran and then while letting her wash my back; I made that decision.

On the way back to Odani Castle we walked past an Indra statue, when Oichi noticed that, she clamped onto me and sent multiple glances towards my direction.

I once again began polishing my plans for the continued existence of the Azai Clan.