ZM Chapter 3: Scratch

It took a whole day before I woke up.

My body still feels heavy, but at least I can move now. While thinking about the weird situation, I take out the smartphone that’s in my pocket to check what time it is, shocked by what I see on it.

“I thought I’ve only passed out for a short time, seeing that the sun is still shining, but it seems like I’ve slept for a full day…”

It’s regretful that I lost so much time in this emergency situation, but it can’t be helped after all that happened. My first priority now is to check the current status.

I push my body to sit straight when Yumi suddenly enters my sight. She’s standing at the entrance of the room.


I raise a surprised voice since I was not expecting her to stand there, but thinking about the situation, they are in room 505 right now, which is Yumi’s apartment. So on second thought, it’s not that weird that she’s here, but considering what happened, I did not expect her to be here. Thinking that Yumi might attack at any moment, I lower my posture so that I can escape straight away.


I notice that Yumi is no longer naked, but wearing a thin pink dress.

‘Maybe the zombies were a figment of my imagination?’

Such thoughts floated around in my mind for a second, but when I noticed Yumi’s bright red eyes, I reconfirm that everything that has happened until now was not my imagination.

I remember the words that I murmured before I passed out.

‘“You should wash your body and put on some clothes… We should probably stay inside…”’

Perhaps she followed my orders. Seeing as there was no longer any blood on her body, deepens my assumption. She probably washed it off.

‘Does that mean she knew what I meant and performed it after that?’

I did not put much thought into it earlier, but Yumi does not seem to be like the other zombies. Her body is still dazzling and there does not seem to be any obvious wound.

“Erhm, Takahashi-san? I’m quite confused by a couple of things, so could you start by explaining what’s going on with you?

I’m trying to communicate with her. If there is still some reason or intelligence left behind in Yumi, she should be able to respond somehow.

Yumi, however, does not respond to my words, she just keeps standing there. I tried asking some other simple questions, but she has no response to any of them. She just looks at me with a blank expression.

“Could you… come over here?”

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I give up on asking questions for now and throw out a command instead. In response, Yumi started slowly walking up to me. I come to a sudden realization.

“Now, look at your watch.”

Yumi bent her arm upwards and looks at her wristwatch.

“Next up, do a Goku pose.” (TN: Had to do this.)

Yumi did not respond to his command at first, but when Takumi showed her how to do it by putting his hands in a ‘kame-ha-me-ha’ pose and placing his legs in a combat pose, she started copying what he was doing.

“Now, lift up your skirt.”

Following his order, Yumi lifts up her skirt without any hesitation. After seeing her light blue panties, I tell her to lower it again.

‘I can say without a doubt that she follows my orders.’

I decided to try out different types of orders to see what her reaction is to these orders. To take note of everything, I write everything down on a memo pad that Yumi brought me.

The first thing I wanted to check is whether she was still breathing or not and if her heart was still beating.

This had an obvious conclusion, Yumi was no longer breathing and her heart has also stopped. Though that makes me wonder how the zombie is still able to move. After confirming that Yumi was indeed an undead zombie, there was no longer a possibility that she was just suffering from an unknown disease.

Then I started verifying a few things. Even though there are a lot of things to do right now, my top priority, for now, is to see how much I can make use of a zombie like Yumi.

After a while, I was sitting at Yumi’s desk. I made Yumi sit down under the desk and gave her a command to suck on my member. When I give an order, she does not hesitate in the slightest and thus she had my member in her mouth right now.

‘Yumi faithfully carries out my orders, but she never has any response to anything. Although it looks like she tries to say something every now and then, only something that resembles a soft roar comes out. I wonder how she is able to do that without breathing…’

I found her student card in the wallet that laid on her desk, it confirmed that her name is Yumi Takahashi and I found out that she’s currently nineteen years old.

“Don’t just use your mouth, make use of your tongue and lick it carefully as well.”

After saying this, Yumi released his member from her mouth and softly started licking it, showing her unexpected long tongue in the process. A wet sound followed her action and now resounds throughout the room.

‘Seeing how she was able the execute Goku’s pose and was able to accomplish some trivial tasks, tells me that she still has some memories from before she turned into a zombie.’

“Now give me a blowjob.”

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Yumi stops licking my lower member once I gave her that command but returns to licking with her tongue right after.

‘Maybe she doesn’t understand what a blowjob is exactly.’

“Lift your head and hold my member in your mouth, then wrap your mouth tightly around it and move your head up and down in a pistoning motion.”

