NIW Chapter 9: The objective is to encourage commerce Part 1

In the Sengoku Era, to not let the great continent stray and preserve its independence what is necessary and indispensable are economic power and human relations. At least that’s what I concluded based on the results of my investigations in western, oriental and Japanese history.

The world is not simply built on military forces. Many things are needed to continue our current lifestyles, and that’s why a military force is not enough, the scale is built more upon supply and demand.

Since humanity came into existence on this planet, they have developed various ways to communicate such as words and letters. But then again why did they develop these things? According to collaborative studies with linguists and anthropologists, the communication between people was made to “Ask for what is desired.” The basis for communication is to fulfill the demands and supply one another, and in order to make this an even smoother process, money was invented.

The foundations for the various relations in the Sengoku Era must be roughly the same. After the end of the Onin War((Onin War, a war between the years 1467 and 1477.)), each land held its own military power, and each made its own original community. However, in the end, it was nothing more than a structure that intertwined and piled up the demands and supply of each individual person inside the community. It is more commonly known as “Shigarami.” ((Shigarami: Ties of obligation.))

The people called Daimyo held those ties as well. Even the historical Nagamasa Azai was no different. He carried his short life thoughtfully without ever thinking ill about the brother of his beloved wife, Nobunaga Oda.

However, Nagamasa Azai’s father and the majority of his vassals preside over the lands Ashikaga and Kaigenji of the Takeda Clan, in addition to that they also desire a cooperation with the powerful neighboring state of the Asakura Clan.

Nagamasa who could not shake off those “Shigarami” was in the end forced to wage war against his brother in law. Nagamasa himself didn’t wish for that from the bottom of his heart, and he also understood that he couldn’t send his wife, Oichi, back to the Oda Clan. And since Nagamasa was able to grasp the situation, he continued to recommend yielding until his brother-in-law besieged Odani Castle and attacked it…

In order to not let the Azai crumble there are two things, I need to accomplish. First of all, regarding the relation between demand and supply, within the limits of these lands, I must feed them the idea “We are helpless without the Azai.” Secondly, to make these “Shigarami” maintain themselves, I need to associate myself with as many people as I can. If the Azai falls and I am left with no other alternatives, I will take Oichi and escape to the border. We could make a living there making either malt or selling soap. For me, who took this trip to the Sengoku Era for no reason at all there is only one priority, my wife, Oichi. Anything else seems insignificant.

17th of January, the year 1567 (10th year of the Eiroku Era), early in the morning.

As I was pondering about these things, Oichi began squirming around on my chest. The joint on her Kimono loosened up, showing me the back of her neck. As Oichi was acting all flirty, she also let out some pretty heavy “Hnnnnnn’s” out of her mouth… Now I’m really wondering what kind of dream she’s having.

I traced my index finger around Oichi’s beautiful and youthful lips. As I did so, her mouth opened up a little, and she began devouring my finger.

At first, I was only observing her while thinking ‘how cute’ she looked, but as her tongue began crawling around my finger, I began noticing something strange. The thing is, she was only licking the tip of my finger, while her lips were trying to devour the rest of my finger, making sure not to hit my finger with her teeth. Like that she began sucking on it. Deciding that I would teach her later how to devour my “big son,” I pull out my finger as to not wake Oichi up.

The interview with the vassals will be carried out during the morning. I must also prepare some souvenirs for them. However, the problem is in the afternoon… Anyway, time is short. I changed myself quickly and headed towards the kitchen with quick steps.