When I gave her that specific instruction, she slowly started to follow his command. However, as expected it wasn’t completely satisfying. If I keep giving her this command a few times, she will eventually be able to give me a blowjob that satisfies me.

I keep repeating the same action. Making changes here and there such as the tempo and making her switch to using her tongue, but it doesn’t seem to work that well.

‘I guess it’s impossible to give very complex instructions… No, wait, I was able to give three commands at the same time earlier, when I told her to wash up, wear pretty clothes and stay inside.’

One question pops up after the other. For the time being, I will write down any questions I have. Even though I’m not very convinced I will ever get an answer on some of these. Nevertheless, right now, I just want to concentrate on the pleasure I’m feeling between my legs.

Yumi has the face of a young female college student. She already emits an adult feeling, but she also has many cute youthful aspects. Such as her big bright eyes, that are now gleaming with a red glow. And even though she has a blank face and she shows no response to anything. She still arouses me a lot by holding my member in her mouth and with the vulgar sounds she’s making.

*Chuukachokuchupupucho… Juujuu… Juhuuuu…*

Because I commanded her to suck harder, the sexual pleasure transferred to my member has risen by a lot compared to the slow movement before. I could no longer hold back the urge to cum.

“Yumi, catch it all in your mouth!”

*Juururu… Chuchu… Chupt…*


I who no longer suffered from fatigue came hard in her mouth. Nevertheless, Yumi does not stop her movements and does not take my member out of her mouth. This resulted in my semen being wrung out of my member. Out of reflex, I embrace her head with both arms.

“Yumi, please lick up any leftover semen and clean up my member with your tongue.”

After issuing a new command, she stopped sucking my member and took it out of her mouth. She then started licking it all over making sure not to miss a spot. The semen that was left at the tip of the glans is especially given some careful attention and she gently licks it up with the tip of her tongue. Her actions cause a reaction in my flaccid member again, but I have more pressing matters to take care of right now, so I don’t pursue it.

After confirming that Yumi will follow whatever order I give her, it’s time to think about my next step.

‘It looks like the electricity is still running, so I should gather information from the net before the electricity runs out. Even though it might not provide anything useful.’

“Yumi stay in this room.”

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After giving her this command, I head to my room. When I reached the corridor, I was worried about there being a zombie, but fortunately, there was no one standing there. The corridor is empty, just like it has always been.

I crouch down on the corridor and move towards my apartment. The fact that you can see outside from the corridor also means you can be seen from the outside. Not only is it dangerous to be seen by zombies, even humans might turn out to be a threat in this situation.

‘It’s so quiet out there…’

I wonder what the situation outside is. If I stand up here, I can look outside. I was tempted to find out the state of affairs as soon as possible, but I should not take any unnecessary actions for now.

I quietly returned to my apartment and breathed out a relieved sigh when I closed the door with my key and closed the safety chain. (TN: Zombies can break down a door though..)

“My throat feels so dry…”

Looks like I did not realize my throat was this dry because of everything that happened.

I go to the washroom and pour water into a cup.

“Good, looks like the water supply has not stopped yet.”

When I drink all the water in the glass in one fell swoop, my sight falls on the mirror in front of me. I feel relaxed that my face did not change, but I notice a red stain at the shoulder of my t-shirt.

‘Ah… that was from when I was bitten by Yumi in the shoulder.’

I have completely forgotten about it since I didn’t feel any pain from it. At the time, I was pretty sure that she bit a chunk out of my shoulder though.

‘Just to be sure, I should disinfect it.’

I’m pretty sure I did not get infected since I’m still a human being. Although I am not sure of how becoming a zombie works and if an infectious wound would even be threatening, but it’s better to not leave it to lady luck.

I take off my t-shirt in front of the mirror first to check the severity of the wound.

“What the…?”

I am pretty sure I was bitten in my left shoulder. This is emphasized by the amount of blood that stained my t-shirt. It should have been quite the injury.

However, there seem to be no visible injuries on my shoulder, not even a scratch.

“… …”

After becoming relieved, a sudden thought came to mind, I search through the shelves of my washroom pushing a lot of stuff out of the way and I eventually take out a razor blade.

After I found a spare razor blade, with a little hesitation, I run it over the back of my left hand. It leaves a thin red line behind on my hand and red blood starts flowing out of it. It’s strange that I felt no pain coming from it, but after I confirm that there is indeed a wound now, I rinse my hands with the water.

After rinsing off my hands, I turn my sight to the wound again to see if it’s still bleeding, but I’m shocked at what I see.

“Damn it…”

There was no injury or scar on the back of his left hand.